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  1. velingara

    Oh Apple, why won't you let me use my lossless files in a managable way?

    Cant you just have two playlists- a low bitrate that you use with your portables and lossless for home use? Thats what I do.
  2. velingara

    ok so the itouch and iphone are looking nice now....

    If you're just wanting music around the house, the touch and iphone now have remote control of itunes. That is, with an airport express ($100) hooked up to your dac/ stereo, you can control your entire itunes library from your touch. So you can have infinite music, at least in your house... It...
  3. velingara

    Wire replacements for klipsch promedia

    I replaced the satellites with some Infinity speakers I had- that made a huge difference.
  4. velingara

    iMod or iTransport??

    I am getting good results with apple airport express into the dac in my integrated stereo. Remote control can be with any pda with cheap to free software. This bypasses the ipod but uses my pc/ itunes. Since both the wadia and the airport express really need external dacs, I dont see what the...
  5. velingara

    Question About These Speakers I'ma Buy

    I dont have a squeezebox, but it sounds like the adapter you need is an amp. RCA out of the squeezebox into the amp, speaker outputs on the other side of the amp.
  6. velingara

    How much space have you used up on your portable source?

    filled up 30 gb of apple lossless on 30 gb ipod 5. Have about 85 gb on the computer, all apple lossless
  7. velingara

    Connecting HA25D to my X-Fi XtremeMusic

    the flexijack is phono, and your dac is probably rca. You need an RCA cable and something like this: RCA-Mini Mono adaptor @ HeadRoom - Right Between Your Ears
  8. velingara

    Connecting HA25D to my X-Fi XtremeMusic

    I have the extreme music card- I am using the flexjack for coaxial into my dac. One of the jacks is coaxial/ analog switchable.
  9. velingara

    Uninterruptible Power Supply?

    I believe they are about $2000-$3000
  10. velingara

    So I've finally placed an order...

    You're going to love it! The micros are even better, you've taken the first step down an exciting, and increasingly expensive, road. Enjoy your new amp!
  11. velingara

    Is there a hole in Headroom's line or is the Bithead all that?

    The portable micro amp now has an internal dac option, for a total of $600. Closer to your price... I havent heard the other amps to compare it to.
  12. velingara

    Desktop Portable, but what source?

    Did your Archos ever come in? any comments on how it works with the desktop portable?
  13. velingara

    Micro 2007 Amp Burn in

    I just upgraded to the micro 2007 amp from a total bit head. Wow! Night and day! Everything is razor sharp, even from a so-so source (Ipod with ALAC). Saving up for a Micro DAC right now. Do Headroom amps benefit from burn in, and what is the process if you use IEM's, which themselves dont...
  14. velingara

    Question re; desktop portable DAC

    I believe the Desktop Portable uses the home amp module, but the desktop dac to save power...
  15. velingara

    Pie-in-the-sky, if you could have anything, product suggestion thread.

    I believe the word was there was no room in the desktop unit for a max dac and the balanced hardware
  16. velingara

    Portable digital audio: UMPC -> Pico DAC

    do the iriver's support any lossless file types?
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