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    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Now why'd u have to bathe your 325i, adanac? Tsk tsk tsk Congrats to all the new owners. I've been enjoying these for quite some time now but sadly, the right channel is cutting out on me, I think it's that grado Y-split problem. It still works with some fussing around with the cable...
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    need help biasing the melos

    No more lovin' for melos? I tried measuring from the said pins, but I'm not getting the kind of voltages mentioned. I'm reading only 0.5 volt at most. So I'm doing something wrong obviously. (It's not the multimeter, I checked it). Any help would be great.
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    Not a bad deal for Grado's

    If anyone's looking for grado's, might want to check this out. (Canadian site) Looks like they're clearing these. Just wished they had RS1/RS2's. But GS1000 for $800CAD..... very tempting.
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    FOUND: Beyerdynamic headband and leather earpads!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Muftobration You can get the earpads for less than that directly from Beyer. I'm also looking for a headband, but I think that they are available through beyer if you contact them directly and ask for one. I'm just about to send an email. yhpm
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    Post Pics of Headphones & Headphone/Listening Area

    I notice a lot of computer quiet are your desktops? A big problem of mine is that I have to shutdown my pc if I wanted to listen to music because it's very noisy (esp. the harddrives and the vid card).
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    Suggestions for another pair of HPs

    I'm looking for another pair to complement my SR325i. I listen to mostly metal (hence a Grado) but I have a few contemporary jazz, some classical and some techno cd's. The problem I have lies in my amp. If I didn't have to worry about it, I would order a D2000. But I'm unsure if this would be a...
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    Grado Replacement Ear Pads

    There are two sites I know of, one is and the other is Both are based in Ontario. I bought grado accessories from takefiveaudio and was pleased with their service.
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    Literally Shocked by My ATH-A700s

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shahrose what i found funny was that it shocked you once, but you proceeded to keep them on for 6 hours, all the while getting shocked. shock-fetish Reminded me of a Lucky Star ep. . . . . . nerds
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    What is "Blu Tak"(spelling?) mod to k 81 dj? there are also lots of other info in that monster thread
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    The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

    Yes,that certainly cleared things up for me. Thanks. Now to decide which brand to go with......
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    The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

    I have some general question about custom IEMs. How far do these go in your ear? Do you have to jam it in like universal fit IEMs? Also do these have filters? Thanks.
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    Grado quality equivalent of the HD650?

    If you're into techno music then DT770 might be better, the 990 is brighter and doesn't have as much bass as the DT770.
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    What's the one song that really made you appreciate your headphones?

    Fade to Black - Metallica Intro was very crisp with the 325i.
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    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Quote: Originally Posted by frekvens #2369 here, ALOrecabled, just love em!, got me to understand the meaning of mids =) Would like to see those cans
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    Headphone Extension Cables ???

    is it the one right here? Premium Canare Stereo 1/4in Male to Female Cables
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    ER6 silicone driver casing

    Nice thread. Might come in handy in the future.
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    DT-990 Pro 250????

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    ETYMŌTIC IEM Owners Headcount - Are you one?

    Only have the ER6, and coming from a sony ex51..... was I ever glad I picked these up. ER4 hopefully soon.
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