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  1. Shaffer

    FS: Darkvoice 336SE

    SOLD!! Almost new. Purchased less than 6 months ago. I Inherited an identical DV in trade and simply don't need two of the same amp. I'm selling the amp I bought, myself, and have known its entire life. These don't come up for sale too often, as folks tend to keep them. Especially for the...
  2. Shaffer

    SOLD - Violectric V200

    Sold The amp is as new. I've owned it for ~18 months and decided to move on to tubes. The price is firm. It's a spectacular amplifier, as you probably know.
  3. Shaffer

    Turntable Toys TC-8 Cork Mat

    Years ago, when VPI sold their 16.5 record cleaning machines (ie. RCM) with foam mats, I got the idea of offering a VPI 17/17.5 RCM cork mat as an optional upgrade. My personal 16.5 was the first machine configured as such, installed by yours truly, then I did the store demo, and every single...
  4. Shaffer

    FS: SOLD!

    LDIII - A little bit about myself. I'm 51 years old, have been at the audio game for +35 years, and know how to take care of gear and use it within its limits. I'm the original owner, the amp is about 18 months old. Perfect condition. The stock volume knob was replaced with a larger, heavier...
  5. Shaffer

    Amp/source to headphone $$$ ratio

    What is your amp/source to headphone monetary ratio? I'll start. I own $200-$400 cans and my ratio ranges from 5:1 to 20:1 (the bigger number is the amp/front end). Yours?
  6. Shaffer

    Which amplifiers should I consider?

    Hi folks. I'm new here, having recently discovered the benefits of headphones. I've been involved with audio for +30 years, and it's never too late to learn something new. My system is fronted by analog front ends, along with an Oppo105  going into Krell/Dunlavy, which brings me here. You see, I...