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  1. vesther

    Used Etymotic Research ER4PT (ER4P with ER4S Adapter; Price negotiable by buyer)

    **SOLD OUT** This thread is no longer available. Unfortunately, after 2 1/2 years with these, I am forced to sell this. Preliminary price $100 USD, not set in stone, PM me if you want to negotiate a price before buying (Lower or higher is OK) as price is negotiable subject to seller...
  2. vesther

    SOLD OUT Shure SE535 (Clear)

    ** SOLD OUT ** I will test out these before shipping them out.   I will include an iPhone-compatible adapter for iPhone users.   I had these from October 2011.  They are still functional, but I don't use them too much anymore.   The clear wires are green, but working well.  New noise...
  3. vesther

    [Review] SE535 vs SE425

    I really liked the review, and as I'm writing this, I am listening to some iPod music with the SE535.  I've had it for about 9 months and I've so far had no problems with the housing neither the wiring.  I've had horrid wire problems and one housing crack-up incident with the SE530, but I'm...
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    Cable Strain
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    Cable Strain
  11. vesther

    CANCELLED: Harman/Kardon IEMs

    ** Deleted at the request of the original poster ** Reason: Withdrawn
  12. vesther

    ER-4P tri-flange or Foam (or 3rd party) Whats your opinion?

    Based on my experience from my usage through Ety-based flanges, flanges tend to be very uncomfortable and can be quite a chore to "shove the bud" into your ear, making the ER4's uncomfortable at times. You can use the foam, but the foams tend to run out more often and you have to give it time...
  13. vesther

    Durability of SE530 vs.

    It has came to my attention that the SE530/E500 earphones had cable problems up until late 2007--I had them replaced today with "0778" (2008). The cables used in the SE530 earphones from 2008 and beyond has the caking/crackling issue resolved although you'll have to maintain the cable really...
  14. vesther

    New, more affordable Images announced!

    I'm taking it that the IX5 is going to have Klipsch's stringent quality standards in IEMs like the IX10? Klipsch invokes a stringent quality standard in manufacturing and worksmanship with the Custom lines for sure.
  15. vesther

    Cancelled: 80GB 5G Apple iPod (White)

    I do regret to announce that I have no choice but to cancel this ad due to the following reasons: * I have decided to sell the good to someone most local to me I appreciate your concerns and/or understanding in this matter, although I appreciate your past interest in this topic. Hopefully...
  16. vesther exactly do I use my new SE310's? (Insertion questions)

    "Wrap" the cable on top of your ear (using the L and R markers for each of your ear) and "press" the IEM inside the canal of your ear. I would use those "Black Foams" at first until you're comfy with them and then use the Super Soft Sleeves. I might have to post a photo on how you're supposed...
  17. vesther

    Which Pair of Super.Fi Headphones?

    Avoid EBay at all costs--you lose more money than gain some. This phenomenon is somewhat asked often, so I believe a Super.Fi FAQ should be posted so that newbies who want to grab a pair of Super.Fi's or any UE Earphones will know what their next move is. Any UE earphones are good, but if...
  18. vesther

    ER-4P just broke, what now?

    $75 + Shipping just to get those earphones repaired?!?!? Did you try to call Etymotic for an exception to the cost?
  19. vesther

    Locked: Shure E2C, SE110, E500 (with Push-To-Hear)

    NEWS--December 18, 2007 * Added one pair of Shure E500 as I don't need a second set * Added my only pair of Shure SE110 because I was displeased at it ADDENDUM: Keep in mind that I only have one of each available for sale. Thank you for your understanding.
  20. vesther

    which IEM's are your biggest dissapointment and why??

    The Shure SE110 as I was expecting this one to sound as good as the Shure E2/SCL2 but consequently and incidentally, the sound was muddy, too much emphasis on the mids, sound sounded unnatural, sounded a bit too mono-ey. I'm going to have to sell this to an interested party (alongside a...
  21. vesther

    World's most expensive earbud?

    Diamonds and Audio don't mix IMO.
  22. vesther

    How should I spend ~$300 or so?

    You really don't need to invest on an external audio card because likely closed circumaural headphones, provided that the technology can bypass the need for a high-end audio card, should suffice. I would say look around the web first for brands such as Sennheiser, Ultrasone, any audio specialty...
  23. vesther

    Which In-ears for Nano Video 8GB?

    Virtually anything to your heart's content and your budget, but if you live next to a Fry's Electronics (which I doubt it), then there's an IEM sale with the Harman/Kardon HP710, 720, and 730.
  24. vesther

    No e500's for Christmas (Shure service sucks)

    It usually would help calling Shure first to ensure what you need to do. I've discussed this on a previous post and some of the factors to keep in mind is how far you live from the Chicagoland area, what kind of shipping method you used, and how many "things" Shure has in stock. In the event...
  25. vesther

    The NEW UE Superfi 4vi for the iPod and iPhone

    Only 1 Balanced Armature?!?!??? Why? I was hoping for 2-armatures in this pup...