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  1. KShaft

    Speaker recommendations <$3000

    Look at aci saphire xls. I had the IIIs and they are beautiful sounding. Youll need a sub for full effect, but get a force or titan and your still under the 2500 mark. k.s.
  2. KShaft

    Best amp in $5000-$10000 range for K1000's ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by EdipisReks i would buy a Ted Yost custom Delta Elite first LMAO. Dont forget SDM Fabricating! Hes about an hour drive from Elyria,Ohio. Probably like 3 from you. And if youre really lucky, you can get a Marine 2112 to build a MEU-SOC for you, If...
  3. KShaft


    Thanks a bunch Todd! Ill finally be able to listen to my 650s again without worring about this or that shorting out every 5 seconds.... thank you, k.s.
  4. KShaft


    Thanks a bunch Todd. Did you get my email by the way? I asked if you would add a grado adaptor (1/4 to 1/8)on to the order. Thanks again, cant wait for the cable, k.s.
  5. KShaft


    Hey Todd, Any clue on when the equinox will be a comin in? Thanks, k.s.
  6. KShaft

    Another best amp for price thread (under $4000)

    I agree with mjg. Cary 300 sei is THE amp(along with r10s), but a senn 650 with your pick of aftermarket cable will be damn good too. More than enough ta hold ya over... Im still kicking myself for getting rid of those two... dear Lord what was I thinking.... k.s.
  7. KShaft

    Meier Prehead..................$625

    Yep, thats right, a Prehead for $625. Its 220v but Im using a stepup/down transformer with it and It sounds excellent. Ive decided to skimp on the amp for a bit and get a solid source. Something I havent done since I owned an Ikemi and scd-1. Will be up until friday as I wont be able to...
  8. KShaft

    marantz pcdp????

    Spwal, I looked for that unit per your reviews for 2-3 weeks and could not locate one.. It was the first one I looked for but could never find it..... Ill look for one again, just to be sure....I dont think my unit shiped yet... k.s.
  9. KShaft

    marantz pcdp????

    so many choices......... thanks guys! k.s.
  10. KShaft

    marantz pcdp????

    so many choices......... thanks guys, k.s.
  11. KShaft

    marantz pcdp????

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I purchased a d-ne10 from etronics. Should be decent. Whats a good line out cable? Moon-audio stuff the best? Thier senn replacement cables seem to be top tier....
  12. KShaft

    marantz pcdp????

    hey thats why im posting! So, a dne10, dej2000 or dne900 would give about the same sound quality is what you are getting at? Once again, I dont know too much about these. I figure MAYBE that the marantz one would be the one to beat(there is a slightly cheaper one for 350, and I think the more...
  13. KShaft

    Natalie Merchant/10,000 Maniacs

    yeah get the 10kM unplugged. That one is audiophile quality both recording and performance. excellent.... k.s.
  14. KShaft

    HR-2 & XP-7 Op Amp Rolling Kit

    I like the 1028 but its best combined with another, wider freq ranged(sounding at least) op amp to balance it out. It can be a little rolled off at the extremes if used by itself(not a problem with my cdp, but with the hr-2 a problem). I too was disapointed with the bb627. It was muffled...
  15. KShaft

    Should I get my C555ES modify or by a used Sony SCD-777ES/XA777ES??

    To be honest I would have bought a used xa777es or scd-777es. Why you ask? Well you get about the same sound quality with excellent build quality, and an awesome upgrade path if you decide to go with that in the future. But you might not really need to upgrade, but need-want....well we know...
  16. KShaft

    Has anyone heard the new HeadRoom Electronic Modules?

    I heard this module very briefly,(moh-r) but I can tell you the unit sounded excellent. Unfortunately I can not compare to older models. clean, tight, fast, sweet, impactful, and full. Compared to an emmeline hr-2 that I owned, it beats it in all categories, even midrange detail and...
  17. KShaft

    Rudistor RP5 Review : Work In Progress so please bear with me

    very nice. Im going to probably go for this if I can get money together! Hope I can sell some stuff!! k.s.
  18. KShaft

    CD3000 gone woody... pics

    Id be interested in the r10 mod as well. Let us know of the cost and can you do the cable swap with existing aftermarket cables?(i.e. a moon audio or mobius or the like). k.s.
  19. KShaft

    New Eddie Current amps Si2A3

    Yes. But unfortunately its gonna be a year or so before I can afford it!!! heheh. k.s.
  20. KShaft

    Grado PS-1 photos

    I would like to try the ps-1s with a REAL pad, as I felt the senn pads made my msp's sound wonderful, maybe even better than the r10s. ERRRRR...
  21. KShaft

    Calling all Cary 300SEI owners!

    sophia meshplates for 300bs and an assortment of ken rads, rca grey glass, tung sol and sylvania (via Tubemanus) 1952 6sn7gt's. crazy. k.s.
  22. KShaft


    Great buyer and very easy to work with. Would love to do business very much again! k.s.
  23. KShaft

    Why Are There So few Headamps Based on 300B Tubes?

    Well Ken, we wouldnt know since you havent written a review of the si2a3 yet! k.s.
  24. KShaft

    Edwood's Sony R10 Review

    I understand the r10s being hard to wear in the summer. Id still listen even when I wore shorts and t-shirt(and it was still too hot) with the hot ass cary raising the room temp a few degrees because it was so nice. They will grow on you, but to be honest, I knew right off those phones...