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  1. Matez

    [SOLD] Campfire Audio Solaris OG

    I have Campfire Audio Solaris IEMs for sale. They have literally no use on them and are in great shape. The package includes the original cardboard box, leather pouch, all tips (unused), brand new original cable and several extra tips (bi-flanges etc.). The price listed includes shipping within...
  2. Matez

    Grado SR60E - DAMAGED - For FREE

    Up for sale goes this Grado SR60E. It's damaged though, one driver is missing and that's why I'm selling this low. Maybe there is a person who needs just one :) Cheers, Matt
  3. Matez

    AKG K518DJ

    Up for sale goes my modded AKG K518DJ. Its condition is nice and stock cable has been replaced with something far nicer. The product is shipped in its original box with a leatherette bag inside. Cheers, Matt
  4. Matez

    Bang&Olufsen H6 Gen2

    Up for sale goes my B&O H6 Gen2. The product works as intended and is in nice condition in general. It comes with a stock cable and without its original box. Cheers, Matt
  5. Matez

    Focal Spirit One

    Up for sale go my modded Focals Spirit One. Each earcup has its own 3.5mm socket, I removed the wire inside the headband and a suitable cable is included in the package too. One earcup has a small crack on the inner side of its headband part. Spirit One. Cheers, Matt
  6. Matez

    Heir Audio 8.A

    Up for sale go my Heir Audio 8.A CIEMs. Stock cable and clam-shell case included. Fully operational pair, although you'll need reshelling to use it. Brand new these were sold for $1000+. Cheers, Matt
  7. Matez

    [FS] Sanders Sound Systems Magtech power amplifier + preamplifier

    Yup, the time has come to part with my old power amp + preamp combo. To make it perfectly clear: this set is meant to be used with speakers. In short, Magtech is a beast. With lots of class AB watts on tap, it'll handle literally every speaker load out there. For sale goes a set. It consists...
  8. Matez

    [FS] Heir Audio 8.A

    Up for sale go my Heir Audio 8.A CIEMs. These 8-driver beasts are the way to go for an enthusiast into thick, rich sound with generous low end extension. The only reason why this product is here is that these days I use my stereo setup more than IEMs. The item in this listing is fully...
  9. Matez

    [FS] Divaldi AMP-01, pure transistor based class A.

    Up for sale goes my Divaldi AMP-01 headphone amplifier. This is a very special product, handmade in Poland. First of all, it's a single-ended, fully discrete (no op-amps) class A driven product, which subjectively sounds fantastic; punchy but properly dense and lively as well. Typical, well-made...
  10. Matez

    [FS] Hifiman HM-901s DAP with Minibox Gold Amp Card

    Hi, For sale goes a package of HiFiMAN's HM-901s DAP already equipped with a Minibox Gold Amp card. This is a killer setup in a marvelous shape, scratch or damage free, it's brand new / in pristine condition. All original accessories are included too. I obtained the product in exchange for...
  11. Matez

    FS: ACS T1 in excellent condition!

    Hi there fellow Head-fi'ers,   I've decided to let go my ACS T1, which I've got from polish distributor of ACS products. Those are excellent IEM-s, there's no doubt about it. Product was rarely used, and is in very good condition, but of course you'll need to reshell those, AFAIK ACS does...
  12. Matez

    HiFiMAN HE-300 in mint condition, from EU.

    Hi there fellow Head-Fi people,   I'm selling my HE-300, as I have something much more expensive now, and don't need them, so maybe one lucky soul will buy them from me here.   My HE-300 are about 5 months old and well burned-in. They are in pristine condition, and the only flaw on them...
  13. Matez

    Phonak Audeo PFE 232

    Hi there fellow head-fi people,   I got Audeo PFE 232 around 2 months ago, but I've used them only for couple hours and they went to box - just not my cup of tea. They are in very good condition, and they have all the accesories, which can be seen on the picture. I'd preffer to send them to...
  14. Matez

    FS: Brookstone Clear Dual Drive aka BscDD (Radius TWF21 clones)

    Got Brookstone BscDD for sale - basically Radius TWF21 clones. They are new in mint condition, still sealed in the box. My personal bang for buck for earphones up to 100$.   65$ /w registered worldwide shipping paid by PayPal (add 4$ if not "gift")    
  15. Matez

    Future Sonics FS1 with MG5 driver (recabled)

    For sale pair of Future Sonics FS1 with famous MG5 driver. These were recabled by my since original cable got stiff and broke in several places. Apart from that they are in good condition. One pair of tips and original case (really nice) included.   45$ + with worldwide registered shipping...
  16. Matez


    Im proud to give MetroBBOY his first Head-fi feedback point. Bought a pair of IEMs. The price was awesome, headphones even better, but the MetroBBOY was the best. I have had couple of longish remarks about how to send the package to Poland to avoid customs. He was super-patient...
  17. Matez

    FS: Alien USB DAC

    I have a nice Alien USB DAC made by me few days ago. It is USB powered version with mini jack output, 1% resistors, Oscon/Silmic/Panasonic FC caps. Everything in a Hammond metal enclosure. 60 Euro with insured worldwide shipping Pics: My Feedback
  18. Matez

    WTB: Sleek SA6 bass+ ports (new)

    Hi! I'm looking for one pair o new (!) bas+ ports. I could order them online but i only need one pair and shipping costs are equal to the cost of the ports :| If you have one pair to sell, PM me.
  19. Matez

    FT: My Shure E4 for your Ety ER4P

    Hi, I have a pair of Shure E4 dark grey IEMs. They are in good shape, cable has no signs of wear, except that plastic tube on the cable (it has a rip to about 1/3 lenght - a bit of a plastic tape can fix it). Also Shure lettering from the earphones has been worn out. They come with...
  20. Matez


    I sold Sebastian my H5. The transaction was very smooth. I look forward to working with him in the future. Highly recommended top notch head-fi'er!
  21. Matez

    WTB: Alien DAC 1.1v board

    Unfortunately i missed group buy of these boards so i want to buy one, maybe more pieces. Payment via PayPal. I prefer EU sellers. PM or Email me if u have one for sale
  22. Matez

    LDM 2+ and SR225 - effect?

    I'm considering this combo and i would like to hear some opinions from users about this combination Does LD2+ drive such low impedance headphones well? What about the sound ? It's still Grado-like? Thx in advance
  23. Matez

    FS: ER4P + P>S Cable (EU) [Shipping worldwide]

    I have 1.5 months old all-black Etymotic ER4P and Ety P to S adapter for sale. They are in mint condition. All the accessories and cases are inlcuded except extra filters (lost em :/ ). In addition i made one biflange from one of the 3 triflange tips. The price is TRADED! (fully insured...
  24. Matez

    bCase for Grado from Taiwan shop queston.

    Does anybody has any experience in ordering things from this store: They carry cheap bCase (nice case for Grados), but they only accept credit card payment via fax and i'm bit aware of shopping there...