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  1. oregon

    Why does Amazon have so much Klipsch X10 stock? They're still selling for $84.99

    I'm wondering why they're still selling for this price. I bought a set but I was planning on making my money back. I might end up not opening them and trying to sell to a foreigner.
  2. oregon

    Audio Technica ESW9- MINT condition

  3. oregon

    Audio Technica ESW9- MINT condition

    I have a set of ESW9 Audio Technica headphones. I purchased them when my friend was selling cheaply and now I need money. They sound great, are working perfectly, and have no blemishes. I'm looking for $150 shipped within the continental USA. No trades. EDIT: Regarding authenticity... they...
  4. oregon

    did you stretch the v-moda crossfade lp headband? they fit me really tightly

    Wondering if anyone else has stretched them. They're too tight for me. How do I stretch them out?
  5. oregon

    Sent in my TripleFi 10 for replacement. Logitech/UE support botched the return mailing label three times and now UPS lost them... what to do?

    asdfI bought a set of Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 during the Amazon sale. I really like the sound but soon noticed buzzing/clicking in one earpiece. It only happened at certain frequencies so I suspected it was due to driver crossover issues. I contacted support about this and they instructed me...
  6. oregon

    Klipsch ProMedia IEM = S4/S4i for half the price. Initial impressions inside.

    Has anyone tried out the ProMedia IEM?   I've seen quite a few listings on...
  7. oregon

    Do any companies make small extension cables that have a remote built in?

    I have two nice pairs of IEMs but I like to listen to audiobooks and this requires me to stop it if I take off my headphones. I have an iPod Touch which is a pain to pull out of my pocket and pause.   So... I'm looking for a cheap and compact headphone extension cable that has a remote built...
  8. oregon

    I think Triple Fi 10 are approximately equal to Grado 225i

    I just sold my Grado about two weeks ago and have recently bought a pair of Triple Fi 10 and a pair of Monster Turbines. The Turbines are much better than my ADDIEM I was using but still didn't have very good clarity. The Triple Fi 10, however are great in many ways. The bass is better than...
  9. oregon

    Anyone else buy both the Turbines and the TripleFi 10 from Amazon?

    Bought both of them, so far just have the Turbines. They are a big step up from my ADDIEM that crackle constantly (I think it has to do with ear wax getting inside it). As expected the bass is very strong, probably too strong imo, but still sound awesome for most songs. It is very finicky with...
  10. oregon

    is it me or do laptops sounds better than ipods?

    I listen to my headphones (ADDIEM, Creative Aurvana Live, Sony MDR-NC60) out of either my ipod touch or my MacBook pro. Just now I was looking up Judas Priest live videos (pretty disappointing tbh), then listening to painkiller on both devices, and I think the laptop sounds better. Anyone else...
  11. oregon

    wtt/wts Apple Dual Driver IEM w/Sony hybrid tips

    I have the Apple dual driver IEM with the remote and mic embedded within the cord. They definitely sound good, and have received a fair amount of praise here on head-fi. I like them for the most part, but am interested in trying out other IEM's. I have a mostly complete set of Sony Hybrid tips...
  12. oregon

    Do the Westone Fit Kit tips fit other earphones?

    Fit Kit | Westone Anyone know if these tips work with other makes of IEM's?
  13. oregon

    Is 100 ohms high impedance for a set of headphones being driven straight out of an iPod?

    I got a pair of Sony NC-60 noise cancelling headphones which supposedly have 100 ohm impedance with noise cancelling off, and 40 ohms with it on. Can I expect my iPod to drive these? Would the headphone jack on my laptop be any better? Or would I definitely benefit from an amp? FYI mostly I...
  14. oregon

    WTT: Apple IEM w/mic and remote... trade for comparable IEM?

    I have the Apple dual driver IEM with the remote and mic embedded within the cord. They definitely sound good, and have received a fair amount of praise here on head-fi. I like them for the most part, but am interested in trying out other IEM's. I have a mostly complete set of Sony Hybrid tips...
  15. oregon

    flange tips for apple in ear?

    I'm interested in buying some flange tips that fit my apple in ear. Tri-flange would be preferable but I'd also like to try bi-flange. Must fit well.
  16. oregon

    Magnets screwing up headphones?

    I have a pair of Apple In-Ear w/remote and mic, as well as a pair of Sony Altus full size headphones. I also have a pair of those hematite magnets that you toss in the air and watch them spin as they come together. I've been packing all my stuff for college and was wondering if it's fine to pack...
  17. oregon

    Are the NuForce NE-7M and the SoundMAGIC PL-11 the same thing?

    The NuForce is fifty bucks, the SoundMAGIC PL-11 is $12, yet they look almost identical except for the different colored metal. Are they the same sound-wise? And would the tips from the Sound-Magic fit the NuForce? They appear identical in size and shape.
  18. oregon

    NuForce NE-7M vs. Apple In Ear

    I want a new pair of IEM's that have a mic on them, so this narrows it down quite a bit. I was almost set on buying the NuForce but then I saw a thread touting the dual armature drivers of the Apple in Ear. How do these two compare in sound quality, comfort, and compatibility with other tips...
  19. oregon

    Shure tips on Nuforce NE-7M?

    On Amazon they sell (at least) two sizes of Shure tri-flange tips. Would either of these work with the NuForce NE-7M? Shure PA755 Triple-Flange Sleeves for Shure Sound-Isolating Earphones (1 Pair): Electronics Shure EA306 Triple Flange Sleeves for E3c, E3g, E4c...
  20. oregon

    Does Amazon ever stock Nuforce NE-7M?

    Right now you can buy the nuforce, but it is through the nuforce store rather than through amazon, which means I cannot use my amazon gift card and I do not get free shipping. Is this the way it's always been, or has Amazon actually stocked these in the past?
  21. oregon

    Which IEM for less than $25, $50, $100?

    So, if I were to spend those amounts on a set of iems, which would you choose? I think for me the fit, comfort and noise isolation are more important than the sound quality (as long as it's decent). I want to get a new set soon but am undecided on how much I want to spend. FYI, I have jvc...
  22. oregon

    which ultimate ears are they?

    I recently met a guy who let me try his headphones, and he told me they were ultimate ears. I was amazed by how comfortable they were, and I liked the sound much more than my Marshmallows. So now I want a pair, but I don't know what model they are. I do remember that they looped over your ear...
  23. oregon

    Which of these headphones is better?

    I saw the Sennheiser HD201 on Amazon for ten bucks with free shipping. Looks like a good deal. I was recommended to buy the Koss KSC75 stereophones which cost thirteen with free shipping. Which of these is better in terms of sound quality? Are these good prices? All replies will be...
  24. oregon

    Best Headphones under 20$?

    I know, I know, I know... 20$ won't buy much in terms of sound quality, but I don't really care that much. I just want a slight upgrade form my sansa earbuds. They have to be portable, and not fall off. The format (headphone, earbud, etc.) doesn't matter, though the smaller the better...