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  1. KShaft


    Hey Todd, Any clue on when the equinox will be a comin in? Thanks, k.s.
  2. KShaft

    Meier Prehead..................$625

    Yep, thats right, a Prehead for $625. Its 220v but Im using a stepup/down transformer with it and It sounds excellent. Ive decided to skimp on the amp for a bit and get a solid source. Something I havent done since I owned an Ikemi and scd-1. Will be up until friday as I wont be able to...
  3. KShaft

    This is hilarious! Craig's thoughts on TAS the si2a3 review

    "Just for the record and you may quote me on this. The reviewer lived a couple of miles from Moth. He called after receiving the si2A3 and said there was a buzz in the amp. I drove over and found a deffective power strip and bad grounding technique. I fixed his system and went on my way. The...
  4. KShaft

    IC: Grado HP-1000(HP-2)

    This is an interest check for a friend who is selling a pair of grado hp-2s. They are in great condition, the red lettering is wiped completely off however, leaving the "L" and "R" intact and the headband looks used. Everything else is great, including the perfect sound. I did have these for...
  5. KShaft

    Weebl anyone?

    Has any one seen the circuit or a finished version of the Gilmore weebl. Ive seen the blue hawaii(the revised tubed amp for electrostat headphones), but not the tubed dynamic amp(which I am assuming is named the "weebl" but I could be wrong). Has anyone seen the above stated product...
  6. KShaft

    WTS: Emmeline HR-2..................$700

    The amp is in mint condition. It will come with ad8065s and ad797s for you to play around with. I am the second owner. As it states in the warranty, Mr. Sammuels will honor the warranty with any second owner, should the unit malfunction. If you were serious about the amp, and then become...
  7. KShaft

    Emmeline hr-2......................$650

    The unit is minty. I have both ad8065s and ad797s with the unit. I am the second owner(Im sure Ray will fix it in the very unlikely event the unit malfunctions...). Ive had it for around a month. The unit I want is on ebay(again!) so leaving the ad up has paid off. Im hoping to get that...
  8. KShaft

    OPAMPs for my sony 707esd!???

    Right now I have lt1364s and lt1363s in my sony cdp. Its a bit forward sounding right now and I was seeing if some op amps could help out with it. Something that would have a bit sweeter mids and highs with more powerful bass... Im looking at ad797s ad8065s opa627s(expensive) or...
  9. KShaft

    op amps for hr-2?

    Right now Im using an hr-2 with my senn 650/zu. Im looking for a more guteral sound from it. Right now its TOO balanced, and If there is an op amp that keeps those sweet mids and highs and puts a little more emphasis on the bottom end, Id love to know which ones might do that! Stock ad797's...
  10. KShaft

    WTS: Pioneer DV-09.............$375

    Very good audiophile quality dvd player that doubles as a great cd player or transport. I want an item from a fellow head-fier and must sell this to get it. pm me if interested or have any questions. The unit is very minty. Thanks a bunch, k.s.
  11. KShaft

    sennheiser hd 600+ cardas cable...........$285

    Looks like Im getting out of the headphone thing for a while. Take advantage of it. Im selling these for a song. The phones have a bit of the paint missing, but its hardly noticeable, and they are sonically perfect. The cable is mint. Sonically and cosmetically. Let me know if...
  12. KShaft

    Sennheiser hd600/cardas......................$295

    Great combo. I might be getting some speakers, so Im selling these. If I get my cary back sometime in the future, hd650s will be right there! But for now.....Reference 3a speakers sound interesting! hehe. The cardas is in excellent condition, and the senns have some of the graphite paint...
  13. KShaft

    Kuma...How do you tweek your Ikemi????

    Im getting an Ikemi soon, and Id like to know what you do as far as tweeks go if you dont mind, and how they effect the sound! Im thinking some mass loading and maybe rollerblocks or one of those neuance shelves! thanks, k.s.
  14. KShaft

    WTS: Singlepower SDS/SUPRA amp

    I just recieved this amp 2 or weeks ago. It is an upgraded supra, or low level sds(it appears to have the sds chasis). it has: -Upgraded power supply caps -more effecient wireing -alps blue volume pot -vampire rca connectors -neutrik phone out Its practically just broken in and like...
  15. KShaft


    I just recieved this amp 2 or weeks ago. It is an upgraded supra, or low level sds(it appears to have the sds chasis). it has: -Upgraded power supply caps -more effecient wireing -alps blue volume pot -vampire rca connectors -neutrik phone out Its practically just broken in and like...
  16. KShaft

    FS: Beyer DT 880's

    Mint Beyer 880s for sale. The price is $200. If you have any questions feel free to ask. k.s.
  17. KShaft

    AKG 1000s for sale!

    1 akg 1000 with obm. 1 Month old. Mint condition. $350 shipped. Thanks for looking, k.s.
  18. KShaft

    HELP IN REWIRING BEYER 990-770 series!

    Hello. This is the same post under"strange wireing of beyers" or what ever I wrote as an inapropriate subject. If the Moderator wants to delete that post that would be great. The subject now more appropriately describes what I am trying to ask(and hopefully gets some more people to LOOK!)...
  19. KShaft

    Gilmore class a amp...................$450....SOLD

    This is a month old Antness built Gilmore amp. Its in perfect condition. Its a very accurate, dynamic amp. I find I prefer tubes, even with less control and oomph. $450 shipped. SOLD to stressknot! k.s.
  20. KShaft

    strange beyer wireing scheme???

    Hello. Im thinking about getting a pair of 880's when they come out. I also realise that the beyer cables are awful and are probably choking the performance of the phones and would like to rewire them with stefan cables! It appears they have the same wiring scheme as the 990s and 770s...
  21. KShaft

    SOLD: Sony MDR-R10s

    6 Month old, discontinued, Sony R-10s. In mint condition. Comes with the leather case, and all the other accesories. SN# 1068 Production year: 2002 $2500 shipped. any questions feel free to ask, k.s.
  22. KShaft

    worst digital offender?

    When I turn off my computer and my cable modem, my rig gets a hell of alot less grainy and looses a thinness in vocals that is very annoying even in my r10s. I think the cable modem is the true offender. Any one else have similar situations? kind of a tweak when I shut off the offenders...
  23. KShaft

    Like new senn hd 600s with Equinox cable.........$400

    These are very mint and just older than the headroom 30 day return policy(just missed it...). The equinox cable yields great improvement, but still does not bring it up to the level of my wooden sonys. shoot me an email if interested. k.s.
  24. KShaft

    WTS: Melos SHA-1 with extras

    Im selling my Melos SHA-1. It is a black one with modular power cord. Comes with a pair of Upscale Audio sovtek matched 6922s And a Matched pair of Siemens Gold pin 6992s (Whcih can be found at $300 a pair...). Im selling to get a very expensive amp. Not sure which one yet,(Zeus, EAR...
  25. KShaft

    HEY JUDE! ive got a question about....

    Your b-p-t power conditioner. I was considering getting one of these, since a ps 300 is a bit steep(but i may still get one eventually...). I will be going for the jr most likely. i emailed them and they said they can make it so you can plug in a digital and analogue component in as they...