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  1. Boris-Aries

    My new 3x9V CMoy

    Hello Zigis,   This is great. I actually had a similar idea, but different. The link is here: The difference is, using Li-Ion. I have not included the charging portion, of which is based on USB. I have already made an...
  2. Boris-Aries

    Raspberry Pi & DIY

    Hi, Sorry for the late reply. It is great everything is "working", albeit slowly. As for the popping, it may have to do with jitter. Not sure how you can get around that, maybe a different driver to make it work in async mode? Just a wild guess.   Btw, thanks for the follow-up.  
  3. Boris-Aries

    Raspberry Pi & DIY

    Well here is something I found, and since this is the D.I.Y.'ers area, I thought it might be of interest for those that have Pi's. go to the centre of the page :-) and follow the link. It seems an interesting read and mod. The direct link is...
  4. Boris-Aries

    CMoy Revisited - with Metallized Polycarbonate & or Metallized Polyester, Conductive Polymer Solid Aluminium & Tantalum Capacitor

    Hi everyone,   Just thought to ask everyone about the... yep, you guessed it, the Cap question.   I have found a surplus of the aforementioned capacitors. The Met. PolyCarbs from: WIMA (MKC-10), Roederstein & PHILIPS.   The Met. Polyester: Wima (MKS-2)   The Tantalum...
  5. Boris-Aries

    New power supply design for CMoy

    Hi, Not sure if someone else has posted previously for using the TC962, but I find it a very convenient item to do a lot of things :-) I have posted a few different versions in a blog I have so I would not have to take a lot of premium space here in the forum pages.   The link is here:  ...
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