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  1. Deltron 3030

    IEM's similar or better than GR07? Under $150?

    It seems the vsonic gr07's aren't in stock anywhere. My pair had one of the drivers die (I can hear it rattle around in side the housing...). I like the sound signature and strengths of this iem so I'd like something similar. Any suggestions?
  2. Deltron 3030

    WTB: Audio-gd NFB 11 or maybe NFB 15

    Want to buy a NFB 11 for use with my dt880's. May also consider the NFB 15. PM if interested!
  3. Deltron 3030

    Ideal set-up for classical under $450? (Beyerdynamic dt880 vs HiFiMan HE-400

    I'm looking for: -lots of detail and clarity such that the multiple melodic lines in a fugue are easily distinguishable and that every instrument in a piece can be picked out. -unrecessed midrange and textured, extended, substantial (but not at the cost of the midrange/overly bloated) bass...
  4. Deltron 3030

    Denon AHD2000 recabling?

    I've had a pair of Denons that for a while now have require me to turn and turn the jack into just the right position for the sound to play on both sides. The other day the jack got severely bent and after bending it back I could no longer get it to play sound on both sides. Where can I take my...
  5. Deltron 3030

    How is the Asus Infinity for audio?

    Does lineout work? How does it compare to the ipod touch 4g?
  6. Deltron 3030

    Best $50-130 speakers I can use from my galaxy s2?

    For hip-hop.
  7. Deltron 3030

    audeze lcd-2 vs Terminator v4 vs darth beyer v3?

    For rap/hip-hop. I listen to artists like Rakim, Wu-tang Clan, Nas, Outkast, Aceyalone, Big Pun, ect. Other suggestions are welcome too.
  8. Deltron 3030

    I just got Denon AH-D2000's and the sound crackles?

    That'll go away right?
  9. Deltron 3030

    will the bass boost from my e11 amp make my beyerdynamic dt150's sound muddy.

    If it would make them sound muddy or take away from the mids/vocals would the zo2 amp be a better alternative?
  10. Deltron 3030

    Best lineout cable for ipod touch 4g?

    Also does anyone have any know how good the sq is on the Samsung galaxy s2 compared to the iPod touch 4g?
  11. Deltron 3030

    Difference between Beyerdynamic DT150 (250 ohm) and regular??

    I've seen 2 different versions. Also know any good places to get them cheap? Also is the comfort not to horrible?
  12. Deltron 3030

    Beyerdynamic DT 150 or Sennheiser HD600 for rap/ hip hop?

    Or any other recommended pairs in similar price range? I'd like the bass to extend low but still punch. Also will I need an amp for either of these? Also I don't want to sacrafice mids for bass.