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  1. The Pieman

    WTB STAX SR-001 MkII system

    As the title says. I am looking to buy a STAX SR-001 MKII system in at least very good working order. Please PM me. cheers Simon
  2. The Pieman

    Ebay does it again!!

    Some interesting changes for sellers on ebay Australia. The summary of the story is that ebay sellers on the ebay Australia site will be forced to use PayPal for all transactions except cash at pickup. PayPal the only option for trading on eBay | Coming soon to an ebay site...
  3. The Pieman

    Does science explain all things audio?? Rant.

    I have now been an active Head-fi member for about fourteen months and have and am still enjoying the forum greatly. But we all have peeves. Probably my greatest peeve with this forum is what I call the "absoluteness" of some members. They generally use science as the absolute definer of all...
  4. The Pieman


    It is 12.33 am in Melbourne, Australia December 25th, 2007. Merry Christmas to all from us in Oz. cheers Simon
  5. The Pieman

    WTB CI Audio VDA.2 Dac\VAC.1 Power Supply

    I am interested in procuring a Channel Islands Audio VDA.2 Dac and a VAC.1 Power Supply. I am open to offers! Please PM or eMail. I have 1 feedback on Head-Fi as well as a lot more on eBay under simple1957. cheers Simon
  6. The Pieman

    F1 Racing = Boring?

    Does anybody else find F1 racing boring? I live in Melbourne and can in fact hear the engines during the race from home. I have actually been to the race twice and found that standing or sitting behind a safety fence watching cars go past that quickly you only actually see them for what seems...