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  1. HiFi Walker H2

    HiFi Walker H2

    This product was sent to me for an unbiased review PACKAGING: On the outside, It's your general product branding. The player itself was nicely and snugly fit inside the confines of the box. When opened, you find the warranty info, Instructions, a gb sandisk micro sd, and their very own...
  2. d8n0g

    Review by 'd8n0g' on item 'Accutone Pisces BA Hybrid IEM'

    DISCLAIMER:   I am not a professional,  I do not use charts and graphs, nor do I know all the audiophile lingo.  I'm just a single dad, and music nut who finds escape in music.  I love to listen to it with great sounding headphones or iem's through good sources!!   I would like to thank...
  3. d8n0g

    Review by 'd8n0g' on item 'thinksound On2 wood on-ear monitor headphone (natural black)'

    **disclaimer**  I am not a high end audiophile, nor, am I veresed in the lingo.  I'm just a guy guy who loves music, and loves to listen to it  through great headphones/iem's powered by great sources.     first and foremost I would like to thank Aaron Fournier for his generosity providing me...
  4. d8n0g

    Review by 'd8n0g' on item 'Easy Bosshifi B3'

     DISCLAIMER:   I want to start off by saying this is my first review.  I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination, nor, am I a big money audiophile.  I just love music, and love listening to it from sources through iem's or headphones that give me the most bang for my buck.    ...