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  1. Timestretch

    Reply to review by 'timestretch' on item 'Benchmark - DAC-1 Black'

    The idea is that all the digital inputs would sound the same (transparent), so I wouldn't worry about which you use.
  2. Timestretch

    Reply to review by 'timestretch' on item 'Benchmark - DAC-1 Black'

    Great review! I like the line you used when describing the mids: "The mids are lean, mean, and clean, which are the exact qualities I'm looking in my music. There is no coloration. If a song is warm, it'll show it." I think this pretty well describes the entire unit as a whole. It's...
  3. Timestretch

    Review by 'Timestretch' on item 'NuForce Icon HD Silver (High Performance Headphone Amp and USB DAC)'

    This is exactly like the $100 more expensive Icon HDP. I'll quote the description on Nuforce's website: "The Icon HD is designed for users who want the Icon HDP's world-class USB DAC and headphone-amp performance without having a need for the Icon HDP's flexibilities"    It is an HDP...
  4. Timestretch

    Review by 'Timestretch' on item 'Denon AH-D5000 Reference Headphones'

    These headphones are alarmingly great.      Now, I want to first talk a little about myself. I am not seasoned veteran of Hi-fi. I do not have any experience with multi-thousand dollar listening setups. These are simultaneously the most expensive and greatest headphones I've owned. Of...
  5. Timestretch

    Review by 'Timestretch' on item 'Sennheiser HD 595 Headphones'

    I bought these in London over the last summer and have used them as my primary music-listening device since then. They are plugged snugly into a value-level Pioneer A/V receiver which is attached to my PC, playing a variety of FLAC electronic, rock, metal and pop music.         It is hard...
  6. Timestretch

    Review by 'Timestretch' on item 'Audio Technica ATH-A700 Headphones'

    I had these and used these as my primary method of enjoying music, films and video games for 18 months until I replaced them with a more expensive model of a different brand. Before I owned these, my "greatest headphones" were $40 VOIP headsets. I won't even begin to claim I have golden ears or...