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  1. DobsOnly

    My thoughts: iPhone 3GS vs VibeZ

    Quote: Originally Posted by shigzeo one of the reason you may find the vibes to be clearer in the bass is that it has quite severe bass roll off with the headphones you listed. thus, it doesn't have much bass to pass around the spectrum. nice player though. I haven't heard the...
  2. DobsOnly

    My thoughts: iPhone 3GS vs VibeZ

    Just replaced my old WinMobile 6.1 phone with a new 3GS iPhone. Using it as a DAP was not real high on my priority list when making the purchase but I figured it couldn’t hurt. There have been a few times I’ve been without my DAP and wanted it but I am never without the cell phone. Anyway, after...
  3. DobsOnly

    Thanks Klipsch - Great Customer Service

    Just a note to thank Klipsch for top notch customer service . I had a warranty issue with my custom-3's. All email correspondence was answered promptly and professionally. Phone calls were handled in the same manner. After getting an RMA number and returning mine they immediately shipped...
  4. DobsOnly

    Best for soundstage?

    Thanks for the informative post. With all due respect for the numbers I am at a loss as to why this does not seem to be the case during my listening tests. I just sat here again this morning listening to a couple tracks from John Scofield UberJam. Player to Custom-3's and Player to HF-1's. I...
  5. DobsOnly

    Best for soundstage?

    Quote: Originally Posted by shigzeo if i use foamies, they get much wider, but overall, they are not very wide compared to headphones. but as for width of signal, the ipod actually physically spits out a huge separation of channels whereas the fuze and vibez may have decent...
  6. DobsOnly

    Best for soundstage?

    Of the players I've listened to, iPod 1g Shuffle, Sansa Fuze, new iPod Nano and the VibeZ. The VibeZ easily bests all the others. Not just in a sense of wide but also deep and detailed. Darkness in the seperation between insturments. Also a few months ago I would have agreed with you that...
  7. DobsOnly

    Kinda interested in some IEMs (custom-3?)

    Listening to some BucketHead through my Custom-3's right now. They have really become my go to headphone since I got them in December. Pros:Deep Bass Very Nice Soundstage and instrument separation for IEM Great detail for the amount of Bass getting pumped through them. Very Comfortable...
  8. DobsOnly

    How Many Are Still Using 1st Gen. Shuffles?

    A great little player. I've got one and it still gets used often. IMO it has a warmer, richer sound than my wifes new Nano. The power output/volume is better and I never have to worry about damage when packing it around in my pocket. It could be the best sounding, out of the box, apple ever...
  9. DobsOnly

    Top 10 MP3 Players (SQ ONLY)

    Not one mention of the VibeZ SQ. Fill in the blank with most in the list, __________ still hasn't made one that sounds as good Give me a break.
  10. DobsOnly

    Old Fart asks - where's the new King Crimson?

    I'm in my 50's and stuck in the same rut. Cut my teeth on music from New Riders of the Purple Sage, Commander Cody and Asleep at the Wheel, to King Crimson, Zeplin, Pink Floyd, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer. It seemed the Talent was endless in all genre's. But here's some that I have found...
  11. DobsOnly

    Detailed IEM under $80

    Quote: Originally Posted by yakuzaph . I am just wondering why there isn't much hype about the Custom 3 anymore. It seems to me that a lot of people had a hard time trying to get a good seal. The majority went with the Image X10 for their superb comfort and slightly inferior SQ...
  12. DobsOnly

    Altec Lansing iM716 initial impressions (pre burn-in, un-modded, with some comparisons with Denon C700 et al)

    Thanks for your thoughts on the IM716's. I agree with the others here that recommend an amp to get the most out of the IM716. My VibeZ will push the volume to very reasonable levels but they really open up and improve when amped so give it a shot. I have to say I've never experienced the...
  13. DobsOnly

    Klipsch sale @ half price

    Mine made it home today. Got about 3 hours in tonight with them. Initial thoughts are pretty positive but I'll spend some more time with them and do some comparisons while I'm out of town next week.
  14. DobsOnly

    Klipsch sale @ half price

    Been watching my Custom-3's make there way to me Nov 22, 2008 8:56 AM Departed FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN 4:31 AM Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN Nov 21, 2008 11:04 PM In transit NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR 8:11 PM Left FedEx origin facility TEXARKANA, AR 5:45 PM...
  15. DobsOnly

    Comfortable comfortable comfortable headphones for my sister

    Quote: Originally Posted by b00tang I searched back for a while and didn't find the answer I was looking for so: My sister wants headphones for christmas because the ibuds hurt her ears too much. Thats all the info I have to work with so I'm fishing for ideas. Since she has only ever...
  16. DobsOnly

    Pink Floyd

    I'll be the Odd man out here but I believe The Final Cut is one of Pink Floyds best works only surpassed slightly by DSOTM. Followed by, Wish You Were Here, The Wall. DobsOnly
  17. DobsOnly

    altec lansing im716?

    I believe these filters will work with the iM716 Ety8
  18. DobsOnly

    anything* > iPod 1G Shuffle ??

    Quote: Originally Posted by arevalo I'm looking for something under $200 with better SQ than my 1G shuffle. I was able to listen to the iPod touch and was not satisfied with the SQ. Problem is, my touch is coming in Monday as I love everything else about it, the SQ is not up to par (w/...
  19. DobsOnly

    For those looking for im716 filters

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wid All is not lost. I found replacement filters for our im716s. I went straight to the source and asked ER if they had any filters that would work for the ALs. They verified the filters from the ER88 is the same exact filter we use in our im716s. I...
  20. DobsOnly

    Help, replacement for KSC35 :-(

    Quote: Originally Posted by DobsOnly So far, so good. Got an e-mail from Koss saying my order for a KSC35 has been shipped I'm still working the wife for a set of PK1's though Hard to believe but the KSC35's were at my house today. How fast is that!!! Another great job...
  21. DobsOnly

    Help, replacement for KSC35 :-(

    Quote: Originally Posted by souperman IMO it would do the PK1 no justice to be using it unamped. The Pk2's are exactly for that - unamped use. I hear what you are saying. But I always think about many people saying something similar about the HD600 when I bought it. "You have...
  22. DobsOnly

    My first MP3 player

    Congrats on the purchase. Hold onto your wallet now though It only gets more interesting from here... Next is a good set of IEM's ( or 2) then you will need some HD600's, 650's or some other high end can for home listening. Then you have to have a set for each type of music you listen...
  23. DobsOnly

    Help, replacement for KSC35 :-(

    Quote: Originally Posted by PeterDLai 1. Go to Koss's website: 2. Paste this into your address bar: Quote: javascript:LaunchBWindow('/koss/baskets.nsf/(05Add+to+BasketN)?openagent&ID=KSC35') 3. Hit enter. 4. You should now see a pop-up showing a pair of KSC35's...
  24. DobsOnly

    Help, replacement for KSC35 :-(

    Quote: Originally Posted by PeterDLai If there are any people that still want to buy a pair of KSC35 straight from (BTW, the version I got was not retail packaged but instead came with a case and warranty card inside a little plastic bag), follow these steps: 1. Go to Koss's...
  25. DobsOnly

    Help, replacement for KSC35 :-(

    My KSC35's cable was ripped and broke in half this evening. The immediate response was I'll buy you another pair. That would be a good trick since they are very hard to find. I might be able to make a repair by recabling but figured I'd start looking for a replacement. So far the Yuin PK1...