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  1. derbigpr

    Grado Modders Go Ypsilon (Elleven Acoustica drivers and builds thread)

    Did anyone try this wooden Audeze-like setup with different pads instead of original Audeze ones?   What are the exact measurements of the Audeze pads earpad opening, how deep is it in the front, how deep on the rear?
  2. derbigpr

    3D printed closed headphones with HD800 driver

    I worked on something very similar to this, trying to put a driver that is usually inside open headphones into a closed back one with custom made baffle and cup, very similar to what you have here. Inherently wrong for many reasons, one of the main ones is that drivers which work specifically in...
  3. derbigpr

    Grado Modders Go Ypsilon (Elleven Acoustica drivers and builds thread)

        Wow that's impressive if they're on the level of high end drivers from big manufacturers.       Nhoords have 3D printed grills if I'm not mistaken, so it's hard to get a nice fillet on an edge with that.   Will you maybe install the Epsilon R1 into that Audeze headphone that you...
  4. derbigpr

    Grado Modders Go Ypsilon (Elleven Acoustica drivers and builds thread)

        When you say best mids you've heard,you mean out of the Grado aftermarket drivers,  or including the stock Grado drivers like the ones in the PS500, PS1000, GS1000, RS's, etc.?
  5. derbigpr

    Grado Modders Go Ypsilon (Elleven Acoustica drivers and builds thread)

        Is it totally acoustically transparent?  I just realized I could probably use that  materials that's used for speaker grills. It's a bit thick, but it should be perfectly transparent and not change the sound at all.
  6. derbigpr

    [DIY MOD] Upgrading DT770 with 50mm Tesla drivers and reworking internals

    Are these drivers actually any good? I mean they look similar to T1 ones, but do they sound considerably or any better than stock DT770 drivers?
  7. derbigpr

    Grado Modders Go Ypsilon (Elleven Acoustica drivers and builds thread)

        They are a bit smaller. I designed this custom baffle for the DT990 about half a year ago, and once 3D printed it fits it absolutely perfectly into the Beyerdynamic phones, and the stock assembly ring clicks nicely into places and holds the thing tightly, just like a stock baffle, but on...
  8. derbigpr

    Grado Modders Go Ypsilon (Elleven Acoustica drivers and builds thread)

    How good are these Ypsilon drivers compared to other high end drivers? Considering that for the same price it's possible to buy drivers from AKG (K712), the 53 mm drivers from Audio Technica (AD1000x or AD2000x) and similar top of the line drivers. Did anyone directly compare them to any drivers...
  9. derbigpr

    Focal Elear and Utopia Review / Preview With Measurements - Head-Fi TV

      Not everyone listens from a phone or from in front of a desk. :P   I'm sure shorter versions of the cable will be available, but I've had a 4 meter long one on the Focal Spirit Classic, and it felt good being able to walk around not worrying about yanking on my amplifier like I do with 1,2m...
  10. derbigpr

    Acoustic Research UA1 v NAD D1050

    Having owned the D1050 for a while and used it with HD650's, T1's, K701's and several other phones, I'd be surprised if UA1 can hold a candle to the NAD. It's a very good DAC and very good amplifier for the money.
  11. derbigpr

    Noob question about headphone amps with built in dacs.

      Who says it  doesn't affect the sound? It does, not all DAC's decode the same and sound the same, even though some ignorant people might tell you they do to justify the fact that they're not willing to pay more than 50 dollars for it.  The chip is not all that matters on a DAC either, there's...
  12. derbigpr

    Moon Neo 430HA vs Trafomatic Audio Head2 - Problem with Hiss

      That's bizarre, since one of the advantages of using XLR should be a lower noise floor. Probably something wrong in the design of the input on the amp then.
  13. derbigpr

    Most under-rated headphones...

      I don't know how that would fall into the underrated group considering they were 300 dollar headphones with at best 150 dollar sound. :P And I'm talking about the new and improved MDR-1A.
  14. derbigpr

    Samsung Galaxy S7 - Best next audiophile phone?

      The Mate 8 probably has a more colored sound with some DSP added into it to create a more "impressive" sound. That's what all other phones from that manufacturer sounded to me, a bit artificial. Maybe impressive at first, but not hi-fi.
  15. derbigpr

    Audio-Technica ART Monitor Series Refreshed: A2000Z, A1000Z, A900Z, A500Z

    How big is the earpad opening on the A2KZ compared to the T5? Is it bigger, smaller, deeper? Could you measure it precisely perhaps?
  16. derbigpr

    Samsung Galaxy S7 - Best next audiophile phone?

     E17 DEFINITELY doesn't sound as good as the Mojo.  In fact, no Fiio product comes closed. The best portable amp/dac's from Fiio don't sound that much different than an old iPhone 4S headphone output, and that's with higher end headphones like T1's, HD650's, K701's, etc.  Of course it gets...
  17. derbigpr

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

      I can't believe some people are removing that "plastic spider". It's pretty obvious what that is, if you have any common sense that is. It's a very important structural element that makes the entire driver assembly stiffer, keeps the magnet securely in it's place and enables the dampening...
  18. derbigpr

    Transcendent sound 300B Preamp/Headphone Amp Combo

    "So what are you waiting for?  It doesn’t get any better than this and we make the best equipment you can get." I'd never buy anything from a manufacturer who puts that on their official website, but I guess nowadays it's considered "cool" when manufacturers are being unprofessional and...
  19. derbigpr

    Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

        What is the price of a single driver unit?
  20. derbigpr

    Grado HPA-1 & GS1000i

    Does that amp sound any good at all? Just by the looks of it, it seems to be a massive rip off, even in a business where lots of snake oil stuff is sold all over the place.
  21. derbigpr

    JDS Labs Element

      That's what I always felt about the sound of the O2 amp.
  22. derbigpr

    O2 AMP + ODAC

        Sorry but you are wrong. The best motherboards today have sound cards on them comparable to 50-60 dollar aftermarket cards. The same will be true in the future, motherboards will never reach the level of sound quality that separate audio components will have, for very obvious reasons. ...
  23. derbigpr

    Best op-amp for a DAC output

    Try Muses op-amps. Honestly outclasses all the others. Totally neutral sound, but very dynamic, vivid, big, natural, etc. Asus E1 going from "meh" to "amazeballs" with just the change to Muses O1 opamps.
  24. derbigpr

    Do I really need Beyer DT990?

     I'm glad.  Now get yourself some Philips X2's. 
  25. derbigpr

    AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

      Try something like this, it's much cheaper than buying a new cable: