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  1. KneelJung

    Fostex T50 replacement cable question

    Anybody have any cable replacement recommendations for a Fostex T50? I've purchased a few V-Moda cables...they used to work great. I've had to replace a few because they seem to fail if they're removed from the 3.5 to 6.5 adapter plug a little to harshly. The last 2 I bought though just...
  2. KneelJung

    Audio-gd NFB 15 for sale

    I have Audio-gd NFB 15 that I purchased new back in 2014. Apparently it was manufactured between 14 May and 26 August 2014 according to feedback I got from Kingwa based on serial number. It's compatible with the Windows 7 computer I've been using, but not the Windows 10 computer I just...
  3. KneelJung

    Need a DAC with optical in and RCA out

    I currently own an audio-gd NFB 15. Before that I had an Audio-gd Sparrow. The Sparrow died so I replaced it with the NFB 15. I like that both were combo units, but I never really utilized the optical in on the Sparrow. I do with the 15. NFB 15 connected to computer via USB, Big screen...
  4. KneelJung

    NFB 15 Driver problem

    Looking for some help getting NFB 15 drivers to install on a new computer. The unit works fine on the Compaq with Windows 7 I own. Successfully installed the drivers twice on that. Once when I received the unit new, and once after I reset the computer to factory. Can't get the drivers to...
  5. KneelJung

    WTB a pair of Grado (TTVJ) flat pads

    WTB a pair of Grado (TTVJ) flat pads
  6. KneelJung

    A Grado Head With A Fostex Fetish

    I had to laugh…I looked up fetish in the dictionary and it’s defined as an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion. That probably more aptly describes my feelings toward my Grado’s; or just a headphone fetish in general. When I first stumbled across Head Fi though, I never imagined...
  7. KneelJung

    Custom Lathed African Blackwood Grado Wood Cups

    One pair of custom lathed African Blackwood cups and African Mahogany driver housings. Both the Blackwood and Mahogany were specifically chosen for their superior tonewood properties and have provided significant improvements to the SR225 I modded. Cost for all 4 pieces, SOLD shipped anywhere in...
  8. KneelJung

    Silver cabled Porta Pro's and Woodies for Grado's

    1 pair of silver cabled Koss Porta Pro's for $65   ...and a pair of African Blackwood wood cups with African Mahogany driver housings to modify Grado headphones $150
  9. KneelJung

    Checking out Music at the Library

    Just curious if anyone else uses their local Public Library as a source for music?  
  10. KneelJung

    Looking for an IEM to...

    ...use with my Clip.   Right now I'm using Porta Pro's which I like, just want something a little different. Most of my music is bluesy classic rock sort of stuff, some acoustic too. My main phones (home rig) are Grado HF2's. I'm open to something more neutral and analytical as opposed to...
  11. KneelJung

    What is your next headphone purchase and why?

    Who's thinking about what, just curious. I've been thinking about a Fostex T50RP for a while. Lot's of thoughts coalescing together as to why. First off I imagine it's because it can be had for not a whole lot of money. Second a thought SLaRe posited in the HF2 review impressions thread that I...
  12. KneelJung

    If not Grado's then what?

    I've been listening to Grado's almost exclusively for almost a year. Started out with a pair of SR60's because after reading several threads and posts here on head fi, discerned they were great entry level phones and also quite possibly the best brand for rock. I've had other Grado's that have...
  13. KneelJung

    Wireless headphone for watching TV

    I need to get a pair of wireless headphones for my Dad to watch TV. He's older and lost hearing in one of his ears and probably has some hearing loss in the other one. Anyway he compensates by turning the volume up on the TV which drives my Mom nuts. So I'm thinking wireless phones would be a...
  14. KneelJung

    Are Port Pro's the perfect headphone?

    OK maybe the cords to short for a home rig, and maybe there are some issues with the headband, but I dont have a whole lot of hair, despite what my avatar pic might indicate..   Got my Porta Pro's plugged into the Sparrow and they are rockin it.   Lot's of tight quick bass, mids are...
  15. KneelJung

    nuFORCE icon uDAC

    Original uDAC available for SOLD   Purchased new in Feb through Amazon.   Color: Red   Will ship free in CONUS   Pay Pal only
  16. KneelJung

    For Sale: Allesandro MS2i and original uDAC

    I am cosidering selling a pair of Alessandro MS2i's that I purchased from Harvenstein in this thread last month. These are the pics from the thread Harvenstein purchased the phones in originally. As of now I do not have any pics.but will post some. Some of the lettering is worn on the cups...
  17. KneelJung

    What DAC should I get for my MS2"s

    I’ve been thinking about a new source. I have a uDAC now and it pretty much suits my purposes. I’ve considered a dedicated amp but think that might be a little more than I need. The uDAC 2 apparently has a better amp for the headphone out than the original; and the DAC section is supposedly...
  18. KneelJung

    Did I Buy the Wrong Cans (not this time I hope...ordered HF2)

      I havent even got my new Grados yet, a set of 225's winding their way to me as I type this; and already I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten the ATH M50's.   So does anybody have both or listened to both?   I did the search thing and there doesnt seem to be a thread comparing and...
  19. KneelJung

    Whats More Important...

    Physical burn in or mental burn in of new "cans"?   That's the burning question for my first ever post.   My primary phones are Grado SR60i's that replaced some Some Sony MDR150's. When I first got the Grado's I couldnt tell much of a difference between them and the Sony's. The more I...