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  1. Kabeer

    DELETE: MiniDSP Ears measurement Rig

    not looking any more, delete Looking to buy a MiniDSP EARS measurement rig, in in UK. If anyone can ship to me please contact me I am interested! thanks
  2. Kabeer

    Dacport Slim (centrance or massdrop)

    Hi all, Im looking for a Dacport slim, I am in the UK so would need it posted here. Please contact me if you have one to sell. Thanks
  3. Kabeer

    wanted: Worn/peeling Stax SR-X earpads

    Im looking for a set of Stax SR-X earpads (or similar) that have got old and the pleather is peeling off. Might sound a bit strange, but if you have a set that you dont need any more (maybe you replaced with new pads) please let me know. Thanks!
  4. Kabeer

    Yamaha YH-1 open back custom Orthodynamic headphone

    I took a lot of effort (its suprisngly hard to cut things xD) in creating this special open back Yamaha YH-1. Id always wanted to try the Yamaha drivers in open back form. It slightly smoothens out the sound. I didnt finish my damping fine tuning on this as I haven't had time for any projects...
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  6. Kabeer

    Vintage Kenwood KH-33 headphones (unique style)

    Having a clear out, have some cans located in USA. Can post USA or internationally at actual postal costs. Prices dont include postage, for which USPS rates to your location will need to be added. Photos above (in order). IF you want a postal quote, please PM your zip code if in USA, or full...
  7. Kabeer

    Apple Earpods

    Im in London uk, looking for a set of the new Apple earpods that just came out last week  for the iphone (so the one with a mic).   If you have one to sell cheaper than the £25 uk shop one, or I could trade you a Yamaha HP-50s orthodynamic headphone, which is working  but in  not the best...
  8. Kabeer

    Pure i-20 Digital ipod/iphone transport/dac dock

    Great alternative to the pricier Wadia/CambridgeAudio/Onkyo docks.   Selling my Pure i20 dock since I barely use a desktop rig now. I used it literally a handful of times.   Its still got the plastic protective wrapping all over it. All complete, boxed etc. (cardboard outer box has a...
  9. Kabeer

    Realistic Pro 30 portable Planar Magnetic (orthodynamic) headphones (Boxed)

    For sale is a pair of Realistic Pro 30 Planar Magnetic headphones, in original box. Headphones themselves are in v.excellent condition, i think it was NOS condition when I got it. Box is a bit tatty.   A very good headphone id reccomend. One of the rare amount of orthos that sound great...
  10. Kabeer

    Audeze LCD-2/LCD-3 earpads

    Bit of a long shot, but im looking for Audeze LCD-2 earpads, the newer earpads (not the pads that were there upon release but thethicker softer ones that came later). Or the vegan ones. Or LCD-3 earpads.   If ya have a spare pair that you arent using or dont need give me a PM please! Id be...
  11. Kabeer

    Aiwa HP500

    Aiwa HP500, definately one of the best orthos. And a cool look. With original Box. One of my very favourite headphones. only selling because its my spare pair and im clearing out most things.
  12. Kabeer

    Fostex T30 vintage Orthodynamic headphones - Japanese Silver Fork version

    edit: price drop A very rare can for sale here. A Fostex T30 ortho. This is a large driver ortho with a driver similar in style to a Sansui SS-100, but this headphone has more bass capability.   T30's are very difficult to get hold of, and this one Iv found is even harder to, most have...
  13. Kabeer

    Onkyo ND-S1 Digital Media transport iPod/iPhone(optican/coaxial) 100-240V

    Selling my Onkyo ND-S1 digital transport for ipod/iphone. Black colour, boxed with all manuals and cables etc. In excellent condition and works perfectly. A really useful bit of kit, and rated by people as better than the more expensive Wadia one. Get true audiophile quality music from your...
  14. Kabeer

    Ultimate EarsTriple.Fi 10 pro box & case + acc (includes Fit Kit - New Unused)

     This is the full box, case and accesories (which includes a UE universal fit kit) from a Triple.Fi 10 Pro (100% original and authentic, not fake). It includes everything except the earphones themselves and the extention wire. This kit is worth about £20. I have this because I had a brand...
  15. Kabeer

    Yamaha YHD-1 Orthodynamic Portable style headphones

    Selling my Yamaha YHD-1 ortho. This was Yamaha's final top end ortho in the 1980's. Featuring anisotropic magnets for higher efficiency and a newer style YHD driver.   Small slim form factor , with earcups that flip to make it flat. A special convertible plug to make it 3.5mm or 1/4" easily...
  16. Kabeer

    sold: Akai ASE-50 Linear Drive (orthodynamic)

    Looking to sell my Akai ASE-50. As far as Im aware only two pairs of these are known to exist on the net. Ericj's pair, and this one,so they are pretty much unobtanium. One of the best looking and awesomely styled headphones out there.   This is a large driver Planar Magnetic headphone...
  17. Kabeer

    Worn/peeling Stax SR-X earpads

    Hi there, Im looking for a set of Stax SR-X earpads (or similar) that have got old and the pleather is peeling off. Might sound a bit strange, but if you have a set that you dont need any more (maybe you replaced with new pads) please let me know.   Thanks! 
  18. Kabeer

    Yamaha HP-50S Orthodynamic Boxed (stereo)

    For sale is my Yamaha HP-50S, with original box. This is an import from Japan. Dated somewhere in the 70s/80s. This is the 'S' version (ie stereo) therefore you dont have to recable it to enjoy it.   Condition is excellent. No smells at all. Box is in decent condition with a little bit...
  19. Kabeer

    AMFITON TDS-7 (Амфитон ТДС-7) Russian Orthodynamic

    Amfiton TDS-7, in excellent condition with original box. These are quite rare, I dont think  there are any pairs outside Russia or those parts? When I got these they were described to me as NOS. Id say the headphones do match that description, they are the best condition TDS7 iv seen (but iv...
  20. Kabeer

    1970s Akai ASE-22 (any condition), or similar

    Im looking for this headphone, Akai ASE-22. Or any other headphone with a similarish headband. I dont even need the cups, just the whole headband assembly. Thanks!  
  21. Kabeer

    Removing sticky deteriorated pleather from earpads?

    Iv got some earpads on a headphone about 30-40 years old. The pleather vinyl that was on them had degraded so much that half of it flaked off, and the remaining half has gone all 'gooey', so its like gooey plastic tar embedded in the cloth.   I want to clean it all out, to leave only clean...
  22. Kabeer

    Sennheiser HD650/600 cable used

    Looking for a sennheiser HD650or HD600 cable. Used, battered, bruised, anything is considers . As low a price as possible, and want it v.soon :D   Please PM me if you have one to get rid of. Thanks!!
  23. Kabeer


    Looking for a pair. Condition doesnt matter. I am interested in them to use the frame :)   Please let me know if you have a pair. Thanks   (this is what they look like):  
  24. Kabeer

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic (Black, 230V)

    For sale is my Black CA DacMagic. An amazing award-winning DAC. Features multiple optical/coax inputs, a USB PC input. RCA outputs and Balanced XLR outputs. Also features 3 special 'filter' modes. Theres a lot of info out there on it. Can be used vertically with its stand to take up only a...
  25. Kabeer

    Musical Fidelity V-DAC (220-240V)

    I am selling my Musical Fidelity V-DAC. This is known to be one of the best price-performance DAC's around, performing in the league of DACs multiples it's price. It also has the advantage of having a very small footprint.   It comes with it's stock PSU (220-240V 3 pin uk style plug).  ...