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  1. mcbiff

    SOLD: IEM collection (Ortofon, Sennheiser etc)

    I used to be active here back in the day but I've sort of fallen out of the hobby as grown-up responsibilities have taken over. So I'm looking to sell some of the stuff I found in a box. Namely the following: Ortofon e-Q5 (black) Sennheiser IE8 (black) Denon AH-C700 (black) JVC HA-FX700 (Wood...
  2. mcbiff

    IEM trading station: Heir 4.Ai (Europe!)

    Ok, the time has come to check out some new stuff. So I'm putting up two of my IEMs for trade.   -----   First we have the awesome Heir 4.Ais. They are really, really, really good. Unfortunately they don't really show their best with the type of music I listen to 80% of the time (i.e...
  3. mcbiff

    Mhdt DAC as upgrade for modded E-MU 0404?

    For the last two years my source has been a modded E-MU 0404 (with an AD8620 op-amp and something else too, I don't remember) as my source for music listening. It's fine, but I've been thinking of an upgrade lately. Reading around here pointed me in the direction of the Mhdt DACs in general and...
  4. mcbiff

    Why aren't more Pink Floyd albums available on SACD/DVD-A?

    Why have they just released DSOTM? I'd love to hear Animals or Wish You Were Here on hi-rez. Anything in the works perhaps?
  5. mcbiff

    Marantz DV6400?

    I have a chance to get this player at a great price as an upgrade from my Sony SCD222ES. Is it worth it? Does it sound better on redbook?
  6. mcbiff

    I think my Iriver 590t has ruined two pairs of earphones

    I've had this player since early summer and used it quite a bit. Then a while ago the Shure E2s I had bought started cutting out on the right channel when the cable was moved around/twisted, I thought I just had bad luck with the Shures and switched over to my Etymotic ER4Ps instead. Then today...
  7. mcbiff

    Is it possible to get visceral bass from small (i.e. bookshelf) speakers?

    I'm debating whether I should save up some money and get a speaker system to complement my headphones. There are at least two big problems however. Firstly the room which they will be placed in is quite small, this rules out floorstanding speakers (I think, tell me if I'm wrong). Secondly I...
  8. mcbiff

    Etymotic ER4-P owners: what volume do you listen at?

    I know this is hard to compare, but I'd just like to get an estimate so that I'm not listening too loud. On my Panasonic 570 (2x9mw@16ohms I believe) I have the volume somewhere between 1 and 1.5 out of 10. On my Headmaster I usually have them somewhere at 5-10% or below. Is this too much?
  9. mcbiff

    Phase 1 completed... (got my ER4-ps today)

    Today I received the Etymotic ER4-Ps I bought last week, and I could not be more excited right now. They simply blow the ER6s I previously thought to be perfect out of the water. I cannot put into words how much I am loving these 'buds right now, but I may write something later. For those of you...
  10. mcbiff

    Sony DVP-NS900 as a source?

    Does anyone know how well this dvd/sacd player performs on red book CDs as well as SACDs?
  11. mcbiff

    Tara Labs RSC Air 3?

    Can anyone comment on these cables? Would they work well with my equipment?
  12. mcbiff

    Grado RS-2 $250 shipped Just found this, I'm not the seller and I'm not associated with him either. Just thought it was a good deal.
  13. mcbiff

    Does the placement of the CDP affect the sound?

    My cdp is currently standing right next to my computer monitor with the amp on top of it, there's also a speaker on it (see pic below). My question is: is it possible that this placement affects the sound negatively? I should mention that the computer is always on when I'm listening to music...
  14. mcbiff

    Balanced power for my rig?

    I've become somewhat interested in balanced power after all the talk of it here lately. But I'm wondering if my lowly rig is worthy of such treatment or if the money is better spent elsewhere? See profile for details.
  15. mcbiff

    More HD600 questions

    I'm pretty close to picking up a pair of HD600s, but I have three questions that I would like answered before I make the final call. 1. How laid-back/dark sounding are they? Compared to a pair of Grado SR325s for instance? I'm looking for something non-fatiguing, so this is pretty important...
  16. mcbiff

    Bought my 100th cd today, do you remember yours?

    Today my CD collection finally made it into three digits. The lucky disc that pushed me over was Metallica - Master of Puppets. Now I'd like to know if any of you remember any milestones in your music collections. Your first CD perhaps, or maybe your 1000th?
  17. mcbiff

    Does anyone hang their headphones on hooks?

    I'm thinking of getting some wall-mounted hooks to hang my headphones on so I can avoid having to put them in whichever place I find when taking them off. (Actually the Sonys go in their case, but it would be more convenient to hang them on a hook unless there is some adverse effect to doing...
  18. mcbiff

    Is it worthwhile to mod a CDP?

    Topic is self explanatory. Is it worthwhle to have one's CDP modified/upgraded instead of buying a new one with the money one would spend on the upgrade (and of course the money from selling the old CDP). I understand that there's no easy answer, but just throw any thoughts you might have at me...
  19. mcbiff

    FM radio as a source for headphone listening?

    I'm kinda wondering if a mid-fi tuner (I'm looking at the Marantz ST6000) would be good enough as a source for my headphone system. Mostly with regards to background noise and such, but also with regards as to what kind of sound quality one might expect during optimum conditions. Is it...
  20. mcbiff

    Musical Fidelity X-24k?

    Any opinions on this unit? Would it be a worthwhile upgrade for my Marantz CD6000OSE? Is it comparable to any noteworthy CDPs?
  21. mcbiff

    HD600 + Headmaster = good combo?

    After a bit of considering I've decided to sell my Grados (SR325), they're just too similar to my CD3000s to have around. It's not that they sound the same, they don't, but they both have the same type of sound. Fast and furious if you will. Now I'm looking to broaden my horizons and get a pair...
  22. mcbiff

    QLN Qubit DAC?

    Has anyone heard of this unit? Any information would be welcome.
  23. mcbiff

    Got my Headmaster, first impressions inside.

    OMG! This is it, I won't be needing another amp for a long, long while. It simply demolishes the Creek in every area. Soundstage is amazing, bass is amazing, detail is amazing, everything is amazing!! AMAZING!!! Incredible!! At the ~$600 I paid it's an absolute steal. More impressions to...
  24. mcbiff

    Haven't received the latest Stereophile, what to do?

    As the topic says I have not yet gotten the latest issue of Stereophile. I know that it may take longer since I live in Sweden, but it has always gotten here in less than a week before. Should I e-mail them? I'd really like to read this issue since it has quite a few interesting articles in it...
  25. mcbiff

    Page with headphone and amp reviews. The reviews are in Japanese, but the tables at the top are pretty self explanatory.