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  1. jphone

    Official: New York Area Meet, Nov 20, White Plains, NY

    Count me in. I can bring a pair of K-1000 if you like me to. Need to find suitable amp to power, my Fisher 800C that used to power them is dead.
  2. jphone

    Benchmark DAC1-HPA2 HeadAmp

    You can get a linear ±15 VDC/1.5A at Digikey (Condor or Power-One) for aprox. $60. The Medical rated Condor goes for $75. Any luck with the op-amps?
  3. jphone

    Benchmark DAC1-HPA2 HeadAmp

    Benchmark has a combo DAC/Headphone Amp that got pretty good reviews. The HPA-2 Headphone Amp picture and specs are below. It's available as standalone for (no PSU) for $150. I can...
  4. jphone

    Mystery of amplifier sound disclosed?

    I seriously doubt that you know how to experiment with anything since the concepts or measurable and repeatable escape you. And I will leave you all with this diamond in the rough: Quote: Originally posted by JaZZ It may be that it's you who's not willing to free yourself from...
  5. jphone

    Mystery of amplifier sound disclosed?

    To Jazz: Using sinewaves is the only way to induce repeatable and accurate harmonic distortion levels for this test. Their power is their simplicity. If you cannot detect 1% distortion level using a simple sinewave, you have no chance with a complex waveform. Recorded music is of no help...
  6. jphone

    Mystery of amplifier sound disclosed?

    Quote: Originally posted by bootman Did they mention what real and complex "load" they used? Was it a RC circuit (first order) or an actual speaker load? (drivers, crossover networks, and enclosure) My best educated guess (I'm an engineer, but not an audio one) is that an amp's...
  7. jphone

    Mystery of amplifier sound disclosed?

    Ok, so your understanding is that theories are self-sustained with no need of proof. Interesting. So the Stereoplay documentation (the excerpts that you provided) are there just to support their colorful pages? Let's assume that you are trying to analyze scientific data, and complex data at...
  8. jphone

    Mystery of amplifier sound disclosed?

    Ok, I'll be .....sort Streoplay's systematic analysis is not new. The graphs and the info that you posted are incomplete (at least) to support any theory (pretty colored charts do not constitute proof). I am open to all theories as long as there is a true scientific method used to prove...
  9. jphone

    Mystery of amplifier sound disclosed?

    Maybe this kind of measurements are a breakthrough for Stereoplay. Audio engineers used spectrum analyzers like the HP-3585A with an HP-IB interface to a computer to analyze data further without "Sisyphean labor". Also you state that you are not an electronics expert but you are ready to accept...
  10. jphone

    Vintage Amps

    I'm using a Fisher 800C with a pair of Paradigm Atoms on the Speaker1 connector, AKG K1000 on Speaker2 and the HD600 on the Earphones. My old NAD522 CDP is doing temporary CD player services. This is my office system, replaced a Mini System and sounds amazing. An Empire 208 turntable is on the...
  11. jphone

    Bottlehead Northwest Report...

    I'm following the AKG K1000- Tube Power Amp interface threads for some time. Since I own the K1000s and I just purchased a Fisher 800C tube receiver, I thought I should give this a shot. Lets establish a few basic equations for our calculations: Power (Watts)=Voltage (Volts) X Current (Amps)...
  12. jphone

    Grace Design Pro Head Amp Look at the Model 901. Head Amp and DAC, balanced. Pricey at ~$1500 list though. Anybody has any experience with it?
  13. jphone

    Good Headphone Amp, Do I really have to spend over $400?

    The Headroom Little is great for the money. I use it with my HD600s and it's great (even without the upgrade).
  14. jphone

    Remember the Cyber-20 tube headphone amp?

    I was ready to buy it but then I needed to drive my K1000 and my HD600 and it was not overpriced enough (better now) so I opted for the Cary SEI 300 :-) At this price I find it hard to believe they are going to sell a lot.
  15. jphone

    Screw sound, let's talk comfort

    My AKG K1000 because the don't touch or enclose my ears and my HD600 when the K1000s get loud for people around
  16. jphone

    truly what do pro's use for cans

    Not exactly the truth. Yes, they are using the cheap speakers to get a feel as how it will sound on average quality equipment. Maybe you should look in MIX magazine about mastering facilities and you will be really surprised at the monitoring speakers that they are using.
  17. jphone

    Melos SHA

    DanG, I agree about the price/value ratio. I though I should press the reliability problem because I think that this is one of the issues that killed the company. Maybe you have different experiences.
  18. jphone

    Melos SHA By the way this is the liquidation site that I mentioned. Most of the stuff is gone.
  19. jphone

    Melos SHA

    I suspect Melos was so good that they are out of business. Most of the people that I know that bought Melos components had huge reliability problems. I would recommend that you don't buy anything from Melos until you can find somebody to service it. At one point, before they went out of...
  20. jphone

    Best amp for the CD3000s?

    Melos is out of busines. Maybe somebody was electrocuted by their equipment :-). Some (a lot) of the tube amp manufacturers have severe reliability problems.
  21. jphone

    HI-FIChoice: JVC better than Grado and Sennheiser

    They tested the HD590 not the HD580. The Technics is also the only one with a Best Buy rating. Go figure.....
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