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  1. skellington

    WTB: Stax SRA-3S

    Hello everyone. If anyone has one of these amps they are willing to sell, please get in touch with: The age and condition of the unit. Where you are based. How much you want for it. My feedback is here. Thanks for looking
  2. skellington

    SanDisk Sansa e280 Recording feature ?

    Hello everyone. I know this player has a recording feature, but does it have a line in socket/accept an external microphone? I was thinking of getting a new player to replace my old iriver but the recording feature is the thing I like most. Thanks for your time.
  3. skellington

    Recommended MP3 players?

    Hello everyone. I wish to ask you for some advice. My friend wants to buy her boyfriend a mp3 player for christmas. She has asked me which one to get because he likes certain features on my iriver i340, namely the recording feature and drag and drop feature (ie no itunes). I have a i340, it...
  4. skellington

    Hi-Fi / Audiophile forums

    I know about Audio Asylum and HiFi choice, but can anyone suggest any other good HiFi forums?
  5. skellington

    WTB FINN Try Whistling This Vinyl

    Hi It's a long shot, but does any one have these two albums on vinyl? Finn Brothers - 'Finn' 1995 LP Neil Finn - 'Try Whistling This' 1997 LP Thanks.
  6. skellington

    PA2V2 (SOLD)

    For sale is a PA2V2 portable amp. Information on this amp can be found here: Asking price £15 shipped anywhere. That works out as: 22EUR, $30 Note: Amp comes without AC adapter. The amp runs on a set of 1.2 V batteries.
  7. skellington

    Audio-Technica ATH-8 adapter

    Hello. I've seen this on ebay: I have the ATH-7 headphone and adapter. Does anyone know whether this new adapter will a) Be compatible or b) offer any advantages over my existing adapter? This is pretty old stuff I know, but I love my...
  8. skellington

    R10 & ATH L3000 on ebay (UK)

    Perhaps you have already seen this but I thought I would bring it up anyway:
  9. skellington

    Headphone phobia I've been obsessively checking the inside of my earcups after reading this, I keep feeling things crawling around in my ear...