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  1. magicalmouse

    portable dac/amp with burr brown chips

    Hi i love the synergy of my hd25 alu and the ifi black nano idsd but the headphone input socket is beginning to cause issues as the headphone jack needs moving around in the socket to keep the signal. What portable amp/dacs that will work with or without a battery ie the battery can be removed...
  2. magicalmouse

    stand for dap

    i am looking for a stand for my daps - all quite wide so normal phone stands are often too narrow to fit - for example, my n3pro is about 22 mm wide. Anyone found a suitable stand? d
  3. magicalmouse

    Replacing captive mains lead on cd player with connector and audiophile mains cable

    Cutting the captive mains cable near to the item and then using a connector to attach a new audiophile mains cable. The cd player i have in mind is a marantz cd5400 (marantz seemed to fit captive cables to most of their equipment) Has anyone done with and noticed a real audible improvement or...
  4. magicalmouse

    coax or optical from cd player

    hi i am experimenting with the digital feed from my old dvd player which i am using as a cd transport. I find the optical sounds softer more rounded and possibly more analogue compared with the coax feed which sounds slightly brighter, harder and more digital. I wonder if this is common...
  5. magicalmouse

    can anyone hear the difference between a cd transport and old dvd player (coax)?

    I wonder if anyone has done (blind?) listening tests to see if there was a hearable difference between an old dvd player (mine is a 25 year old panasonic) and a new cd transport e.g. cambridge cxc etc. when listening through coax to a dac Just for reference i have an arcam irdac2/x-cans v3...
  6. magicalmouse

    headphone amp for meze 99 classic/oppo pm3

    i want a desktop headphone amp (no dac) that displays superb synergy with oppo pm3 and meze 99 (or either) - i have a hybrid (modified) x-cans v3 to use with my hd650 but i feel that i need an amp that is better suited to low impedance cans like the oppo/meze. Any ideas (reasonable cost though...
  7. magicalmouse

    using dvd player as cd transport

    Hi i am using my old dvd player as a cd transport and noticed it output audio at 48 (not 44.1) - i assume this applies to the coax digital out as well and wonder if this is a problem or indeed is audible? thanks d
  8. magicalmouse

    cheap cd player as transport

    Hi i am searching for a cheap cd player/trnsport to use the coax to my dac - i want reliability and bit perfect output - any ideas d
  9. magicalmouse

    momentum 2 or hd25

    Hi i have both the momentum 2 and the hd25 (modified by custom cans with cable/pads and damping) - i listen to both and find that: 1. the momentum seems technically better 2 the hd25 is far more involving, lacks the detail of the momemtum but drives the music far better 3. my conclusion is...
  10. magicalmouse

    replaygain changing 89db to 95db threshold

    Is there any downside to doing this as i would like to make the files louder on my dap to cope with less sensitive headphones. d
  11. magicalmouse

    yaxi pads - hd25

    Has anyone used either the comfort or type B pads and if so can you identify the differences in sound compared with the stock velour pads thanks d
  12. magicalmouse

    n3pro tube mode - synergy with different headphones and iems

    any comments or suggestions?
  13. magicalmouse

    replaygain seems to reduce the dynamics?

    hi i tried replaygain on my n3pro and tried again without replaygain and it seems to me that without replaygain is more dynamic - so the question is if the convenience is worth it? d
  14. magicalmouse

    laptop (usb) versus cd player or dap (coax) as transport

    hi i tried my old dvd player as a cd transport and compared it to my win10 laptop (levono t430) running usb win10 (usb) fidelizer free (purist) foobar 2000 wasapi no dsp arcam dac2 vs old panasonic (cheap) dvd coax to dac vs fiio x7 coax I found the output was cleaner using the dvd player...
  15. magicalmouse

    hd25 pads

    hi have 2 pairs of hd25 (one with most of the customcans damping mods) the other aluminium - both have copper upgrade cables. I use velour sennheiser pads on each but wonder if other makes of pad make a difference to the overall sound, i listen to vocal music (most genres) and am treble...
  16. magicalmouse

    which of the ibasso daps have replaceable (user) batteries

    Any experiences, i am particularly looking at any that can use the amp9 (valve). thanks d
  17. magicalmouse

    replay gain - sounds compressed

    i know it should make no difference but comparing using replaygain and then turning it off, when off the music seems less compressed and more dynamic. is this real or just my imagination i am using fiio x7/foobar/mojo (coax) and hd25 aluminiuim (modded) d
  18. magicalmouse

    which ibasso or cayin daps or other makes have easily user-replaceable batteries?

    i want to buy a dap that has or can fit a tube amplifier e.g. ibasso dx220/200/160 with amp9 or cayin n3pro - but i want one that i can easily source and fit a new battery when the time comes. thanks d
  19. magicalmouse

    hd25 - 70ohm or 600ohm

    Has anyone compared these for sound, also can the 600ohm be driven from a dap successfully e.g. ibasso dx120 or from portable amp/dac e.g. mojo? d
  20. magicalmouse

    closed over/on-ear headphone - which?

    i want the following: 1. no leakage 2 good isolation 3. no exaggerated/overblown bass 4. no hot treble 5. good for vocals music for reference i have the oppo pm3 (good but could do with as little more sparkle ) meze 99 classics (far too much bass at times) momentum 2 over-ears (good but could...
  21. magicalmouse

    Is Musicbee (or any other) win10 music player better than foobar2000

    I have seen various comnments that suggest that foobar is (relatively) poor sounding compared with other players. My understanding is that all musicplayers are equal (as long as bit perfect). Any comments?
  22. magicalmouse

    portable closed headphone with euphonic sound - no leakage & good isolation - any ideas

    i want a closed over-ear or on-ear headphone that does not leak and isolates well, i like a euphonic warmish sound that works with vocal music. cost is an issue to some extent but value is more important any experiences would be welcome.
  23. magicalmouse

    wtb - Aurisonics Rockets (uk/eu only) or trade

    Must be in perfect condition and without phone/microphone on cable (there were 2 versions 1 with, 1 without) might trade fiio fa7 thank you d
  24. magicalmouse

    (best) dynamic driver iem

    hi i have the etymotic er2xr and wonder if there is a better one available 1. good isolation 2. warm balanced signature (no excess bass and definitely no excess treble) 3. good/superb with vocal music 4. no leakage i prefer the sound of dynamic drivers d
  25. magicalmouse

    android equivalent to apo/peace (equalizer)

    hi i am using apo/peace with great success on win10 but want an equalizer for use with my fiio x7 - preferably one with predefined settings for different headphones i am running foobar 2000 mobile d