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  1. ok computer

    WTS/WTT: Obravo Cupids + FREE Tin HiFi T2 Pro

    Recently purchased this pair of iems from another Headfi member. Only used for a few hours, the sound sig is not my cup of tea. Comes with exactly what I received, the basic 3.5mm cable + 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter + an assortment of eartips. Price is 150$ including UPS shipping and Paypal fees...
  2. ok computer

    now fs: westone um3x

    No longer for sale.
  3. ok computer

    IC: Westone UM3X

    I'm not sure If I want to sell these yet, but I want to know if anyone is interested. The um3xs are in good condition, and are a couple of months old with little use outside of the house. If you have any offers just pm me.
  4. ok computer

    sunset rubdown- dragonslayer

    Does anyone else here have this album. If so what do you think about it? Personally I think it is a really solid album, and my personal favorite of any of Spencer Krugs work. There is only one song on the album that doesn't really wow me, and for an album to accomplish that is always impressive...
  5. ok computer

    What would represent the cheapest entry into "high end audio"?

    Pretty much like the title says, what is the cheapest complete system that you would consider hifi? Iems, speakers headphones it doesn't matter. and post a price too, thanks.
  6. ok computer

    fs: Iriver clix 2 4gb

    Yeah I have a Iriver clix 2 that I've had for about 5 months. Its in pretty good condition except for one drop on cement that scratched the small area around the power button. Other than that it's been in an invisible shield since I've had it. You can replace the invisible shield for like 10...
  7. ok computer

    FS: HD25-1 II

    Hey I'm looking to sell my sennheiser HD25-1 IIs in the near future, and want to know what I can get for these. They phones are in great condition and include one pair of regular velour pads, and a a pair pleather and velour pads with this...
  8. ok computer

    quick stax question.

    If I got the sr 2050a system would I need a stereo amp to put behind it, or just plug it into my source? Thanks.
  9. ok computer

    FS: Novation ReMOTE SL compact 25 + cubase 4 studio + ozone 3

    Does anyone want my novation midi/usb keyboard controller (Novation Music | US | Products | MIDI Control | ReMOTE SL COMPACT) It's pretty new, no physical wear, although a little dusty. It will come with the keyboard, usb cable, in the original box, and software bundle. All of the software...
  10. ok computer

    How revealing are the sennheiser hd-25-1s?

    ^? Would they be ok for standard bitrate mp3s?
  11. ok computer

    Question about LAME

    Hey guys. Most of the files on my pc are standard bitrate mp3s and wmas. If I were to convert a regular 128kbps file to LAME at 128kbps would I get the same result as converting flac to LAME, or would it be like converting mp3 to flac? Would there be a loss of quality?
  12. ok computer

    Is it worth it...

    Hey guys, I 'm pretty new to this so please be patient. Would it be worth getting an amp for my etymotic er6i's? The source is an iriver clix 2, with pretty standard bitrate wma, and mp3s. I was thinking about getting a mini^3, Ibasso p2, or something along those lines, nothing too expensive. So...