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  1. ghostchili

    Centrance HiFi-M8 New in Box

    I have a new in the box Centrance HiFi M8 for iphone. Thanks, Lance
  2. ghostchili

    Violectric V281 V850 Stack!

    I am selling my like new Violectric V281 V850 stack. The V850 was never used as I received it after I started moving. I have the new V281 faceplate that matches the slightly different finish of the V850 as well as Emotiva XLR's included   I pay shipping, you pay palpal. I am moving and they...
  3. ghostchili

    Audeze LCD-X with Toxic Cable Silver Widow Cables.

    I am selling my like new LCD-X with Toxic SW24's. If you don't think cables make a difference, you will be a believer after you hear these.   I pay shipping, you pay palpal. I am moving and they would otherwise sit in storage. Message me with any questions. I am not selling cables separate.   NO...
  4. ghostchili

    HIFIMAN HE-1000

    I am selling my just burned-in HE-1000. I have all original packaging. I bought them from an authorized dealer so the warranty is transferable. I pay shipping, I will split the palpal fee with you. I am moving and they would otherwise sit in storage. Message me with any questions.
  5. ghostchili

    HiFiMan HE-1000

    I am selling my just burned-in HE-1000. I am moving and everything will be in storage for a year. Feel free to ask any questions. I have all original packaging.
  6. ghostchili

    Denon AH-D7100

    I am selling my AH-D7100 to help pay for the HE-1000's I just got. They are in excellent condition and come with a balanced 4 pin cable as well as the stock 1/8" plug for your phone.    Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees.   Thanks  No Trades
  7. ghostchili

    HiFiMan HE-560 HE560

    I am selling my like new HE-560's. I've had them for a few months but upgraded to the HE-1000. I have all original packaging and Invoice for Razor Dog Audio. They also include a 4 pin balanced cable.   Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. $599 is firm. No trades
  8. ghostchili

    AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

    I'm looking forward to hearing some Impressions on the NightHawks. The only person I know that's had time with them is Jude. Hopefully they show up at CES and we can get some initial thoughts/comparisons. I have some on order and will post my findings as soon as I can.
  9. ghostchili

    Audeze EL-8 vs AudioQuest NightHawk "Battle of the Upper Middle Class?"

    The Audeze EL-8 ($699) and the AudioQuest Nighthawk ($599) will be released around the same time and priced within $100. I will be receiving one of the first Production Nighthawks from a local distributer. I am curious to see how the Head-Fi community receives both of these as there is not much...
  10. ghostchili

    Best balanced amp under $1000?

    Is there a general consensus on the best balanced amp for under $1000? I'm looking for balanced xlr inputs with a 4 pin xlr output with or without a 1/4" jack. Thanks
  11. ghostchili

    Denon AH-7100D rewite to 4-pin Neutrik, Before I cut the plug off..

    Before I cut the stock 1/4" plug off does it have 4 wires at the terminal end? I know the 7000D did. Are there 2 blacks a red and a white? What's what? both blacks - the red r+ white l+? Thanks   I will be doing this to the non in-line remote/mic cable. 
  12. ghostchili

    HiFiMan HE-500 with Hip Hop?

    I was wondering if anyone listens to alot of Hip Hop with the HE-500's. I was close to getting the Denon D600's but I've been reading good things about the HE-500's. I know the 500's are open and the D600's are closed. They will be used mostly in a sound isolation listening room. I will amp...
  13. ghostchili

    Apple to Oranges HiFiMan HE-400, HiFiMan HE-500, or Denon AH-D600. What would you go with?

    I have narrowed down my next pair of cans to the following 3 HiFiMan HE-400 HiFiMan HE-500 V-MODA M-100 Denon AH-D600   Being a noob to the headphone scene (I have a dedicated theater/listening room) I need some help. I currently have the Audio Technica ATHM50, I just got them from...
  14. ghostchili

    Missed the Ultrasone Pro 750 for $161 this morning on Amazon... Now what?

    So I was about to pull the trigger on the Ultrasone Pro 750's Amazon had this morning for $161. The price is now $225:(. This got me looking at other options, particularly the AKG K550. I listen to everything and find most headphones don't have enough bass. I have an amazing setup with a...