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  1. wakeride74

    B&O H8 Gray Hazel

    Selling a (almost) brand new B&O H8 in the gray hazel color. I bought these new about a week ago and did some listening at home with them for a few days and as amazing as they are the on-ear fit is just not for me. They are in perfect like new condition, flawless. Will ship free CONUS.
  2. wakeride74

    Audio-Technica W1000x

    Selling my beloved Audio-Technica W1000x. I am listing these very low due to a few cosmetic deficiencies but will say up front they function and sound absolutely flawless! I am the second owner and evidently the initial owner did not baby these the way I do my headphones. Here are the flaws I...
  3. wakeride74

    WTB: AT W1000x

    If you have a pair in like new condition please PM me.
  4. wakeride74

    IC: Shure SRH-940 with 1540 alcantara pads

    SOLD! Checking interest on some Shure 940's that come with all the original accessories, case, box, unused original pads x2, and the 1540 alcantara pads which i prefer as they slightly elevate the low end as well as add a bit of warmth to the top end. There is a small scuff on the plastic hinge...
  5. wakeride74

    DAC/Amp for use with USB OTG?

    I have a FiiO E17 that has been pretty decent for this purpose using with a OTG cable and Galaxy S4 but the headphone jack on it is having problems after it fell out and I had to glue it back in so I'm thinking it mught be time for an upgrade. Can anyone recommend something decent in the sub...
  6. wakeride74

    Disney fans unite!

    Not sure if this belongs here or in the music forum but since it includes film, animation, and music I thought I'd start here and let the mods sort out the rest. I used to work for The Walt Disney Company (many years ago, prior to all the Pixar stuff), and have always had a passion for the...
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    If the PS500 was an IEM it would sound like...?

    After trying both the UE900 and Shure SE535 I'm yet to be satisfied searching for a fun universal IEM. The PS500 has a big fun factor, great in rendering vocals ( I use reversed bowls) and in an IEM that is what I want. Balance is for quite listening time, energy and fun factor is where it is at...
  9. wakeride74

    WTB: PS500

    Looking to snag some minty PS500's. If you have some please PM me. No highballers or pairs with any defects please. 
  10. wakeride74

    Earsonics SM3 V2

    SOLD!   Selling my Earsonics SM3 V2 in black with detachable cable and 2 pair extra tri-flange tips all in original packaging. These are less than a year old and have only seen light use. I only use IEM's when I travel now and unfortunately it is not often enough to keep some as nice as...
  11. wakeride74

    iPod Touch 64gb (3rd Gen)

    Selling my iPod Touch which is in excellent condition with very minimal wear on the back. It comes with a crystal film screen cover that is in perfect shape and a red and black case mate slim cover for the back. Asking $160 shipped free CONUS. Sorry for the bad pics.    
  12. wakeride74

    Imelda May

    I recently stumbled upon this little gem from Dublin and have had her most recent album in constant rotation lately. For those of you that picked up the recent Jeff Beck Les Paul tribute she is on that dvd/bluray as well. Great great music and highly recommended for any fans of the Rockabilly...
  13. wakeride74

    FS: LCD-2 w/ travel case

    I'm re-opening this ad FS only. Price is $935 shipped CONUS. They are only 1 month old an in perfect like new condition. Sucks to have to part with them but we've hired some new people at work and I am no longer in a situation where I can enjoy these at my preferred volumes. I was set to build a...
  14. wakeride74

    Graham Slee Solo SRG II

    Pics up now and amp is officially for sale   Graham Slee Solo SRG II with PSU1 purchased new from Graham in May 2010. Not sure about the hour count but I use the amp most week days while in my office. There is a small scratch on the back panel which was there when I got it, I never bothered...
  15. wakeride74

    FS: HD800

    SOLD!   I have a pair of HD800's I'm selling to fund some other purchases. I'm selling them for a great prince less than second hand market value only due to a couple minor cosmetic flaws. I am the second owner and they are in the same condition I received them in. The ear pads are in...
  16. wakeride74

    WTB D7000 w/ Jmoney pads

    Please PM me if you have some to sell, only interested if you have them both, thanks
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    I did not see a thread stated yet for Audeze so just wanted to share my positive experience. I received my LCD-2 with a soldering defect in the wire and my emails were responded to within minutes by Sankar. Before I knew it was the wire he'd offered to ship me a new pair prior to receiving the...
  18. wakeride74

    SOLD: UE-11

    SOLD!   I'm selling my UE-11's originally purchased 10/07 in perfect condition. I have both large and small case, original white UE cable, and a black braided Westone cable. They just don't get that much head time anymore because I don't have the need for IEM's that I used to have. Price is...
  19. wakeride74

    FS: Moon Audio Silver Dragon RCA to iPod LOD

    Bought this just a couple months ago but am just not using it much since I bought a doc to keep my ipod upright. It is in like new condition, price is $75 shipped free CONUS.    
  20. wakeride74

    FS: Westone ES2

    SALE PENDING   Oldies but goodies! I bought these 8/06 and listened to them regularly until 10/07 when I got my UE-11. I tested them out before posting and they still sound great! Obviously these are molded for my ears so you will need to have them re-shelled. They come in a hard case with a...
  21. wakeride74

    SOLD: K702

    SOLD!   I'm selling my K702 to fund some new purchases. I am the second owner and they are fully burned in with around 400-500 hours on them (most of which is from burning them in with my SRG II). There are a couple small marks on one of the cups which were there when I received them. While...
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    Burson HA-160 or Graham Slee Solo SRG II?

    Ok, now that I've sold off some stuff I am ready to take the plunge and drop $700 (or less) on a SS amp for my APS V3 D5000 and K702 (forthcoming). I will eventually add a couple more headphones to the mix but for now I want to focus on an amp that I know will perform above its price point and...
  24. wakeride74

    v-dac vs. HDP (dac portion)

    I know the Nuforce HDP is a pretty new product but I am looking at a transportable desktop dac solution and wanted to know if anyone has heard both what the SQ differences are between the v-dac and dac section of the HDP. thanks
  25. wakeride74

    So I got to meet Dan Aykroyd tonight!

    Yes, I'm an 80's movie superfreak and I'm super stoked to have met the great Dan Aykroyd tonight at BevMo in Walnut Creek, CA. He was signing bottles of his Crystal Head Vodka as well as other memorabilia so of course I had him sign my copy of Ghostbusters and a copy of The Great Outdoors for my...