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    Burson Swing DAC Review (with V6 Op Amp Upgrade and Instructions)

    It’s 2019 and frankly Burson Audio needs no introduction. Akin to a car buyer getting a 3 minute spiel on what a Toyota is, would be me busting out Burson’s family lineage and humble beginnings and making you read a few paragraphs on that. Let’s fast forward the film reel and get to it. Burson...
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    Dekoni Audio Blue Review: Official Fostex T50-RP headphones

    Hello all, I wanted to make a thread about a new set of headphones from Dekoni Audio that I came to enjoy. It seems Fostex officially collaborated with Dekoni, a company known...
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    FiiO X1 Review

      They came, they saw, they conquered. This is an understatement to just how far FiiO has come in the headphone audio business; they’re a house brand now. The FiiO legacy is something that I’ve divided into three segments: Build up, domination, and now, empire. My friends, FiiO is here and here...
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    Astrotec Lyra Review

      Astrotec. Is this some rising dragon? Perhaps. But the Astrotec we are concerned with here is a China-based company manufacturing affordable audio products. This review concerns one of their newest offerings, the $165 Astrotec Lyra Open-Back IEM. Situated in China, the details of the company...
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    Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Gjallarhorn, Rögnir, Thridi, Wodan, Thekk, and Thror Discussion.

    Hey guys, I just got news and word from a release by my friend at Fischer that Kennerton Audio, a new brand by Fischer Audio will be premiering products at IFA Consumer Electronics - this year in Berlin - with some nice choice lots.
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    Brainwavz S5 IEM Review

    Brainwavz S5 Review:  There are questions, and then there are questions that you get asked constantly. One of the most common requests of knowledge from me are on if unit X is better than unit Y. And commonly enough, Brainwavz is thrown into that loop every so often. This is probably due to...
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    FiiO E11K &A3 Portable Amplifier Info/News Thread (Early Impressions)

    Hey guys, Panda here.   I wish to introduce the new FiiO E11K that will be replacing FiiO's legendary E11 Kilimanjaro.   I've had this unit for over 4 months now, and was only just today, granted permission to post images and videos of it. Without further ado, heres the new unit!  ...
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    Colorfly C4 Review (Extensive)

    Colorfly C4 Pro Review       The C4 Pro is the current flagship from audiophile brand Colorfly. It packs some of the industry’s fanciest gizmos and gadgets, and comes in at around $799 USD.   To read on Panda Tech Review (click)   The first thing you will note about the C4 is its...
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    Logicform NV1 Review (USB Audio Preamp)

      Logicform NV1 USB DAC and Pre-Amp (Source: Logicform) Introduction: Logicform is a new audio company looking to break into the audio market. Their current – and only – unit, the Logicform NV1, is a USB DAC and pre-amplifier. It comes in a small black case, and it looks sweet enough with...
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    Brainwavz HM9 Review

    Brainwavz HM9 Portable Headphone Review     Introduction: The Brainwavz HM9 is stylish, sleek, and intimidating. Can those three words even fit together? Notwithstanding this weird combination that embodies the HM9 – and believe me, it fits quite well – it is still passable as fashionable...
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    GamesterGear Cruiser P3210 Review

    GamsterGear Cruiser P3210 Gaming Headset   Introduction: USB or 3.5mm, with comfortable wide pads, and a lightweight build. Are there any more features GamesterGear could have added onto this headphone? Sure there is. PS3 and PC support. Now, the P3210 has a lot of features but can it...
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    Fischer Audio TBA-04 Review (Triple Balanced Armature)

    Fishcer Audio TBA-04 Review     Introduction: Fischer Audio unveiled its new triple balanced armature IEM recently and the press’s went wild. FA has been known to be a great value audiophile company for a long time now. So many wondered if the TBA-04 was the same. Their full size studio...
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    Brainwavz R3 Review

    Brainwavz R3 Dual Dynamic Driver Review   Introduction: Multi driver IEM’s are the talk when it comes to linear armature driver based units. But a dynamic driver based IEM having multiple drivers? Well here we are today with Brainwavz’s new dual dynamic driver in ear monitor. Armed with an...
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    Brainwavz S1 Review

    Brainwavz S1 Review     Introduction: Brainwavz is quite a popular company in the world for budget audiophiles. Their brand is known for good quality, sound and price and their previous products have not disappointed. Brainwavz churns out a lot of products, and people generally have a wide...
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    PC Enthusiast-Fi (PC Gaming/Parts/Overclocking) Part 2

    First Thread got blocked, so here is the second.
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    FiiO X3 Review

      FiiO X3 DAP Review         Introduction: FiiO has been a very popular brand in affordable headphone audio accessories for the past few years. Their line out docks, amplifiers, DAC’s, and plenty of other gadgets have redefined what you can get for your money. FiiO has now launched...
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    RHA SA950i Review

      RHA SA950i Review         Introduction: Reid Heath Audio has been pushing out headphones these past year that many are beginning to take notice of. They are still new to the world of headphone audio and don't have too many headphone units out yet, but they do have a passion for audio...
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    Dunu DN 23 Review

      Dunu DN 23 Landmine Review         Introduction: Dunu by Top-Sound is famous for offering well made and accessorized earphones to IEM's to the market. They are popular on Head-Fi and around the world. With earphone offerings from a wide range of features and prices, many can...
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    Burson Soloist SL Review

    Burson Soloist SL Review       Introduction: Burson had great success with their Soloist discrete amplifier. So following this generation's niche. Let's make it smaller! And so here we have the Soloist SL. Which has one less gain, and input option than the Soloist. It is a discrete...
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    Dunu DN 22M Review

      Dunu DN-22M Detonator Review             Introduction: Dunu by Top-Sound is famous for good price to performance earbuds as well as the amount of accessories they include with their very well built units. Dunu introduces the Detonator as an earbud for phone users so that people...
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    Apple-Fi (Mac's, iPhone's, All Thing Apple)

    Apple Fan club   Let's go
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    Audio-Gd NFB 12.1 (Discrete)

    For sale is my Audio-Gd NFB 12.1. The unit cost me $250 after shipping and I have a new unit now.    Here is the official page on its specs   6 Power Supply groups are used to purify the signal Up to 8X OS with a switch Up to 192/24 118dB SNR Headphone output is 10V RMS and up to...
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    DIY Custom Amplifier and DAC- Project H

    Hello everyone, I have come to share info on a recently completed DIY project. We decided to post info and make it known after we have finished it. This is because some payment was involved and that it was a unit for our friends.   Special Thanks to MiceBlue for fixing up our formatting! So...
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    FiiO E12 Review

      FiiO E12 Mont Blanc        Introduction: FiiO is one of the most popular companies in the world of headphone audio. Their products come with unmatched performance for the price. They want to deliver great products that fans will love by listening to them on Head-Fi and other forums and...