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  1. edwelly

    Sound Quality: iPad 4 or Nexus 10 ?

    I have a Nexus 7 that I am using the line out of the OEM dock. This runs into a Maverick TubeMagic D1+ DAC and then into a Little Dot MKIII and finally out to a set of AT WS99. For me, it is very simple to use MOG, etc. However there is a lot of static when the volume is low on the track. Like...
  2. edwelly

    Maverick Audio D1 DAC With Extra Tube

    I am no longer buying this. good luck with your sell.
  3. edwelly

    Fiio E07K + Headstage Arrow 3G/4T

    Not sure if this will help but here is my thread that is similar to yours:
  4. edwelly

    Grado SR80i Headphones (Shipping and Fees Included)

    I will take them. You have PM.
  5. edwelly

    New to tube amp - have simple question

    Thanks. I was worried that since the E7 is a DAC and a headphone amp that the level might be too much.
  6. edwelly

    New to tube amp - have simple question

    Hello all. I have a Little Dot MKIII on it's way and I wondering if I can do this: Laptop/Source --> FiiO E7 --> Little Dot MKIII - is this ok to use the FiiO E7 in between the laptop/source and the Little Dot?   thanks ~ Erik
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  8. edwelly

    Could use some help on new purchase

    Really? I just don't hear that. When I think of bass heavy phones I think of beats. Hmmm... Maybe I am one of the masses out there. God I hope not. The only place I ham familiar with in Louisville is the Beat Buy Magnolia section. Can anyone recommend a head phone there that might sound like...
  9. edwelly

    Could use some help on new purchase

    I called both places. One place didn't answer and the other said they don't carry stock. Thanks though.
  10. edwelly

    Could use some help on new purchase

    Hello all. I have been reading for days on this site and I am really struggling with a new purchase. I have owned a pair on cheap Sennheisers (can’t find them at the moment), a pair of Bose AE2 and a pair of B&W P3. I returned the Bose and bought the B&W P3 and then returned the P3s as I just...