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  1. lambdastorm

    FS: Brand New Hifiman Arya planar magnetic headphone

    Received these as a gift. They're brand new in box. I really want to have a listen myself but right now my set up is a mess, so I'd rather pass these to someone who has a good setup. $1380 shipped to CONUS.
  2. lambdastorm

    $OLD Dekoni HD600/650 Suede pads

    Up for sale is a pair of Dekoni HD600/650 suede pads. I bought these and the leather version on Massdrop, and liked the look of leather more. These are used only once. $32 shipped to CONUS.
  3. lambdastorm

    $old: Arcam rHead headphone amp or trade for ZDT Jr.

    Up for sale is my Arcam rHead in good condition. I'm the original owner, bought them in the UK in early 2017 and have been enjoying them for almost 3 years. As someone who swaps gears on a very frequent basis, I can confidently say that there's a reason they've stayed with me for the past 3...
  4. lambdastorm

    iFi ZEN DAC discussion + impression

    For the very first time, iFi is tapping into the sub-$150 market with the release of ZEN series. Zen DAC is more on the traditional side, a barebone DAC/AMP sporting a USB port, 2 RCA outputs and one 4.4mm balanced output. The front panel sports a 1/4'' jack, a 4.4mm balanced jack, a gain...
  5. lambdastorm

    WTB: Shipping from Australia to USA

    Hey all, Addicted To Audio from Australia has really good price on some headphones, but they don't ship to the US. If any of you guys from Australia can help me forward the package to the US (for a fee of course) , I'd be really grateful! Thanks.
  6. lambdastorm

    WTB: Trafomatic Head2 amplifier

    If I'm not mistaken these are very hard to come by, so I don't really have high hopes of getting one. But in case you have one and would like to sell, PM me. Price negotiable.
  7. lambdastorm

    FS: Campfire Audio Comet IEM

    Up for sale is a Campfire Audio Comet IEM. These are one of the best single-BA IEMs because unlike other one-BAs, they don't lack bass. The vented driver takes care of bass while the TAEC module makes sure treble extends beyond hearing threshold. The overall sound is very coherent, extremely...
  8. lambdastorm

    FS: Campfire Audio Orion CK

    Up for sale is my Campfire Orion CK. I bought them during Campfire's B-stock sale and they're in pretty good cosmetic condition. They impressed me so much that I'm moving on to the Andromedas. For a single BA, they sound remarkably full and life-like without sacrificing treble or bass extension...
  9. lambdastorm

    FS: Brand New Ultrasone Signature Pro

    BNIB Ultrasone Signature Pro. Bought it a little over a year ago and never had the chance to use them. $630 shipped to CONUS. Pix here: These bad boys are made in Germany!
  10. lambdastorm

    $old: Upgraded HeadAmp Gilmore Lite MkII Headphone Amp

    $old is an upgraded HeadAmp Gilmore Lite MkII headphone amp. I bought this amp brand new from HeadAmp in December 2018 to round out my $500 amp collection. And boy was I in for a treat. My previous $500 amp roundout consists of the following amps: Arcam rHead Rupert Neve RNHP Schiit Jotty...
  11. lambdastorm

    WTB: older version HD600/650 earpads

    As solderdude mentioned in his HD650 review, the HD600/650 supposedly underwent an earpad change somewhere around 2015, which lifts the 'sennheiser veil'. The new earpads are not as soft and when applied force, doesn't compress as much as the old pad. I happen to like the older pads better, so...
  12. lambdastorm

    $old: Emotiva BasX A100

    Up for sale is an Emotiva BasX A100 in pristine condition. I've had it for about a year and it powers my HE6 and Abyss like no other. If you have planars or high-impedance dynamic cans, these amps are an absolute must. With power comes slam, and with slam comes authority. These things never run...
  13. lambdastorm

    $old Upgraded Rupert Neve RNHP

    If you're familiar with recording consoles, Neve needs no further introduction. Fortunately for us, his headphone amp RNHP sounds just as good as those legendary consoles. I first heard them at CanJam as a working prototype and was so impressed I ordered 3 of them when they first came out. For...
  14. lambdastorm

    $old Audioquest Nighthawk

    Skylar Gray deserves much more credit than he's given. He's the first man to give headphone drivers a much-needed surround, a split-gap motor, and a 3-D printable liquid wood housing. Everything about Nighthawk just oozes innovation. Unfortunately, the community is very divided on this...
  15. lambdastorm

    $old Koss Porta Pro Made in Mexico

    Five years ago in 2014, Koss moved its manufacturing plant from China to Mexico and produced headphones there for all but four months before shutting its door and relocating back to China...
  16. lambdastorm

    $old: Denafrips ARES DAC w/ Amanero USB module

    $old. For those of you looking to grab an affordable R2R DAC, look no further. This DAC replaced a Holo Spring Level II, a Bifrost Multibit and a PS Audio NuWave. I sold all 3 aforementioned DACs after ARES strikes its first note. The sound can only be described as full and organic, free of...
  17. lambdastorm

    STAX SRD-7 PRO doesn't need AC at all?

    I got an SRD7-PRO 2 months ago and have been pretty satisfied with it. Today I accidently unplugged the power cord and.............nothing. Really? I was expecting the headphones to suddenly quiet down or something. I kept it unplugged for 20 minutes and my STAXes are still working just fine. I...
  18. lambdastorm

    WTB: Audio-Technica R70X

    Looking for a pair of R70X in any condition around $150. I’m located in NYC, can pay with PayPal.
  19. lambdastorm

    WTB: Black-screen HD600 a.k.a. dark veiled 600

    Hey there folks, I'm looking for a black-screen HD600, the one that's been loathed as having the infamous sennheiser-veil. I know most folks here prefer the ones in production since it uses silver-screen and the veil is mostly gone. But I happen to like early day HD600 more, its chocolate-like...
  20. lambdastorm

    [WTB] Audio-Technica IM04

    Looking for an Audio-Technica IM04 IEM at around $180. Preferably in mint condition w/ original box and accessories. If you have one that your willing to part way with, shoot me a PM!
  21. lambdastorm

    [WTB] Massdrop Plus

    Looking for a Massdrop Plus IEM at around $220. Preferably in mint condition w/ original box and accessories. If you have one that your willing to part way with, shoot me a PM!
  22. lambdastorm

    [WTB] JPS AB1266 single-notch

    Hey there. I'm looking for an single-notch ABYSS in good condition. To clear any confusion, Abyss sold within its first two years of release should bear a single notch adjustment mechanism like this: Abyss sold after Aug 2014 should bear a cross notch like this one does: There is a subtle...