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  1. DobsOnly

    ER6i cheap @ Palm

    Not sure if there are many fans of the Ety ER6i but for the price Palm is offering them for, ~ $48, I figured there might be some interest. I still get a lot of use from my trusty ER6's. I might grab a set or 2 for gifts. Here's the link or you can go through the Add on Head-Fi. Palm ER6i
  2. DobsOnly

    Ety8 Filters = IM716 Filters ???

    Looking at the Etymotic Website it looks like the Ety8 accessories would be a direct swap for the IM716's. Has anyone compared the filters and tips to see if they are interchangable? Looks like it is getting hard to find replacement filters for the IM716's. Thanks for the info!
  3. DobsOnly

    KSC35 no longer on KOSS site

    It's a sad day.... While the KSC35 has been talked about more infrequently in these forums in the past year, it's always been a favorite of mine. I usually check out the KOSS site from time to time and yesterday the KSC35 was missing in action from the website for the first time. Looks...
  4. DobsOnly

    Trekstor VibeZ: reviews/comments

    I see that JR Electronics has the Trekstor VibeZ available now in the 8 and 12 gb version. Thought it would be nice to have a thread with user comments and information. This morning the 12gb model is listed for $199.00 & 8gb for $169.00. Not a bad price point. That is if it turns out to be...
  5. DobsOnly

    Karma owners: Have we been ruined, spoiled?

    Just curious if your experience has been similar to mine? In a search for a 2nd or replacement DAP for my Rio Karma, nothing satisfies me. While each of the flash type DAPs I've tried are probably OK, at best. The shortcomings in Sound Quality to my ears are huge and very unsatisfying. My...
  6. DobsOnly

    iM716 vs Ety ER6

    I originally thought I would wait a week before posting some thoughts on the iM716. After 8 or 10 hours of use over the last few days I think I can make some comments since I doubt things will change very much between now and then. IEM – Altec Lansing iM716 Price paid - $69
  7. DobsOnly

    First Beck CD, Guero - What others?

    Broke down and picked up Becks - "Guero" yesterday. What a great creation.. He builds his music around so many different themes.. "Farewell Ride" has that Mississippi Delta Blues Rhythm. "Broken Drum" somewhat reminded me of something I hear on a Wilco Collection. "Black Tambourine" and "Rental...
  8. DobsOnly

    Finished Pimeta, Need Advise

    Hello everyone, Just finished building a Pimeta but I am not sure about the sound. AD8620/8610 opamps Gain ~6 Dual buffers on each channel Precision resistors throughout with most everything socketed. 9volt battery supply - for testing offset voltage .001v on each rail Source for...
  9. DobsOnly

    HD600's arrived Wow!! impressive

    I received my Refurb HD600's this afternoon. No signs of wear and nice packaging. I have spent the last 4 hours listening to everything from Eric Clapton - Unplugged to Pink Floyds - Final Cut, Jewel to Metalica - S&M. All I can say is I am Very impressed! I have used my Yamaha CD Player through...
  10. DobsOnly

    What to Expect HD600 vs ER6?

    This place is killing me! I just ordered a pair of refurb HD600's. I had them saved in my cart from the Amazon sale and they just kept hauntingly calling - buy me, buy me.. Can I get some input on what to expect when compared to the Ety ER6 or similar earphone? In general I have really...
  11. DobsOnly

    Suggestions for office headphones

    Looking for some suggestions on headphones for office use. Here is my normal setup. Source - Laptop. Amp - Cmoy and soon to finish pimeta Current phones - ~$9 Sony Earbuds, Ety ER6's Music - A mix of styles but mainly Acoustic, Blues, Brit Rock, Celtic. The ER6's - very nice when...
  12. DobsOnly

    Schottky T0-220, 20TQ ok for D1 Pimeta ?

    Will this Schottky T0-220, 20TQ, 40v work Ok as D1 in Pimeta. Here's a link to the data sheet. 20TQ SCHOTTKY Tangent indicates in the assembly instructions this TO-220 Package is fine but I have looked at a lot of photos posted and seen no Pimeta's using these. Just wanted to be sure before...
  13. DobsOnly

    Pimeta Gain Schematic or Spreadsheet??

    As usual I discover something new every time I search these forums. I started my Pimeta build. Took a break and began searching here for info on the Jung Multi loop circuit and gain in the Pimeta. What I found was more questions. While preparing and ordering parts I ran across a spreadsheet...
  14. DobsOnly

    Preparing for Pimeta ??

    Well it's been a month since I finished my CMoy. The bug has bit and I have received most of my parts to begin a Pimeta Build. I would like to get some suggestions on the build prior to starting. As far as intended use: I am figuring it will be used primarily in situations like I use my CMoy...
  15. DobsOnly

    cMoy input Cap and gain question?

    Assembling my first cMoy. Have succesfully installed and tested the Power Supply section. Basic cMoy with 470uf Electrolytic Caps. My Question is I have purchased several different caps for the inputs. .1uf Digi-Key 100v Metal film box (small blue box). .22uf Newark Metallized...
  16. DobsOnly

    Newbie Question, NAIM NAC42, NAP110 for HeadPhone amp?

    Can someone advise what the difference is between your normal Stereo Amp and a Headphone amp? I have a NAIM SNAPs, NAC42 and NAP110 combo and was wondering if it could be rigged for Headphone amp use? If this is not a practical option I'll look at trading or consignment and use the funds for a...