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  1. gimmeheadroom

    Crimping coax...

    Guys, I used to make radio cables with crimped and soldered connectors but it was grumble mumble years ago. I'm thinking about getting a crimper to make 75 ohm coaxial cables with BNC connectors. It seems kinda hard to figure out which tool(s) and crimp inserts are needed for audio coax. The...
  2. gimmeheadroom

    Recommend a fanless mini PC with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled?

    I've been using a Lenovo Tiny as a music appliance. It's the size of a fat paperback book and has all the right stuff except that the fan is annoying. I'd like to find something similar but fanless. I saw some minix boxes online, not easy to buy from here. They look like they have the right...
  3. gimmeheadroom

    Are there really only 2 lossless streaming services with bitperfect desktop apps?

    Tidal hifi is cheap here. I have it, it's fine. Qobuz is not available. Is that all there is?
  4. gimmeheadroom

    personal website link not showing in posts

    Hi, this seems to work for a while and then stop. I used the website link to link a pic of my headfi setup which I posted in one of the threads. For a long time it was fine. Lately I don't see the website link on any of my posts. Thanks
  5. gimmeheadroom

    I have Tidal hifi, cancelled Deezer, Qobuz not available..what else is there?

    Is there any other hifi streaming service? I like Tidal but a lot of albums have songs missing. I was using Deezer to get the missing songs. But they updated their app to use google captcha and for a year people have been getting logged out and then spending a long time trying to log back in so...
  6. gimmeheadroom

    2 channel subforum?

    Hi guys, Is it time for a 2 channel subforum? There are forums on the web for that but I like it here better than the places I know of. Would be nice to have a place to discuss 2 channel here. Thank you.
  7. gimmeheadroom

    Abyss headphones in the Czech mainstream news Scroll down and click on the gallery pics and you can see Pepa Vojtek bandleader of Kabát with a nice set of cans.
  8. gimmeheadroom

    30 year anniversary of the 1st Rolling Stones concert in Czech Republic post communism In Czech but Chrome can translate
  9. gimmeheadroom

    How can I clean dusty speakers?

    I never thought this would happen but I took the grills off some speakers today after one of the woofers was rattling and found the drivers were covered with a horrible layer of dust. It is as if the grills did nothing but hide the dust. I'm not sure how to clean them thoroughy without ripping...
  10. gimmeheadroom

    Desktop DAC that does at least DSD64 for around 500 euros?

    Can anybody suggest anything? I've been staying out of this price range but need a desktop DAC for a secondary system. Not sure what the options are. Not looking for anything with a battery or a wall PSU. Thanks.
  11. gimmeheadroom

    Cables on new LCD-3 difficult (impossible?) to remove...

    I can't get the cable connectors out of their sockets with a new pair of LCD-3. It's the stock cable with Rean connectors. The release button is kinda rectangular rather than the round buttons on my LCD-2C. This shouldn't be hard but I can't understand this. It seems like you just have to push...
  12. gimmeheadroom

    Small shelving (even custom made) in Europe for DAC and amp stack?

    I'm past running out of room on my desk and the gear is still rolling in via UPS, FedEx, etc. Anybody have suggestions for some nice shelving that can support a stack of DACs and amps available in Europe?
  13. gimmeheadroom

    Anything the LCD-2C does better than the LCD-3?

    I could trade in my LCD-2C on a new pair of LCD-3. Should I keep the LCD-2C? I asked in the LCD-3 thread but nobody answered. I can only hope people are not wasting time with friends and family instead of wasting their lives on this forum. Alternatively, I can hope that everybody is too drunk...
  14. gimmeheadroom

    Rubber caps/covers for RCA jacks?

    Does anybody know a good cheap source for these either on ebay or some European shop? I just put a new DAC on my Dell monitor stand and although the stand is plastic I don't like the jacks in the back (unused since I'm using the headphone jacks on the front) hitting the frame of the stand. Thanks.
  15. gimmeheadroom

    Out of space

    I have a four shelf stereo shelf unit and I am out of space. From the bottom up: integrated amp SACD player CD player + minidisk deck stacked (bad, runs hot) headamps and 27 inch monitor I have a lot of space on top of the amp and some space on top of the CD player. But they both vent to the...
  16. gimmeheadroom

    Light pollution

    Am I the only one who has a problem with lights on every piece of electronic equipment to the point there is no darkness even in the dead of night? It seems like everything from refrigerators to stereo equipment has LEDs or some kind of indicator that is on whether the device is running or not...
  17. gimmeheadroom

    Settings ignored when responding to thread or posting new thread

    Hi, In my notifications I have email turned off for everything. Yet if I respond to any thread or post a new thread, the checkbox to receive email notifications is selected in error. Seems to me responses should respect the setting values. Thanks.
  18. gimmeheadroom

    Which Android apps can pass bit-perfect USB audio?

    I know there are threads about this but I didn't have much luck in searching. Are there any Android apps that can turn your device into a USB transport and just pass bits out the USB port for decoding by a separate DAC? And is there anything besides UAPP (I think that's the name) that works...
  19. gimmeheadroom

    Tidal customer service non-existant?

    I tried to sign up for Tidal hifi trial. I found a password in my records so I guess I may have tried it at some point. I signed in with this password and saw two deals, one for regular one for hifi both in my local currency. Anyway it knows my country but when I go to add a form of payment to...
  20. gimmeheadroom

    How to catalog classical music?

    I have very little of it but it is quickly getting out of hand. With most other types of music it's sensible to catalog by artist and then album. In the case of classical you have various conductors and soloists and orchestras or ensembles playing a more limited selection of works. How do you...
  21. gimmeheadroom

    VU meters for foobar2000?

    I am not having luck finding good VU meters for foobar2000. Sometimes miscellaneous sites offer various plugins but I don't want to mess up my system with a virus and I don't know which sites to trust. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  22. gimmeheadroom

    Best interconnect choices for around 40 Euros?

    Hi, I am in the market for some RCA->RCA interconnects (pairs). What are some good choices around 40 Euros? I do not believe cables have sound quality. But I do believe there is a difference in manufacturing quality and there is solidly made stuff and there is junk. For me there is a point of...
  23. gimmeheadroom

    Top choices in passive monitors with stands around 500 Euros?

    Hi, I am in the market for a pair of passive monitors on stands for around 500 Euros. I'd like something very slightly on the warm side of analytical. Ok if they're not too bassy, I live in an apartment with neighbors who are very quiet and so far I have not had any issues and I don't want to...
  24. gimmeheadroom

    Is the Sony NW-A45 an upgrade over FiiO X3III?

    I have a few FiiOs and I'm happy with the sound quality but there are a lot of bugs and lack of refinement overall and the UI is basically dead during DSD playback. The Sony is available here.. is it an upgrade over the X3III? Can it play .ISO DSD files (SACD rips)? Does anybody have both who...
  25. gimmeheadroom

    Portable amp for IEMs?

    I saw a lot of pics in the "Pictures of your portable Rig" threads where guys are using separate amps for their IEMs. Is this normal? I just got a pair of Shure SE215s and I feel like they're really hard to drive. I was thinking I was nuts to consider a portable amp but maybe not... What are...