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  1. Andrew Jones

    Daemon or Rhythm?

    Under Ubuntu 9.10 I have 2 music players appearing to use replaygain properly and providing gapless playback for flac files: mpd with gmpc and Rhythmbox (needs a plugin for replaygain). Both took a lot more effort to get working than the "equivalent" windows apps (such as foobar2000), but now...
  2. Andrew Jones

    IEMs or Closed Circumaural?

    Hello. I normally use a pair of Sennheiser 595s (with a Xenos 0HA-REP) or PX100 (unamped) with a Samsung YP-Z5 (Vibez on order). The music is all 256 vbr (LAME 3.97) and mostly varied rock (ELP to My Chemical Romance) plus classical. In addition I'm looking for some headphones which I can...