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  1. torpy

    Is the Logitech/UE warranty global?

    Aw, that sucks. And yea, I've been babying them to no end. It's the first time I'm actually using a case for a pair of IEMs..
  2. torpy

    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    Yea, mine looked like that. I think that's just the vi packaging..
  3. torpy

    Analytical Isolating IEMs

    And if you're willing to stretch your budget by ~$20, the hf5 are right up your alley In any case, go ety.
  4. torpy

    Do you prefer L or I cable?

    Well, neither i guess. I prefer the slightly angled, diagonal L and not the completely right angled one. I've found it has the best of both worlds
  5. torpy

    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    Man these are efficient. I don't have to crank my iPhone upto 75% anymore, it sometimes gets too loud at 25%! And the Fiio E5 makes everything a little smoother but it's not worth the bulk. These are driven fine by the iPhone alone.
  6. torpy

    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    Just got mine via ontrac as well, the guy actually rang the doorbell and waited (which surprised me). The vi's fit brilliantly with the comply tips and the flip flop mod, almost flush with my ear. Have yet to try them out, iPhone's still syncing The vi packaging is black and almost...
  7. torpy

    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    If anyone's interested, Comply's got a free shipping (domestic via USPS) deal valid till the 31st as well as a 20% off coupon, '2weet', valid for the next ~11 hours Managed to get a 5 pair pack of black T-500s shipped for $16!
  8. torpy

    WTB: Shure Olives

    I got my 414 pads from here - Sennheiser: HD414 Pads | Headphonic: Australian Headphone Specialists: Buy Etymotic, Alessandro, Audio Technica, Ultimate Ears, Talisman, Meier Audio and more (with free shipping) Just in case
  9. torpy

    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    That's a really weird estimate for the free shipping. My order got pushed back to a Dec 21 ship date as well. I emailed them and they've upgraded mine to free 1 day shipping as well (from free 2 day). It's to be expected I guess, the initial delivery estimates they gave were way off...
  10. torpy

    Triple Fi 10 Cable difference? My new TF10 has a different cable, normal?

    Yep, it's the exact same 'phone. The only difference is in the cable.
  11. torpy

    Grado 60/80/125?

    Just because they're old doesn't make them any less good. As for amping, my MS1 sounds brilliant straight outta my iPhone/iPod.
  12. torpy

    Grado 60/80/125?

    Or if you can't decide, there's also the Alessandro MS1
  13. torpy

    Another Newbie Request for Advice

    If they're anything like my MS1s, iGrado's are probably not a good choice if you want isolation or will be listening to them on a plane. They are open 'phones so they both leak lots of noise and let lots in. (I'm not sure about the PortaPro, but if it's open it'll have the same problem).
  14. torpy

    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    Quote: Originally Posted by willsterstyle weird I ordered this at 10 this morning (vi) and it says... Shipping estimate for these items: January 4, 2010 - January 19, 2010 My friend ordered it JUST now..shipped to the same address and it's December 16, 2009 - December 22, 2009...
  15. torpy

    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    According to someone on the Amazon forums: Quote: Spoke with Logitech 45 minutes ago. The 10 is discontinued, which is why they and Amazon have the great price. The 10vi is not and they weren't sure why anyone was selling it for $99 (notice how Amazon is no longer listed as an alternate...
  16. torpy

    UNSW Library Meet 22nd August

    Sure thing. I'll let ya know when the booking's possible
  17. torpy

    UNSW Library Meet 22nd August

    Well, I can make a booking online a few days in advance for one of those timeslots (12-2 or 2-4), and yea, we get to keep the room after the desk closes. We won't get kicked out till the library itself closes (which is at 6 I think). I'm guessing we're going to want to 412, 406 (which are the...
  18. torpy

    Upgraditis, sigh. (from im716s)

    Sorry it took some time for me to get back to this thread. I'm a 100% sure it's not filters One side actually died first, slowly. i.e. I could still get it to work by jiggling the cord around the plug. Then the other side went with the same symptoms. sigh. I've actually tried contacting...
  19. torpy

    Upgraditis, sigh. (from im716s)

    So I have a pair of stock im716s (from last year's $40 deal) which just bailed out on me, i.e. no sound at all from the phones. I'm about 95% sure it's the jack, going to replace that the minute I get some free time. However, after coming back here and seeing all the recent...
  20. torpy

    external harddrive recommendations

    I have a 500gig Lacie and it's great. The construction & cooling are through the roof, well worth the buy.
  21. torpy


    Been meaning to, guess I'll have to haul myself to downtown one of these days to see it..
  22. torpy

    I need $25 Headphones!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Caribou679 [snip] But they are open type, meaning if you listen to Opeth a bit loud, your neighbourg might get afraid!! yes they do leak... Haha , the leakage is not that bad, at most the people within say 1-2 meters would be able to hear...
  23. torpy

    IM716 for $49 on Dec 3rd,

    Oh wow, I tried the tri-flanges again using the olive oil 'mod' and they're so much more comfortable. I'd even say they reach ex71 levels of comfort! (make sure that there is no oil shine on the flanges before you put them in though) And I think I'll have to retract my previous comment about...
  24. torpy

    Why did you do this to Speed Racer? WHHHYYY???

    Quote: Originally Posted by infinitesymphony They'd have to have quite a long script to maintain the original show's pace of dialogue. Hahaha
  25. torpy

    Why did you do this to Speed Racer? WHHHYYY???

    I dunno actually, I was apprehensive about the movie once it was announced but the trailer looks better than what I expected. To be honest though, as a fan of the cartoon, it just doesn't feel like the Speed Racer I spend hours watching when I was a kid. As a movie, well, we've gotta wait and...