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  2. ChopTart

    Headphone Sightings 2

    Quote: Originally Posted by Head Injury We'd be happy to ship more over if you want. The students, that is. We can probably stand to ship some of the headphones too, while we're at it
  3. ChopTart

    Grado sr60i?

    I bought a pair of Sr60s for my girlfriend recently, and we are both quite impressed by them. They handle pop, rock and indie very well and are quite easy to drive, so you don't have to worry about how powerful the source is, which was a big plus.
  4. ChopTart

    Headphones that make your mp3's sound great

    Oh right, but on topic, the ES7 does a fine job with lesser-quality mp3s.
  5. ChopTart

    Headphones that make your mp3's sound great

    Quote: Originally Posted by david1978jp Panasonic RP-HTX7. It sounds good, has many colors to choose from. Many really like them over Amazon. To my ears, it's a sharper party sound, I had a PINK one. Panasonic RP-HTX7-P1 Monitor Headphones (pink): Electronics...
  6. ChopTart

    And your favorite Velvet Underground song is......

    I figured there'd be more love for Sweet Jane.
  7. ChopTart

    Prog Rock Headphone Recommendation?

    To complicate things further, I really enjoy the sound of pretty much all the above mentioned bands from my ES7s. It's a colored sound to be sure, but it's a fun, lively color that helps keep the music sounding "large" IMO.
  8. ChopTart

    Foobar2000 vs iTunes

    Quote: Originally Posted by leeperry you can also mod the windows version of itunes to output through the foobar engine(ASIO etc): ASIO Output with iTunes -- Multi-Plugin -- Interesting...thanks for the info.
  9. ChopTart

    People who dont 'hear' and dont care...

    Agreed, mistyfud. It's whatever you want to pursue, I suppose. For me it's more about audio since I spend more time listening and care more about that, but I'd also wager that marketing tends to favor the visual upgrades a little more (i.e. every time a new HD format comes out, it's...
  10. ChopTart

    What headphones would you like to receive this coming Christmas?

    Personally, I would love a pair of k701s for home listening.
  11. ChopTart

    -- My JAYS d-Jays review with pictures and s-jays comparisons! --

    My roommate recently purchased these and from demoing them I have to say I'm pretty impressed. The sound range was way bigger than I was expecting from them, and it handled heavily-distorted music with surprising clarity. The bass sounded a little too rounded for my tastes, but that might have...
  12. ChopTart

    Porcupine Tree - "The Incident"

    Quote: Originally Posted by pfillion The show was AMAZING last night in Montreal ! The highlights of the night were Time Flies, Russia On Ice (with the LCD Guitar) and Anesthetize. Here's the setlist : The Incident Start of something beautiful Russia on Ice Anesthetize...