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  1. Soundsgoodtome

    MHDT Labs: R-2R NOS Tube DACs

    Oh no!! I did not write that review, it was what got me into MHDT Labs when I was reading about it several years back. :)
  2. Soundsgoodtome

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Can I just say that this thread was one of the many highlights of this forum. The amount of well recorded albums I've discovered paying attention to this thread for several years has added so much music to my collection. Not to mention the fun times scrolling looking at album art. Keep it running!
  3. Soundsgoodtome

    MHDT Labs: R-2R NOS Tube DACs

    Nice to see this thread have traction until today, been a minute since checking into the Hi-Fi world. As for the Pagoda being bright, it is their most "detailed" DAC... this tend to make it their brightest offering - although compared to sigma delta dacs, it's still quite more pleasing to the...
  4. Soundsgoodtome

    AUDIO over IP - REDNET 3 & 16 Review. AES67 Sets A New Standard for Computer Audio

    @gefski , which unit are you using? Attero Tech? Are you capped at 24/96 or is it capable of outputting 24/192? ------ I wonder if using a converter degrades the signal/timing.
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    Face Mask Free-giving by HIFIMAN

    Some context from Jude further down the thread (for those that don't have the time to read through the chatter)
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Looks like HDTracks doing the audiophile world a favor bringing this back to the forefront. An absolute reference quality recording with fantastic melodies: Sara K "Hell Or High Water" (with code febmetal20 on hdtracks, you can get 20% off by...
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    Baby Seattle Meetup TBD

    You should go to meets put together by @BIG POPPA as they bring the best and most eccentric type of gear in the area. If you want the best gear to audition, these meets are the go to
  8. Soundsgoodtome

    Seattle Headphones Meet 2020/03/14

    How big of an event is this or how many people will make this? Does it make sense that Seattle now has 2 additional meets from other users when there is a main one we usually attend 4-5x a year? Might make for better meets to consolidate these events to the original meets vs spreading everyone...
  9. Soundsgoodtome

    Seattle CAN Meets Genesis Advanced Technology 3/7/20

    I can definitely bring the Hugo 2. Should I bring Zdt jr and elex?
  10. Soundsgoodtome

    Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

    Interesting, with the 2go you're able to do what I've been able to do with a Fiio x7 mk2 feeding optical to the H2 for several years now.
  11. Soundsgoodtome

    Eddie Current ZDT Jr $OLD

    Still for sale!
  12. Soundsgoodtome

    Eddie Current ZDT Jr $OLD

    Currently selling my DROP Eddie Current ZDT JR amp. This is the second run with the hum issue solved (power supply). Serial 0213 Amp was used for 60hrs max. 48hr burn in and 12hr total usage time, 4 of those hours during the last Seattle head-fi meet. Price includes PP fees, shipping is $25 to...
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    Reply to review by 'Soundsgoodtome' on item 'Aftershokz Sportz M2 AS320 Open Ear Sports Headphones'

    Was really hoping to find a review of these but the getting stoned part has me skeptical of this review.. Anyone try these since?
  14. Soundsgoodtome

    Chord Mojo 2: Speculation Thread

    Are there more solid info here or mojo2 is pure speculation?
  15. Soundsgoodtome

    Official Seattle meet 01/25/20 IN West Seattle

    I held off buying the Elegia for BF at a smokin price. The 820 is the other headphone as well as AKG 872 that's on my shorted circuit list. By open I hope you mean the sound it produces and not it lets in or leaks.
  16. Soundsgoodtome

    Official Seattle meet 01/25/20 IN West Seattle

    820s are the closed back? Ooowweee Also might I recommend The Bridge or perhaps an Alki spot for post-meet chill?
  17. Soundsgoodtome

    The FiiO Music App for Android and X5III/X7/X7MKII update now

    I have a Fiio X7ii that bricked when it was updated around March 2019. How can I send the unit in for repair? It just happened to be a month after warranty coverage expired.
  18. Soundsgoodtome

    fS: Beyerdynamic DT1990 Exc Cond, two cables - two pads, case, box

    Triple T. To the top Also interested in trade plus cash on my side for a Elegia.
  19. Soundsgoodtome

    Seattle Meet Off the Chain 9/7

    Fun meet! Loud room, louder headphones To me these Stellia phones stole the show! The same tuning as the Utopia but with closed back advantages. With a meet room of ~90db noise floor, one can easily see why something like this would seem best in the headphone land. I really want a pair now...
  20. Soundsgoodtome

    Seattle Meet Saturday Sept, 7

    Please put me down for the ier-z1r listening line! Would love to hear those babies