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  1. DLeeWebb

    What Is/Are Your Favorite Everly Brothers Song(s)?

    I just saw a story segment about the legacy of Phil Everly and his brother on CBS Sunday Morning. It was an interesting story that reminded me of how important the Everly Brothers have been to the evolution of Rock n' Roll music in general, and to Country/Rock music in particular. They played...
  2. DLeeWebb

    David Bowie - "Let's Dance" From Kia Cadenza Commercial - Extended Version

    "Let's Dance" has been one of my all time favorite songs for a long time. Hence, this Kia commercial caught my attention right away. Cool remix...downloaded it for free at "SoundCloud"  
  3. DLeeWebb

    Anybody Watching "The Walking Dead" On AMC?

    The "Breaking Bad" thread was entertaining. I never saw a "Hell On Wheels" thread, but I was a little disappointed in the second season. I'm wondering if anybody is planning on watching the new season of "The Walking Dead?"
  4. DLeeWebb

    HBO's The Newsroom

    Did anybody see the premiere of Aaron Sorkin's new show on HBO, "The Newsroom?" I thought that it was incredibly absorbing. It's nice to see some intelligence on television. What did you think?
  5. DLeeWebb

    Radiohead - Camden, New Jersey 06/13/12

    I saw Radiohead last night in Camden, New Jersey. They are an absolutely incredible band. I was in the pit and the view was great. It was almost like being in the show. I experienced such sensory overload that I didn't realize that they did "There, There" until I looked at the setlist below...
  6. DLeeWebb

    NPR's All Songs Considered: "Top 50 Picks For 2011"/Top 100 Listener Picks (...what do you think?)

    Just listened to NPR's "All Songs Considered: Top 25 Listener Picks For 2011." I have included the "Top 50" chosen by the All Songs Considered staff, and the list of the top 100 albums picked in their listener poll for 2011. They're both pretty eclectic lists. What do you think? Which list is...
  7. DLeeWebb

    Emergency Surgery For Bono: U2 Tour Dates Postponed to 2011!

    I was very sorry to find out this morning that Bono required emergency back surgery. Many dates on U2's Summer Tour have been postponed to 2011! I received the notification below from Ticketmaster. I certainly wish Bono a speedy recovery. No U2 this summer, bummer!     We just learned that...
  8. DLeeWebb

    Music Game IX

    After 1586 pages, "Music Game VIII" has been closed. May it rest in peace in the archives of "musical competition." Let's see if there's any interest in "Music Game IX." Let the games begin! I'll give the name of a song and the next person has to name a song using any of the words in the song...
  9. DLeeWebb

    WOW! We're Snowed-In...In U.S. Mid-Atlantic

    They're already calling this snowstorm "historic." I have already heard it called The "Weatherman's Day" snowstorm, "Snowpocalypse," and "Snowmageddon." Is it twenty-four hour news cycle exaggeration, or is it really that bad? Are you snowed-in? Are you listening to music?
  10. DLeeWebb

    NPR - "The Loudness Wars: Why Music Sounds Worse"

    An interesting article on something that most of us have been experiencing, reading about, and talking about for years. The more people that understand, the greater the chance something might be done about it, right? The Loudness Wars: Why Music Sounds Worse : NPR
  11. DLeeWebb

    Which Benefits More From A Portable Headphone Amp: W3 or Westone UM3X?

    I have both of these IEM's. I plan to use one IEM with my Pico (which I don't carry with me all of the time...), and the other I plan to carry with me all of the time for use with my iPhone without the Pico. I have read numerous threads on general W3/WUM3X topics where posts have expressed...
  12. DLeeWebb

    iPhone Security Threat

    I can't believe this one. I just received this notification moments ago from MacFixIt. Apparently this is for real...hackers can take over any iPhone in the world, all that they need is your phone number???!!! iPhone security threat via SMS could be catastrophic if not patched - MacFixIt
  13. DLeeWebb

    The Zune Can't Handle A Leap Year???!!!

    Saw an interesting story on the news that the Zune temporarily "melted down" because 2008 was a leap year. Anybody around here experience the problem...? New Year's hangover for Zune users | Microsoft - CNET News
  14. DLeeWebb

    Music Game VIII

    Seems like, after an historic 2313 pages, 23,124 posts, and 182,816 views "Music Game VII" has been closed. May it rest in peace in the archives of "musical competition." I consider it quite an honor to initiate "Music Game VIII." Let the games begin! I'll give the name of a song and the next...
  15. DLeeWebb

    Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

    I got an email from "All Songs Considered [NPR]" that David Byrne and Brian Eno are together again; for the first time since "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts." The album is called, "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today." First I have heard of it and I don't recall any mention of it around...
  16. DLeeWebb

    Is HD-DVD Dead?

    Toshiba to give up on HD-DVD, concede to Sony Blu-Ray By MarketWatch Last Update: 2:12 AM ET Feb 17, 2008 TEL AVIV (MarketWatch) - Toshiba Corp. is likely to concede to Sony Corp. in the battle to determine the future of DVD-format technology, people familiar with the situation told The...
  17. DLeeWebb

    Warner Bros Gives Blu-Ray A Nice Boost?

    I'm wondering what everyone thinks about the news below. Does this signal anything important? Is it a good thing a bad thing? Warner Bros. to release all HD discs in Blu-ray By David B. Wilkerson, MarketWatch Last Update: 6:01 PM ET Jan 4, 2008 CHICAGO (MarketWatch) -- Warner Bros...
  18. DLeeWebb

    "In Rainbows" - When Do You Think That You'll Get Yours?

    The discbox was promised on or before December 3rd. If you ordered it or plan to order it, when do you think that we'll get it? Who will get it first?
  19. DLeeWebb

    Ken Burn's: "The War"

    I was wondering if anyone is watching the new Ken Burns documentary on World War II called "The War" on PBS. The first part was on last night and continues in parts this week and next. I would be interested in hearing people's thoughts on the film...
  20. DLeeWebb

    Apple Does Indeed Step-Up - Get your iPhone Credit

    Apple has posted instructions for those of us that bought the iPhone before the recent price cut. Step-up and get your $100 credit here... Tell us how you intend to spend your credit!
  21. DLeeWebb

    The Sopranos Ending

    So what did you think? Open ended or what?
  22. DLeeWebb

    Can't Edit Signature...Help!

    Everytime I try to edit my signature I get an error message that the "BB Code Size Is Too Big." I know this is probably a stupid question with an obvoius answer, but can someone explain how I can edit my signature? What am I doing wrong?
  23. DLeeWebb

    Lambchop - Buying Advice/Seeking Input

    I did a search on Lambchop and they seem to be popular with many Head-Fiers. I am looking for a somwhat deeper description of their music than I have been able to locate. I'm definitely not a country fan, but I have been really getting into groups that are apparently often referred to as...
  24. DLeeWebb

    The Music Game VII

    Seems like, after 443 pages, "Music Game VI" ran out of steam. So I guess it's time for "Music Game VII." Let the games begin! I'll give the name of a song and the next person has to name a song using any of the words in the song posted just before theirs. Got it? Here we go...and this is an...
  25. DLeeWebb

    Tom Waits - Seeking Buying Advice

    I was watching CBS Sunday Morning this morning and they did a segment on new Fall music. [missed most of it, but what would you expect...] Among other artists/music they featured Tom Waits' upcoming "Orphans." The multi-disc set sounds interesting but it made me wonder what his fans would...