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  1. holsen

    Search In Classifieds Seems Off

    I recently came across a listing for a Shanling M3X in the classifieds and today when I wanted to find the post or listing again, I used the search bar using the search term "shanling" and many posts came up but not the one I was looking for. So I tied "M3X" and up it came, even though the post...
  2. holsen

    SOLD New Noble M3

    Looking to sell these brand new Noble M3 because I've also got the itsfit Fusion which has similar dynamic + ABM (magneto static) so there's a lot of overlap between the two and the Fusion is CIEM while these are universal. Without question the most comfortable universals I've ever had. They...
  3. holsen

    SOLD - MMCX Cable with Mic Xelento New - SOLD

    Beyerdynamic Xelento MMCX Cable with mic. Never used but out of its wrapper. Includes shipping and PP fees in North America. Shipping at cost Rest of World
  4. holsen

    SOLD MMCX Cable No Mic Xelento

    Brand new Beyer Dynamic Xelento Cable without Mic Paypal and Shipping included N. America Shipping At cost Rest of World I also have a new Xelento Cable with Mic - also $50 Also Have a Xelento IEM Case: $30
  5. holsen

    SOLD MMCX Cable With Mic XELENTO

    Brand New, never used Beyerdynamic Xelento Cable with Mic. Super lightweight and can be used with DAPs or other sources. Shipping and PP included N. America. Shipping At Cost Rest of World. I've also got a non mic version new also $50 I've also got a brand new Xento IEM Case $30
  6. holsen

    Symbio W 3 Pair (M) + Bonus Queen Lab M

    Brand New 3 Pair of Symbio W tips in Medium Plus 1 Pair of Queen Lab Hybrid Silicone + Foam Tips in Medium The Queen Labs are almost identical to the Symbio W but with a slightly softer foam So, 4 Pair for $15 including shipping and PayPal if payment sent as "Gift"
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    Gone Gone Gone.

    Theyre gone
  8. holsen

    [SOLD] Itsfit Fusion Universal

    I love these Fusions so much I've decided to go CIEM with them so I'm offering these for sale here. They were custom designed by me, look great sound incredible and you wont have any shipping costs or wait times in North America. Shipping Included Canada and USA. Includes the earphones, all...
  9. holsen

    ***SOLD*** Tin Audio P1 - 10mm Planar Magnetic In Ear

    These are astoundingly good IEMs. Detail, Clarity, Detail, Sparkle and Lush Mids with a laidback but present bass and sub bass. I've loved these IEMS. So why am I selling them? Simply because I've now got 2 other other IEMS with Planar drivers inside so these have become a bit redundant in my...
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    Cancelled - Delete

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    IMR R1 Zenith IEM Dual Driver Beryllium DD + Piezo Awesome Earphone Headphone IMR R1 Zenith IEM Dual Driver Beryllium DD + Piezo Awesome

    SOLD These Are Really Amazing Limited Edition Top of The Line In Ear Monitors / Earphones Tuned to perfection using IMR's Gen II custom 14mm hi-res Ceramic Piezo hybrid driver unit with a massive beryllium 14mm dynamic driver with uprated neodymium motors for a huge soundstage and precise...
  13. holsen

    Brand New IMR R1 Zenith

    Just received the Zeniths, oBravo Cupids, Shockwave III and Xelento in the Same Week so something has to give. The Zeniths are for sale. They require, as per other users and the manufacturer, 50 - 100 hours to burn-in. So I hooked them up my DAP and they have now been going around the the...