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    Mid-Year Sales reaches at SHENZHENAUDIO

    Mid-Year Sales approaches, and the best deal reaches SHENZHENAUDIO, you can spend a pleasant shopping carnival week from June 21st to 25th. For providing our customers a worry-free shopping experience, a 30-day price guarantee showing up, that you guys can purchase now and get a...
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    New arrivals season for SMSL, TOPPING, and MOONDROP

    Manufacturers have traditionally targeted the mid-year for new product launches, and SMSL, TOPPING, and MOONDROP are no exception. So let's take a look in our crystal ball and preview what's coming. 1st SMSL has established a solid reputation for providing music lovers with the best value and...
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    MOONDROP Sparks earphone Bluetooth5.2 TWS unveiled

    In recent years, TWS has become the necessary earphone for music lovers, and there are more and more TWS emerge. Today, let's talk about the latest Sparks TWS released by MOONDROP. If you are one of MOONDROP fans or have heard their IEMs, you should know about their TWS which has been...
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    A flagship audio player annouced featuring a classical design-Oriolus DPS-L2

    Oriolus recently unveiled their flagship retro music player, naming DPS-L2 which equipped with ES9038PRO decoding chip, and only limited to 999pcs for sales! Before we step into the introduction, I would like to talk something else about this magical classic and retro player. I was deeply...
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    TANCHJIM launched their new flagship 2BA+1DD IEM

    We thought those who have heard TANCHJIM brand, may incur a deep impression on their IEMs, including Oxygen, Cora, Blues, and HANA. All of these have high cost-effectiveness and perform great! For now, they unveiled a new flagship IEM, called Darling, which features 2BA+1DD hybrid drivers! What...
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    MOONDROP X Crinacle Blessing2:Dusk is approaching!

    The Blessing2: Dusk, a jointly collaborative IEM with In-Ear Fidelity, will be released. It has been under intense discussion for a long period before the graph leaked out, whatever in its tune, or its difference between the Blessing2 Standard. The exterior packaging: Packaging list: The...
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    TOPPING Pre90 & Ext90 launched

    TOPPING has released the Pre90 preamplifier & Ext90 input extender today, priced at US$599.99 and US$249.99 separately. Let's take a first look! The abundant port interfaces. TOPPING gives detailed descriptions before purchasing. Read the parameters here: If there are no reviews for...
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    Black Friday upcoming & The price matching/guarantee!

    Black Friday is approaching, SHENZHENAUDIO provides the best deal to your guys, that you can spend a pleasant shopping carnival week from Nov 23rd to 27th. :relaxed: Some of the detailed discount as follows: TOPPING products series enjoys 15% discount! MOONDROP almost products series enjoys...
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    2020 Shopping Festival is happening at shenzhenaudio store (11.11 and Black Friday)

    As the title mentioned, we're greeting the shopping festival on Nov and Black day, which includes the best sellers among 2020! Here you can have a visit:, pls find out what you always look for! One more important thing, we beg your...
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    A PREVIEW of S.M.S.L SH-9 THXAAA-888 headphone amplifier

    Since S.M.S.L SU-9 had been listed, many users turn to look forward to the SH-9. Let's have a short talk about SH-9 and take the first impression here! It is a powerful desktop headphone amplifier, What should be mentioned is that it's priced at US$289.99, the released date is not determined...
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    S.M.S.L SU-9 DAC has dropped at SHENZHENAUDIO store timely, with ES9038PRO chip and MQA supported

    S.M.S.L SU-9 MQA Full Decoder ES9038PRO DAC XMOS DSD512 PCM768kHz/32Bit Bluetooth 5.0 UAT APTX-HD USB Balanced Decoder It has been past a long period since SU-8 was launched. Recently, on Sept 30th, SMSL released the upgraded version, SU-9. It's priced $439.99 with the pre-order channel...
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    TOPPING newly arrival ---Bluetooth LDAC receiver ---BC3!

    TOPPING hasn't given us any info before it's planned to be released! So the unexpected Bluetooth LDAC receiver BC3 comes, which is priced at $69.99! And the estimated time to release will be at 10:00 am 11th of Aug (UTC+8)! BC3 is a mini Bluetooth decoder, which supports Bluetooth 5.0 and LDAC...
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    PRE-ORDER time: May 18 Price: 499.99 USD Estimated delivery time:Shipped by May 25 Pre-Order Link:
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    YuLong DAART Aquila II DAC Amplifier

    YuLong reveals the 2nd version of Aquila, it's on pre-sale status. More information is below. Aquila II Full FPGA digital signal low jitter processing module, YULONG JIC (fitter and Interfacing Control) YULONG JIC digital signal reception, low noise clock synchronization FIFO buffer, 2 level...