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    the new discman of panasonic this unit could play mp3 disc
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    a person's collection(photo)
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    technics xps-900 the best one of panasonic?

    i got the xps-900discman,that's the best unit i had ever heard,some one tell me that 's the best one of that ture?
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    imformation compare(D25,303,777,335,330 ... MZR5ST,E50,E55...)
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    about ej905

    any one know sony ej-905.i saw it last week at second hand market,looks very nice,cost $50.did it worth the money?and i also found d-515,what about cost $55.
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    photos about SONY WM-EX20
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    new panasonic discman:490(photo)
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    the ct790 sounds better than ej1000.

    why don't you buy the ct790.i'think it better than ej1000.but you must change the headphone of ct790 for the other 868, fact,the price panasonic 790+sony 888=sony ej1000,but it sounds better than ej1000 ct790 :<=$110 photo: