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  1. bpandbass

    Astell and Kern Kann Digital Out and iOS Device Compatibility?

    Hey folks, I wanted to ask something knowledgeable within this community who may be able to help me with a question I had about potentially buying the Astell and Kern Kann to use as my portable rig with my full-size headphones. I currently use the Chord Mojo with my iPhone 7, and I was looking...
  2. bpandbass

    Chord Mojo vs. OPPO HA-2SE Comparison Review

    Introduction   With my iPhone 7 no longer having a headphone jack, and with the portable headphone amplifier and DAC market getting more competitive than ever, I thought it was time to consider making the switch from my larger Schiit Audio Lyr 2 class A hybrid desktop amp, and an external DAC...
  3. bpandbass

    My Impressions of the Meridian Audio Director (Direct DAC)

    I recently decided to send back the Meridian Audio Director due to some extra expenses that necessitated the money (new tires), but I thought I would do a writeup of what I thought of the Director in the three weeks I spent with it.    Form Factor   Build quality wise the Director is a very...
  4. bpandbass

    Sennheiser HD650, HD580 and HD600 Earpad Wear Sound Changes

    Here is something I noticed about how earpad foam wear affects the Sennheiser HD5/6 series of headphones.   The HD650 earpads have prematurely worn in likely from the extra strong clamping force of the headband, causing them to flatten on the front of the pads while being thicker on the back...
  5. bpandbass

    Favorite headphones based on company house sound?

    This is a question I'm throwing out to you all in the full size headphone community. I've owned quite a few different pairs headphones for various amounts of time, and I've noticed house sound traits to them that I enjoy. And this is what to me is a headphone that has the traits I desire: The...
  6. bpandbass

    Sennheiser Momentum On Ear vs V-Moda XS

    Before break in:    On Ears might have "special foam" in their Alcantara-covered ear pads, but that doesn't take away from the fact that their ear pads were BMW-seat-hard and had practically no give to them. This compounded with the tight grip from the aluminum headband produced ears redder...
  7. bpandbass

    Angled Earpads for the Beyerdynamic DT770, DT880, DT990?

    I recently purchased a Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, and while I very much enjoy it, like the DT880 and DT990 I had, my left ear presses against the driver, causing it to get hot and sore after about 30 minutes. I have tried the velour DT770 pad instead and it still suffers from this problem. The...
  8. bpandbass

    Sony MDR-1R MK2 for Ear Cup Comfort?

    Does anyone have any wearing experience with the Sony MDR-1R MK2s? I have very sensitive ears, and while I really enjoy the sound quality on the baby brother, the MDR-10R, I find the ear cups are too cramped and the pads rub against the back edges of my ears, causing hot spots. Which is too bad...
  9. bpandbass

    Woo Audio WA6 vs. Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies

    I want to eventually get a Woo Audio amp to use with my AKGs, and maybe some orthodynamics in the future, and I was looking at getting the Woo Audio WA6, and source my own RCA cables and DAC separately (something like the 100 dollar Schiit Audio Modi). So the total would be about 850 dollars...
  10. bpandbass

    Schiit Audio Lyr or Woo Audio WA6?

    Hey all. I was deciding whether I would want to get the Schiit Audio Lyr, or the Woo Audio WA6. I heard the Lyr has a little more treble sparkle and is cheaper to roll tubes with, whereas the WA6 is darker and is more expensive to roll tubes on. My headphone taste is mostly comprised of AKG...
  11. bpandbass

    Are the AKG K240 MKII and Audioengine D1 a good match?

    I recently purchased and Audioengine D1, and I have heard that it works well with the entire newer AKG line, with their lower ohm impedance, but I have heard that they do want a bit of current. I was thinking about getting the 55 ohm AKG K240 MKIIs to see if I like them, and I want to know if I...
  12. bpandbass

    Fiio E07K vs Audioengine D1

    Hey everyone.   I was looking for a DAC to hook up to my laptop, and I am deciding between the Audioengine D1 or the Fiio E07K. My current headphones are the Audio-Technica M50 (38 ohms) and the Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro (250 ohms). I am also considering getting the AKG K240 MK II in the...
  13. bpandbass

    Audioengine D1 RCA line out to an amplifier

    Does anyone know if the Audioengine D1's RCA output jacks would work as an output to a desktop amp such as the Schiit Audio Magni or Little Dot hybrid amp (which have RCA input jacks)? Would I have to worry about double amping?
  14. bpandbass

    Replacement Earpads for the white ATH-M50?

    I have been looking on Amazon, Audio-Technica's site and Ebay for replacement earpads for my white Audio-Technica M50s, but so far the only ones I see for sale are the black vinyl and velour replacement pads, and not the gray or white ones the white M50s use. This is a bit of a concern when the...
  15. bpandbass

    Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro ( 250 ohms) Treble vs. Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Treble

    I am considering getting the DT990 Pros for a wider soundstage than my M50s while still having good bass for open backs. But I was concerned with the reportedly strong amount of treble from the DT990 Pros.   Is the treble any stronger or harsher than the M50s?   This is important because...
  16. bpandbass

    V-Moda Crossfade LP Ear Discomfort

    Has anyone besides me experienced throbbing ears from wearing the Crossfade LPs?   I have very sensitive ears for some reason, and those big 50mm drivers (relative to the cup size) press against my ears, causing horrendous ear inflammation within 20 minutes of listening. I have tried padding...
  17. bpandbass

    FiiO Portable Amps for the ATH-M50s?

    I have a pair of M50s, and although I know they are easy to drive, I am interested in whether a portable amp like the Fiio E11 would improve bass in any way or give a fuller sound to make it worth my while.