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  1. Bu11dog

    FS: Audio-Technica ATH-A900LTD

    Super rare in such mint condition! I bought it couple years ago in Japan as part my headphones collection. However I rarely use it. It is time to let it go. $250 plus actual shipping cost.
  2. Bu11dog

    FOR SALE: Audio-technica ATH-W1000 Headphones + new earpad

    I am selling my headphone collection to move to other hobby. Here is your opportunity to get a mint condition ATH-W1000 with a HP-W2002 earpad that you can exchange to experience the sound stage modification. $550 including Paypal fee and buyer pays actual shipping cost.
  3. Bu11dog

    Grado PS500 and HF2

    I am selling a pair of Grado PS500 and HF2 because I'm not using them much at all.  My house is smoke and pet free.   PS500 - $450 Only the PS500's are included in this sale, no box or anything else. SN#1581. They are in good condition, I'd say 8 out of 10 on a 1-10 scale. Earpads are in good...
  4. Bu11dog

    Musical Fidelity V-DAC MKII + Pangea Audio P-100 Power Supply

    I am selling my rarely used DAC setup.  Less than 40 hours used and from a smoke/pet free home. Musical Fidelity V-DAC MKII - Retail $250 Pangea Audio - P-100 - High Performance Power Supply - Retail $99 KIMBER - SILVER B-BUS USB CABLE - Retail $99 Like new condition and comes with...
  5. Bu11dog

    SOLD: Korg MR-1 Mobile Recorder/Player

    Only used indoor at home or office. It is in like new condition and comes with original box and all accessories. The hand-held MR-1 provides high quality 1-bit/2.8 MHz recording and playback in a shirt-pocket portable package that is perfect for location recording, broadcast journalism...
  6. Bu11dog

    Looking for Sennheiser HD 800, Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV or ATH-W2002, or GS-X MKII

    Hi All,   I know this is a long shoot but I am wonder if any Head-fier who is also into photography will be interested in trading for a Canon 1Ds MKII.  Great camere comes all original package, manual, accessories and CDs.   P.S. the lens on the photo is not included.  I do have a Canon...
  7. Bu11dog

    WITHDRAW: W1000 and HD 580PRO

    Well it is time to let them go so someone else can join them.  I collected them all about 3 years ago and hardly have time to sit down and listen.     I provided a lot of photos from actual items for sale.  Please look very carefully and ask questions.  What you see is what you will get.  ...
  8. Bu11dog

    WTB: Headphile C-pads

    I am looking for a pair of Headphile C-pads that fit my RS-1. I don't care if they are the old or new design. I just want to try them. Please PM me if you like to sell yours. Thanks.
  9. Bu11dog


    Welcome to Head-Fi Jose. Jose bought a Headroom Desktop Balanced Amp/ Dac with the HD650 cable converted balanced cable from me. He paid very quickly and communicated promptly during the transaction. I will definitely buy or sell with Jose in the future. I highly recommend Jose to other...
  10. Bu11dog


    SOLD I am the first owner of this beautiful black Rega Saturn. It was purchased from a authorized dealer about one year ago. It is in mint condition and played less than 100 hours. I love this CDP but since we have a new born at home now, it is really hard for me to find time and listen to...
  11. Bu11dog

    SOLDh - Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II w/EXTRA (Price lowered)

    This camera needs no introduction. Only 2700 clicks and it is in like new condition. I bought it brand new last Summer for studio work but did not have too many chance to use it. A beautiful camera. here is the link from Dpreview: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II Review: 1. Introduction: Digital...
  12. Bu11dog


    I am pleased to start a feedback thread for Carmantom. I purchased a Benchmark DAC-1 from this member and the transaction couldn't have gone any better. I said I'd take them, we agreed on a price and he shipped them within next day of my purchase. I had it 5 days later, FL to WA. The...
  13. Bu11dog

    WTB: B22 Balanced

    I cannot believe I missed the one sold by blessingx! Well, if anyone else like to part with their B22, please contact me. I have the fund ready for it. Thanks. Michael
  14. Bu11dog

    Withdraw:t.t.v.j portable millett hybrid tube amp w/Pics

    T.T.V.J PORTABLE MILLETT HYBRID TUBE AMP Withdraw PAYPAL ONLY. I am also interested in trading for a Xin Reference. Thanks.
  15. Bu11dog

    SOLD - AKG 1000 w/ Cardas (K1000) - lowered price

    AKG K1000s with 15 foot of Cardas cable ending in 4 spade connectors hardwired by Drew at MoonAudio. It comes with original user manual. I bought these 2 months ago and used it less than 10 hours. They sound amazing and give me a totally new listening experience. However, my work is getting...
  16. Bu11dog


    Bill is a new headfier. He bought a SuperMini III from me. He paid quickly after deciding and maintained email communications throughout the deal. I would not have problem selling other things to Bill again . Enjoy your new hobby Bill!
  17. Bu11dog

    FS - Xin SuperMini III SOLD

    I bought this supermini from another head-fier last year, perfect condition. I did not use it much since I use SuperMacro more often. I`ll also include 6 rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. I`m selling this to finance a tube-amp. Configuration: # Dual opamp and buffer sockets. Default AD8397...
  18. Bu11dog

    WTB: iRiver iFP 799T 1 GB Flash MP3 Player

    I need a flash MP3 player for gym. Let me know if you have one and like to sell it. Thanks.
  19. Bu11dog

    SOLD- Headsave Classic V2

    The headsave classic was purchased from another head-fier. I am the 2nd owner. It is in excellent condition and has seen used very little since I got my SuperMacro. This is the newer v2 classic with the third channel. It comes with an elpac power supply to power it. Here is detail specs...
  20. Bu11dog

    FS - pure silver coaxial cable - SOLD

    Bought it brand new from Audiogon and very lightly used for 8 months. The cable is 3ft. I will like to get $30 shipped for the cable. Please add 3% PayPal fee. Thanks.
  21. Bu11dog


    I purchased a HD280 PRO from babaluba. Hongning shipped the headphone very quickly after receive my payment through PayPal. He is easy to communicate with and I will definitely buy from him again. Thanks.
  22. Bu11dog

    Canon Digital Rebel XT (w/ EF-S 18-55mm Lens and Vertical Grip)

    This package is only 2 months old. The price is $850 shipped in US. They will be shipped with original boxes. In addition, I will provide invoice. For the payment, I prefer PayPal. It is safe and fast for buyer and seller. I will cover the fee. If you like to talk on the phone...
  23. Bu11dog

    PCDPs Collection For Sale

    Hello All, Currently I have following PCDPs for sale. I will only take PayPal payment and I will take care the fee. If you have any questions, please ask. I will post more PCDPs such as Sony D-777 and Technics XP-5 later. I am selling some of my collections so I can buy a new laptop. My...
  24. Bu11dog

    Repair Shop in Seattle Area

    Hello I asked the same question 3 weeks but did not any response so I will post again to see if I will have better luck this time. Can someone recommend couple good audio equipments repair shops in Seattle or surrounding area? I have an old TOSHIBA XR-P9 CD player (1986) and the Phone Out...
  25. Bu11dog

    Repair Shop in Seattle Area

    Hi Can someone recommend couple good audio/video equipments repair shops in Seattle or surrounding area? I have an old TOSHIBA XR-P9 CD player and the Phone Out starts to have weird noise when I am listening with my headphone. I love this CD player so I will like to fix it if I can...