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  1. javahut

    Original Shure SE530 and/or Westone 3 IEMs for Sale

    Seeing if there's any interest in either a set of original Shure SE530 IEMs or a set of Westone 3 IEMs. Both in what I would describe as good to great condition. Close to mint aside from a little cable forming. Neither ever overloaded or played at high volume. Both work as new. Want $275 for...
  2. javahut

    HIFIMAN HM-602 Firmware v0.10 Update

    Anyone brave enough to try the latest HiFiMan HM-602 v0.10 firmware?   If so... how is it? Improvements? Problems? New features?   Thanks.
  3. javahut

    Canartic - downtempo.dub.psychedelic.chill

      All Canartic albums are now available for listening in their entirety, and available for download in high quality 320k MP3, FLAC and other lossless formats... at Bandcamp.    
  4. javahut

    New Trippy, Dub, Downtempo, Psychedelica Headphone Music...

    A whole lotta trippy, psychedelic, dub, downtempo, chill. A little guitar thrown in along the way. Great headphone music!   New 2010 release by Canartic, "Modulotion" is out now!   
  5. javahut

    MP3 Player Volume Setting When Using An Amp

    Just curious what kind of volume setting you use on a portable music player when using a headphone amp. For example... I'm using a Zen Vision:M with Westone 3s, and I usually have the volume anywhere from 7 or 8 to 10 or 11... out of a max of 25 on the player... sometimes a little more on audio...
  6. javahut

    Anyone Else Waiting On E500/SE530 Replacements?

    Sent my E500s in for replacement due to one of the rubber cable restraint pieces separated from the earphone. Then while I was packing them... the infamous cracked insulation problem occurred next to the other earphone. Had them about 8-10 months maybe? They were warrantied replacements from...
  7. javahut

    Ety Tri-Flanges for Shure E5/E500

    Which are the Ety tri-flanges with the short stem that fit the Shure E5 & E500? Is it the ER4 or the ER6 version? Ety's site seems to indicate they're different from each other, but I'm not sure how. I always chop the long stem of the Shure version anyway, so I'm thinking I might as well try the...