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  1. kurumaebi

    WTB: Keces Audio S3 DAC/Amp

    Looking for one in Mint condition.
  2. kurumaebi

    Wanted: Flawless HD800 S

    Looking for flawless condition HD800 S. Can pick up locally at Southern California as well.
  3. kurumaebi

    Wanted: Ultrasone Sig Pro Or Sig Studio

    Hello all, I am looking for these two cans. Please shoot me your offers. I am located in LA so local pick up available.
  4. kurumaebi

    Marantz HD-DAC1 for sale

    Mint condition Marantz HD-DAC for sale. Shipping and pp fee included. only ship within the US.
  5. kurumaebi

    he1000 v2 wanted

    pristine condition hifiman he 1000 v2 wanted.
  6. kurumaebi

    Pristine condition Beyerdynamic T1 2nd with balanced cable

    For sale is Beyerdynamic T1 2nd. Used very gently and in like new condition. it stays in its box all the time because I always using HE1000, so I decided let it go. No more than 50 hour on it. It  comes with 4 pin balanced cable, but no stock single end cable. Low baller will be politely...
  7. kurumaebi

    Schiit gungnir

    Flawless condition and USB gen2 wanted
  8. kurumaebi

    kef ls 50 wanted

    kef ls 50 like new condtion wanted
  9. kurumaebi

    XLR cable for T1 2nd wanted

    XLR cable for T1 2nd wanted.
  10. kurumaebi

    Prismsound Lyra or callia wanted

    Prismsound dac/amp wanted. Also provide a trade with lcd2 plus cash.
  11. kurumaebi

    Prismsound Lyra or callia wanted

    Great condition prism sound dac wanted. Also willing to trade with lcd2 plus cash.
  12. kurumaebi


    HE1000 in flawless condition wanted. I also can provide T1 2nd+700USD for trade.
  13. kurumaebi

    Denon and Fostex wooden cups.

    Looking for beautiful cups for Denon D7000 and Fostex th900 wooden cups. Price is flexible. Send me PM with your offer  
  14. kurumaebi

    Denon D7000 wooden cup or headphone with no scrach

    Now looking for Denon D7000 or Fostex TH900 stock wooden cups. Or Denon D7000 non modification and no scratch on cups. If interested, plz send me PM with your offer. The price is fexible. 
  15. kurumaebi

    lawton modded fostex th900

    I now considering mod my thx00 in lawton. any one modded th900 can share your review?   also,any one modded in lawton willing to sell their th900 stock cups?