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  1. d8n0g

    Monoprice Monolith Liquid Spark - By Alex Cavalli

    Has anyone paired this with the sennheiser hd560s?
  2. Sennheiser hd 560s

    Looking to trade for a pair of beyerdynamic dt 880 pro 80- 250 ohm. I'm also willing to hear any other trades being closed back, or semi closed back. Please disregard the sheet of paper in the picture, that was for Reddit as a time stamp. Comes with box cords literature.
  3. d8n0g

    Denon ah d1200

  4. d8n0g

    Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

    Does anyone have any information on these headphones? First of all, they are gorgeous, but I'm more worried about the sound overall, obviously
  5. d8n0g

    Basn bmaster

    Bump, and free shipping
  6. d8n0g

    Denon ah - d1100

    Everything but box! They are mint, besides 20min. Hit me with trade offers. Iem or over/on ear.
  7. d8n0g

    fiio m3 used as USB DAC on Windows 10

    my audio is cracking seemingly when the bass hits. is this a firmware problem? I am on 1.2. if it is a firmware problem when I go to the fiio repository, I get a Dropbox error. could someone please share firmware 1.9 and 2.0? could this be a sampling problem within the driver app?
  8. d8n0g

    2 lightly used earphones (major price drop)

    bump, the tape strip on to can be taken off, I have it there so I can quickly tell the right side
  9. d8n0g

    2 lightly used earphones (major price drop)

    each, but I'll do 150 for both
  10. d8n0g

    a quick setup question

    an analog to digital converter. maybe, I misunderstood what you said. I thought you told me that that is what I would need
  11. d8n0g

    a quick setup question

    grado 225, and Sennheiser 598
  12. d8n0g

    a quick setup question

    last question. I have someone on Reddit saying an amp is just going to give me loudness...I'm looking for a a little more fullness through a pair of easy to drive cans. would the schiit give me that? I can't listen to speakers all the time. so TT - amp - done? or TT - Converter - amp?
  13. d8n0g

    a quick setup question

    I would just need a typical converter? btw, thanks for the help...I'm kinda lost on this one the converter then coñnects to an amp
  14. d8n0g

    a quick setup question

    for Christmas, my wife got me a boytone bt37mc. I know it's not the best, but it's mine. I'm going to get a schiit Vali 2 to drive my headphones, and my powered edifiers. I'm by no means an enthusiast. would that be an appropriate set up?