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  1. daniel0407

    Click while starting and ending an audio file

    Dear all,   I just noticed using an audio file with a high frequency noise on it, which is not audible by people, that when I start and stop the reproduction, the system generates a click. I tried it with two different audio files, one encoded at 96 kHz and one at 192 kHz. I do not listen to...
  2. daniel0407

    Frank Sinatra sings Only for the Lonely - BNF Collection

    Hi all,   I just found this:   It looks it is a needle drop, or some other kind of scanned from a comercial available copy of Only for the Lonely...
  3. daniel0407

    Please delete - Duplicated post

    Please delete! Duplicated post.
  4. daniel0407

    is it Sibilance?

    Hi all, Yesterday evening I was listening to music using the hd800, and notice that in one recording with female vocals, there were acentuated sounds I never noticed before. They were not "ssssss" or "shh" as the description of sibilance I found here, but there are a lot of acentuated swalow...
  5. daniel0407

    96/24 Vs. 44.1/16 Vs. MP3 320

    Dear all,   I wake up very early this morning, and as my wife did not want to speak with me at those hours, I had to occupy my time with a little experiment.   First aim was to find a way to verify if there is a way to verify that the process I am using to rip my CD's was properly...
  6. daniel0407

    How is the experience of listening a pair of Adam A7X, coming from Sennheiser HD800?

    Hi all,   I am thinking of buying a pair of Adam A7x or A5x. Currently I listen only to headphones, mainly HD800 and HD650 and I am very pleased, but I recently listen to a expensive pair of speakers I cannot afford (not even want to ask the brand, but the price was +30k Eur for the chain) in...
  7. daniel0407

    Clicks and distortion when converting from 96/24 to 44/16

    Dear all,   I am trying to downsample some tracks to make a kind of comparation between sample rates, to verify to myself if I am able to hear any difference. To be sure I am using the same mix of the song, I tried to downsample the tracks using "Switch Sound File Converter", which works fine...
  8. daniel0407

    Asynchronous USB Audio Driver

    Hi all,   I have a problem, well.. I had a problem that has been solved, but the solution probably is not optimal, and therefore I would ask you.   My DAC is a Lindemann USB DAC 24/192. The driver for the dac is simply bad. I do not know if it is bad becouse has not been optimize for my...
  9. daniel0407

    AIFF to WMA

    Hi all,   Just want to try HDTracks, and bought a Ella Fitzgerald album there. The selected format was AIFF 24/192. My CD player can read WMA files. I have two questions:   Question 1 - Which is the best way to convert AIFF to WMA?   Question 2 - Which is the best way to convert AIFF...
  10. daniel0407

    Any highquality Bob Marley concert there? (other than Live!)

    Hi all,   Do you know of any Bob Marley live album in decent quality? As the title says, other than Live!   Many thanks for your answers,   Daniel
  11. daniel0407

    If you could bring a pop singer or musician from death, who would be?

    Weird question eh? Mine would be Frank Sinatra, although John Lennon could be as well. And yours?
  12. daniel0407

    Any Alton Ellis fan here?

    Hi all,   Is there any Alton Ellis fan here? Just want to read which albums do you enjoy.   I am listening now to "Workin' on a Groovy Thing" live with ASPO. It is very good!   Daniel
  13. daniel0407

    Stax SR5 (Gold)

    Hi all,   Somebody is selling me the combo Stax SR5 (gold) and SRD 6 for a price of 260,- Eur. Since I am not an expert, I do not know if it is a good deal; I would say, if they are in good condition then the price would be not bad, but before doing something I wanted to ask to the people...
  14. daniel0407

    CD Questions

    Hi everybody, I have a small set of question for the people here. 1) Is it true that a CD burn in the computer from an original copy, or from a lossless FLAC, can sound better than the original? 2) Can the introduced gap between songs affect the sound in any way, when burning a CD? 3) Does...
  15. daniel0407

    Denon DCD 510 AE

    Hi!   I have a Denon DCD 510 AE as CD Player, I bought it for listening to music while at home. My headphones are the Sennheiser 598 HD.   Before the CD Player, I used an Ipod Classic 6G. I would like to read opinions of people that have the same player, or similar models.   Do you...
  16. daniel0407

    A non-sense probably - From Sennheiser 558 HD to 598 HD

    Hi all,   I wanted to improve a little what I have with my current headphones, the Sennheiser 558 HD, and have just order the next model, the 598 HD.   Does it make any sense? They arrive tomorrow, so I think the first impressions are not going to be definitive, and a little burn-in will...
  17. daniel0407

    What Headphones buy this December?

    Hi! I am looking for a new par of headphones to buy this December. I currently have the Sennheiser HD 558 and until now I am very happy with the sound when pair with the Ipod Classic without amplification.   The ideal headphone to me should be relatively easy to drive, circumaural open...