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  1. kcits

    ad1000, hd650?

    hey, while a quick search for the ad1000 turns up a few impressions, i can't seem to find any that compare it to the hd650 (or the hd600.) i'm quite curious how they compare against each other, since they're priced at a similar level, and unfortunately, i don't have the opportunity to...
  2. kcits

    audio-technica ad7?

    hi does anyone have any experience with the ath-ad7? i've searched around a little and there've been a couple of recommendations for these (although it seems that the higher ath-adx range doesn't have a very good reputation here; not sure about the new adx00 series though.) but otherwise...
  3. kcits

    ft: my senn 580 for a 590

    while i know most people here seem to prefer the 580 over the 590, i'm willing to trade mine as they're now somewhat redundant after i bought the a900s. plus i can't really get into their laid-back presentation for most of what i listen to. they're in perfect condition with the original box...
  4. kcits

    soundstage: 580 or 590?

    hey, well i've searched around a little, but can't seem to find anyone who's commented directly on the soundstage differences between the 580 and the 590. is the 590's wider? deeper? more distant? less distant? i've found a lot of posts saying the 590's soundstage is quite good (ie, not...