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  1. furyagain

    FS:HD800 S/N: 10280 in perfect condition no paint chip! include silverdragon V2 cable system

    selling my HD800, which it has been with me for several years, but since 2 years ago i have been too busy with my babies( now 5 and 3 years ago)   i really have no time to enjoy music anymore!   Thinking about selling my pair of HD800, i know alot of people said the used HD800 will have alot...
  2. furyagain

    Fiio E12 DIY for sell, included the muse 01 chip

      Selling my Fiio E12 DIY with the muse01 chip, have some scratchs on it as i was sanding the case to make it fit the muse01 I have the receipt for the muse 01 from Mouser electronics, i know people may worry it is the fake one, I paid for the chip 109 Canadian for it 2 years ago. Used this...
  3. furyagain

    FS: Ibasso DX90

    I am selling a Ibasso DX90, I bought it from mp4nation last year, havn't used it much.( only have brought it outdoor 4-5 times.)   I have thrown away the box already, so I only have the unit and the soft case on it. it charge using USB , as the cable that came with it was really low quality...
  4. furyagain

    Mr. Speaker Alpha Dog ( Mint condition) + Moon Audio Black Dragon V2 Cable system ( updated price)

    Selling My Mr. Speaker   Alpha Dog ( Mint condition)  + Moon Audio Black Dragon V2 Cable system (with both 4 pin XLR and 1/4 adapter cable) asking for 450 US shipped   Alpha dog by itself is, 320 ( come with XLR 4 pin stock cable)   if buy Moon Audio Cable system only, 170         I...
  5. furyagain

    Beyerdynamic T1 S#1935 ( good condition)

    I am selling my T1, i bought it like 2-3 years ago but i never abuse it, as having multiple headphones, i don't have time to use it.   terminated with XLR 4 pin, created a adapter cable using the original plug ( 4 pin XLR to 1/4)   as i do love my HD800 more.   paypal fee is included...
  6. furyagain

    FS: a 7 months old V200 amp

    selling my V200 amp for 650 dollars Plus shipping and paypal fee   shipping within Canada will be 25 dollars (use Canadian dollars when sell to Canadian buyer) shipping to US is 40 dollars   if you wantto use paypal Good, please add 3% to the total price.     Thanks I will...
  7. furyagain

    have to pick one to sell! V200 or Auditor ( to make room for BHA1)

    I am planning to pick up my BHA1 amp next week, but i am having some difficult to pick which one of my old amp to sell.   Can i get some advise on  which one to keep ?   currently have three headphones, T1 ,HD800 and PS-1000
  8. furyagain

    FS: Grado Rs1i mint condition owned for 1 year

    I am selling my Grado Rs1i , ( first owner) the reason why is,i am getting myself the PS-1000, and i dont see the point of keeping the RS1i anymore   the only think i can see , the black grill on the cap , some really area lost some paint on it, as i usually put the headphone in my...
  9. furyagain

    FS: 20foot HD800 Cardas Cable

      bought this cable 2 months ago, and i never really touched it, as i originally going to reterminate it for HD-700, but the headphones is delayed now, and i bought a PS-1000 going to group the cash for it. my lost is your gain.   I paid 260 for it.   selling it 200+ 10...
  10. furyagain

    FS: Twag v2 All HiFiman (he-6,500,400,300....) Balanced replacement cable terminated to a 4 pin XLR

    I am selling the whiplash twag v2 cable  which i bought it used here, it was original for HD-800, but i changed it to HIFIman series headphones.   it is 5ft,   this is the original ad for it...
  11. furyagain

    5th Calgary meeting, Jan 19th 2012 ( PM or leave a message if you interest in joining)

    Lets come join the 5th Head phones Meeting in Calgary!!!   Please send me PM if you interest in coming in, also let me know what kind of gears are you going to bring with you.     1) Where?   We will decide in the next 1-2 months If Audioroom allow us, we will have the meeting...
  12. furyagain

    Denon DN-HP700 No box good condition, bought it for 2 months

    I am selling my portable headphones Denon DN-HP700    I throw the box away so i will find another box to ship it. 80 dollars  shipped within US/Canada i only take paypal gift.   I can upload picture later.
  13. furyagain

    Fischer Audio FA-011. 9.5/10 mint 2 months old

    Selling pair of Fischer audio FA-011 for 100 us dollars +5 dollars shipping Or to Canada 100canadian dollars included shipping No damage , only burned in for 40 hrs, And used for 15 hours. Don't think it is my cup of tea.
  14. furyagain

    For sale: beyerdynamic T5P 10/10 mint (pending... pending for shipment) ( stupid LOCK out in canada)

    Selling my. Beyerdynamic T5P closed headphones, Bought it used For 815 + shipping + paypal Going to sell it for the same price + shipping + 3% paypal Us shipping 40 dollars included insurance Canada shipping ,,pay me Canadian dollars then no charge shipping Will provide the last...
  15. furyagain

    FS: Mint condition B & W P5 headphones (SOLD)

    Hello,   I am selling the B & W P5 headphones, Which i just bought it and found it is not my cup of tea, been used for several week.   I am selling it for 200 us dollars + shipping  ( using paypal gift) ship worldwide ( buyer pay for the shipping)
  16. furyagain

    Looking for a portable player to pair with T5P<< need some advice.

    Hello,   I just bought a T5P from a fellow head-fier and it should arrive next week, and i wonder what kind of setup should i use to pair with the T5p.   Currently i only have my HM601 player for portable use. is it enough? do i need a portable headphones amp to pair with hm601 and...
  17. furyagain

    FS: Beyerdynamic T50P USA/Canada ( price lowed)(180 canadian dollars shipped)

    Selling a Beyerdynamic T50P headphones,  bought it from Skylab last month, The reason i am selling this  as i want to buy the Motorola Xoom tablet , so i am collecting money now.   It is at really good / mint conditon,  I will be able to send picture later tonight.   Let me know if...
  18. furyagain

    Calgary Headphones Meeting 20th march 2011!!!!(MEETING is this coming sunday)

    Lets come join the Meeting in Calgary!!!   Our meeting is this coming sunday!!!    if anyone interest in meeting up in march, plz PM me.( if you are from edmonton.. plz let me know)   If you can, you can bring in some snack/ drink ( 500ml bottles is ideal)    1) Where?    ...
  19. furyagain

    FS: S:Flo2 16 gb player, Brand new, just received it yesterday. ( 160 us shipped)

    I am selling a S:Flo2 16GB portable player. IT is new in box, other then turned it on twice to checked it out abit ( havn't even tried the unit yet) Selling it for 160 us dollars shipped ( Paypal Gift) (I have +9 positive feedback)   Reason of selling, if i keeping it , i will have...
  20. furyagain

    FS: little dot DAC1 (US/Canada)( price reduced) 175 shipped

    Selling my 1 year old little dot DAC1   product info   selling it for 180 165 + shipping 175 shipped ( using paypal gift, add 3% if you have to use paypal"GOOD")   (US 28 dollars) (Canada...
  21. furyagain

    Plz recommand me a DAC for use with the audio-gd ROC sa>

    Hello   I really do need some advise on choosing a DAC I just sold my little dot amp and ordered a ROC sa version from audio -gd   and i wonder what kind of dac should i use with it. before getting a new dac , i will be with the little dot dac1   I need something that is better...
  22. furyagain

    Looking for a 700 dollars Balanced SS amp for HE-6

    I am currently with little dot dac1/ MKVII+ also a concerto and the HE-6 really make me think to get a new amp.     and my budget is around 700-800, what is my best option??? can someone give me a hand here?   Thanks
  23. furyagain

    SOLD: Meier Concerto ( mint condition) ( us/Canada)

    I am selling a Mint condition Meier Concerto ( silver front plate)   I am the second owner( have the orginal buyer 's invoice, dated 02.04.2010 , April)   I bought it for 600 dollars 1 months ago.( brand new is 710)   I am selling it for 550 520 us included shipping , paypal gift, if using...
  24. furyagain

    FS: Denon AH-A100 Headphones ( US/Canada)( price reduced) shipped 380 us

    I am selling my Denon AH-A100 Headphones   Selling it for 445 380 included shipping ( using paypal gift) ( if using paypal GOOD, plz add 3 %)   own it for less then 1 month   the reason selling it as my HM-601 player is kind of warm sounding and this is also pretty warm, and i use my...
  25. furyagain

    WTB : Ibasso P4 portable amp. ship to canada.

    I am looking for a mint condition ibasso P4 portable amp ( have to included all the opamp and buff that came with it)   Thanks I live in Calgary, Alberta ,Canada   plz let me know the price included shipping that you want to sell for .   Thanks you