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    SOLD: Schiit Modius DAC - $150 shipped

    I got this in August of this year and is in basically new condition. I thought I was going to separate my headphone setup from my speaker setup but that might not happen until next year now so I'm going to let this go. If you are in CONUS shipping is included in the $150. If you are in Canada...
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    SOLD: Drop+Focal Elex

    A pair of Focal Elex Headphones in great condition. An awesome pair of headphones. Price is $500 with a flat fee of $10 for shipping no matter where you are. CONUS + Canada only. Paypal only Comes with single ended and balanced cables. Earpads are in great condition.
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    SOLD Schiit Lyr 3 Headphone Amp with tubes $SOLD

    I'm selling my two Schiit headphone amps (I have a Jotunheim also listed). The Lyr 3 is the newest Schiit headphone amp. This unit is a little more than a month old and is in like new condition. Comes with power cord and manual. THIS IS THE AMP ONLY: NO DAC IS INSTALLED. I used my...
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    SOLD: Schiit Jotunheim Headphone amp with Multibit DAC

    $365 shipped CONUS. PM me if you are elsewhere. PAYPAL only This one comes with the multibit dac installed. Comes with power cord and manual. The amp is in awesome condition. Retail on the Jotunheim with the Multibit dac is $599.
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    Opening a Lyr 3

    Hey folks. I wanted to open my Lyr 3 and add in a multibit card that I own. I have a Jotunheim and I can get that open pretty easy by simply loosening the hex screw on the volume knob and removing it. However, my Lyr 3 has no screw on the knob so I have no idea how to get it off. Schiit...
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    Schiit Wyrd $35 shipped

    I have a 1 year old Schiit Wyrd.  Works like new.  Comes with adapter.  PayPal only.  Thanks
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    SoTm tx-usb pci-express USB audio card

    I have too many usb audio cards, usb reclockers and usb to spdif boxes so I need to sell some. I got this November 2015. It works great and still looks like new because my media server is fanless and hence dustless. It comes with everything you see in the pics. The cd includes Windows drivers...
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    Audio GD C-2 (11th Anniversary Edition)

    Well I just got this and its so good that I decided to sell it and my preamp and go all in one with the Master 9.  My rack space is at a premium and I'm type A apparently.   Anyway, I got the upgraded metal remote but Kingwa sent me two of the credit card size remotes anyway.  Audio GD is well...
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    Pardon the slightly stupid question: RE cable testing

    Hello all, I just bought about 10 foot of bulk wireworld cable off Ebay.  Its a four wire cable that I will use for a four pin xlr cable to replace my Audio GD ACSS cables.  My problem is that the cable has a red wire, a white wire, and two black wires.  I don't want to cross things up so how do...
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    Audiophilleo 1 with Pure Power

    I have a Audiophilleo 1 for sale.  I have more details listed in my Ebay ad   Feel free to either bid on it there or if you want to buy it for Sold outright just PM me and buy it through Head Fi so I can avoid extra seller fees...
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    FS: Stello CDT 200 CD transport $650 obo Conus & Paypal only

    Hey folks I have listed my current transport for sale on Audiogon here the post includes pictures. A perfect mate for a good dac. I'm going with a all-in-one solution for a while and my beloved Monarchy has run into some issues so I no longer need the Stello. $650 obo shipping included...
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    IC: Decware ZCD 160 MKII -- Make a offer

    I have a Decware that I have been using in a secondary system that I rarely use anymore. This is a fully upgraded version with tube voltage regulation, Eichmann HC-XTC phonopods for the tube output RCAs. The tube voltage regulation means that you can basically dial in how much gain you want to...
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    SOLD: Sennheiser HD-650

    Ok, as you can see in my signature below I currently do not have a headphone rig. These headphones have basically been sitting in their box since October of last year when I sold my WA6 and M3 amps. I bought these early last year I can't remember exactly which month but I bought them from a...
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    SOLD: Stello DA 220 DAC - $575 + Shipping CONUS or Canada

    I have decided to put my Stello DA220 DAC up for sell. I recently finished my speaker rig (for now) and I found that my other DAC which is tube based has more synergy with my preamp and amp than the Stello does. Thats not to say that this is a bad DAC, quite the contrary. Read the reviews...
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    Has anyone tried the Woo Audio 22 yet?

    I was going to order the Woo Audio 2 but then I saw this beauty. I couldn't find any impressions threads though so I'm assuming that it has not been available that long.
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    Beta 22 without volume control?

    Does the design allow for such an implementation? The reason why I ask is that I recently bought a Wyred 4 Sound ST Preamp which I received today and it is easily the most transparent and best sounding volume control device I have ever heard. It is currently hooked up to my speaker set up but I...
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    Withdrawn for now:Woo Audio 6

    I decided to audition the WA2 first before I let this go.
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    Speakers that sound like your headphones

    I was at a friends house the other day and I couldn't help but notice how much his VMPS Tower II se speakers sounded like my HD650s. I mean it was dead on, so dead on that I am considering getting the newer version of these speakers, the RM2s. Has anyone had a experience like this? I...
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    Why in the world did April Music stop making the Stello CDT 200?

    Does anyone know? I just got my first listen of this thing today and it is incredible. Easily the best source I have heard when paired with either of my DACS. And this is coming from someone who didn't think a transport would make this huge of a difference. Its just ones and zeros is what I...
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    SOLD: Audio Technica ATH AD2000 $$$$ shipped CONUS (and maybe Canada)

    SOLD Hello all. I am selling my AD2000's to help fund the purchase of a CD transport. They are really great headphones and I am kind of sad to see them go. I am the second owner. I don't have the original box. I am selling them for $310 which includes shipping via UPS. They work like new...
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    Vanguard CDM12 Pro Transport from Pacific Valve

    Anybody have any experience with this transport? Vanguard CDM12 Pro
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    I've got that AD2000 itch again.

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair. The problem is that I just bought a pair of AKG K340s from a fellow headfier and I got back my pair of Goldring DR-150s from a buddy of mine (I forgot how awesome they sound). Something has to give because I can barely divide time between 3...
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    SOLD: Little Dot MKIII with lots and lots of tubes! $$$$$ CONUS

    PAYPAL only. CONUS ONLY Everything shipped via UPS. Pictures in post below. Here is my EBAY FEEDBACK I have fallen in love with my M^3 so I want to sell my MKIII to someone who will use more than I do. 1 Little Dot MKIII amp purchased new from Little Dot in May 08' with close to...
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    Buffalo DAC

    Has anyone heard one of these? I am in the market for a new DAC and right now I am down to either a Stello DA 100 or a Paradisea 3. However the Buffalo DAC sounds intriguing. Rockhopper is supposed to start prebuilding them. Buffalo DAC
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    MHDT Labs DACs: Where is the best place to order?

    I was looking at getting either a Constantine or Paridisea DAC but I don't have a clue where to order one. I read somewhere that they sold DACs on Ebay but I have had no luck finding them. Thanks.