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  1. maczrool

    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    I got it working in JRiver with WASAPI first and then in foobar using the Output: "DSD : WASAPI (push) (Chord Async USB 44.1kHz-768kHz)" and Tools, SACD set to output mode "DSD+PCM".  This is definitely not how others have documented it should be set up so I'm not sure why it's necessary to set...
  2. maczrool

    Chordette Gem Bluetooth DAC. A Review With Pictures.

    Quote: Originally Posted by etiolate does this device send the audio over bluetooth? No. It's a proprietary 2.4 gHz protocol with QOS built in. Quote: Originally Posted by etiolate i didn't think bluetooth had near that range. i thought it was on the magnitude of a...
  3. maczrool

    Virtual Ground Troubles

    Above is my test virtual ground circuit. I've got it set up on some solderless breadboard. I'm using an LT1970 CFB opamp because for my application I need high current drive. I have it set up like the CFB schematic on Tangent's virtual ground website. It works fine up to 10 volts and then very...
  4. maczrool

    mp3gain needed if using a headphone amp?

    I would actually prefer a plugin like Octiv's VolumeLogic were added to music players as it lets users keep consistent volume levels with zero effort (no prepocessing). Stu
  5. maczrool

    Determining Class A Bias Current

    How does one determine the class A bias in cascode JFET configuration? Is it the total Idss from Q1 and Q2, the difference between Idss of Q1 and Q2, the Rs value or what? I looked at Tangent's site concerning class A bias and it doesn't seem to say how one determines the bias in JFET cascodes...
  6. maczrool

    Digital Audio Isulation Transformer cheaper source

    Scientific Conversions hasn't changed their ordering process much then. They still don't have online ordering. As for Digikey, if you don't need the transformers encapsulated in epoxy then Digikey has some good Schott pulse xfrmrs. for about $5 I think (we bought in 50 piece quantities...
  7. maczrool

    S/PDIF volume

    So what do such 24-bit DACs as the PCM1791 which have built-in digital filters with digital attenuators do with 16-bit data? Do they convert it to 24-bit when performing such attentuation, thus sparing loss of signal to noise and dynamic range? Stu
  8. maczrool

    Digital coax cable question

    And just as important, digital coax is optimized to carry 6 MHZ+ of signal rather than 20 KHZ worth. Stu
  9. maczrool

    Inside the iHP-120...

    Actually, that 8-bit ADC may be used for control purposes from a potentiometer or similar device and thus have no use in audio at all. Stu
  10. maczrool

    ? on digital out from combined lineout/optical jacks (D-465)

    You don't see the output because there is a switch of sorts built into the mini-TOSlink connector that disables the LED unless there is a nonmetallic plug (as in mini-TOSlink cable) inserted. This saves on batteries. Stu
  11. maczrool

    iPod output upping?

    If you turn it up too much it will distort (clip). If you need more volume, try applying limiting to your files. You can increase the average volume of your tracks thereby getting more volume from the same amount of available gain from the iPod, all without clipping the the audio. Careful...
  12. maczrool

    Apple's PC iTunes to launch Oct. 16?

    iTunes 4.1 is out for Mac AND Windows. Get it here . Stu
  13. maczrool

    Good news for PC iPod users - iTunes in mid-October.

    Obviously we agree to disagree. Quote: That is, you're paying less per song because you're buying an entire CD. What if you only want to buy a single? You pay $4-$7 for the "CD Single" -- assuming it's even available. There's no way to purchase a single song on CD for anywhere near...
  14. maczrool

    Project 2 - Digital Amplification (for headphones?)

    Quote: Originally posted by aos I actually don't think that would count as an excuse - just as building your own antenna and transmitter and turning it on is going to get you in trouble with them even though you're not selling that . The thing is, operation is very sporatic...
  15. maczrool

    Sound issue with Ipod

    I have had sound quality problems with my iPod too. It is sort of a warbling sound on pianos. It only happens on certain songs, no matter how many times it is ripped and only on the iPod. Maybe it has something to do with the DAC or the digital filtering in the iPod codec? I have an audio clip...
  16. maczrool

    Optimus CD3400: hookup options?

    What kind of connector is used for the digital out on this unit? Stu
  17. maczrool

    Scratch Removal

    You could use a buffing wheel made for plastic and plastic buffing compound. Using care, it will look great when you're done. Stu
  18. maczrool

    soldering surface mount components

    Quote: Originally posted by jamont I recall seeing a suggestion (forget where) that if the board had been reflowed, all you need to do is flux the pads, put the chip in place and heat the pins. Has anyone tried this? Yes, I have tried it, but it didn't seem to produce a...
  19. maczrool

    iPod 2.0.1 is great

    I just installed the iPod 2.0.1 updater and discovered it pretty much takes care of all the clicking and stereo channel swap issues. Check it out. Stu
  20. maczrool

    EL2009 issues - shutting down after a few minutes

    Quote: I'd love to see ppl write a book on electronics I don't envy the poor soul who has to proofread/edit it! Stu
  21. maczrool

    ugly soldering, but good sounding, the ghetto clou repair pics (large files)

    Quote: Originally posted by usc goose took me 5 minutes and sounds like new. i'm happy. fails again, i'll consider more options. whats teflon tape for? i hate the way it looks. You really don't know what teflon tape is used for? Plumbing joints. Stu
  22. maczrool

    Anyone else notice iPod line-out is freaking loud?

    Quote: Originally posted by usc goose What up with that? Is it like my sony 707 (hacked to n1) mini-disc digital amp where it cranks up all the way and calls itself a line-out? Cause it definitely doesn't sound like any other line level signal that I'm used to. Oh, and I've been meaning...
  23. maczrool

    New iPods - anyone else disappointed w/ sound?

    My 3G iPod was returned to Apple for distortion problems, but it looks like they are returning it back to me unrepaired. After the Unit received status message, the only other status they posted was "Original Product Returned." Sounds to me like they didn't do anything. Stu
  24. maczrool

    Time to consolidate my iPod 'issues'

    I realize it was reading rather than writing, but still interesting. I'll post the writing speed when I get my iPod back from Apple. Whenever that is. I think Apple has an unwritten policy to release beta siftware as final. Stu
  25. maczrool

    Time to consolidate my iPod 'issues'

    Quote: Originally posted by Nick3D The more I read about THAT the more I think it's Audigy 1 and not 2 ... I might be wrong but mine's been flawless ... I wonder if fragmented HDD'd explain the 6MB/sec or so I get. btw, stan23, quick question about your iPod ... the new one that is ...