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  1. skellington

    Music Game IX

    'Blue Monday' New Order
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  3. skellington

    Expensive headphones really worth it?

    Isn't there a HiFi shop you could go in and try some different phones?   Even if they don't have that particular model at least it will give you an idea of the playing ground.   I 've been disapointed buying blind myself, wouldn't want it to happen to you.
  4. skellington

    UK Meet (UPDATED!) - Saturday November 7th 2009

    Quote: Originally Posted by suicidal_orange Sorry to hear that Akash, there's a lot of illness around at the moment Hope to see you at next years meet. I'll be leaving in about an hour with a case and a bag as I ran out of room for clothes etc. in the case. Packing a case was bad...
  5. skellington

    Black sabbath and master of reality deluxe cds.....nearly perfect!

    I know what I'm going to be buying at the shop tomorrow. Thanks beyerfan!
  6. skellington

    Recommendations (sites) for stereo system

    Quote: Originally Posted by jbusuego try this: AudiogoN audiophile classifieds, high-end audio auctions, hifi chat, also I like audiokarma too, very interesting and friendly site. The biggest one is probably There is enough information there...
  7. skellington

    MS-1 pads?

    I think if you order direct from Grado you can request the bowl pads instead at no extra cost. Extra comfy pads are cheaper than bowls on the internet, so if you can get the bowls for free I would recommend that. I've not heard the MS1, but on the SR225 the bowls take a little getting used to...
  8. skellington

    Which full size Sennheiser for movies unamped?

    As some other posters have said, I think HD555 would do the trick. I didn't like them that much for music but they made an excellent choice for movies. They have excellent sound stage which means the movie doesn't feel "closed in", and their soft sound signature means that listening for a...
  9. skellington

    Do your pets like the music?

    My cats usually completely ignore any of the music played in the house, but if I put this on they freak out. Meri Tiitola - Calling the Cows Folk Voices: Finnish Folk Song Through Ages: Various Artists: Music
  10. skellington

    The UK Headphone Society / UK CAN JAM 2009

    Quote: Originally Posted by JohnerH I'm Game for this. What have you got in mind? J We could have a meet up round someone's house at the weekend (unfortunately my room is too small). Failing that we could rent out a room for a few hours. My local Quaker house charges £14...
  11. skellington

    The UK Headphone Society / UK CAN JAM 2009

    Anyone still up for a small Manchester / North West meet up?
  12. skellington

    Television - Marquee Moon (Do you like the remaster?)

    I've heard the remaster but not the original CD. I agree I didn't like the sound, the volume seemed 'boosted' in some places (like the introduction to Venus). This is compared to the vinyl mind.
  13. skellington

    WITHDRAWN - Klipsch Custom 1 IEMs - 1 hour old - UK £25, EU £28

    Quote: Originally Posted by mark2410 bacs payments are free, chaps they charge varying amounts depending on your bank I've already sent him the money, but he's not answering my PMs any more. Hopefully he's just gone away for a while...
  14. skellington

    Need help in identifying a singer

    Dunno, but it says Miriya Kato in the comments.
  15. skellington

    david bowie "earthling" worth a re-listen

    Hated most of it, but Dead Man Walking, Little Wonder and Seven Years in Tibet were good songs. Not much of it could really be described as jungle, more industrial heavy rock. I far prefer it's predecessor, Outside.
  16. skellington

    How to clean the HD 555?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kasp3r air can? Wouldn't want to use one of these near the drivers. The pads come off, they don't feel like they will, but they will. You can clean them with some shampoo and water, making sure to rinse out the soap. Then tie them to abit of string...
  17. skellington

    Does anyone here listen to The Darkenss?

    Quote: Originally Posted by indysmith they were a real flavour of the week band here a few years back... Can't say i was ever a big fan Yeah, they were really hyped up at the time, then there was a big backlash. Whatever you think about joke bands, it cannot be denied that they...
  18. skellington

    Sub-50 dollar pair of canals or earbuds.

    Please, thank you?
  19. skellington

    Cool 'Space Age' Headphones

    These look cool! 1975 SPACE AGE RARE ZENITH HEADPHONES MINT IN BOX - eBay (item 170208197594 end time May-05-08 09:31:35 PDT)
  20. skellington

    UK meets, getting a UK CAN JAM going on..

    Hello John. Well I've voted for my preferred date, but I can make any apart from the 30th of May. Thanks for offering to put us up, it's very kind of you
  21. skellington

    UK meets, getting a UK CAN JAM going on..

    I would like to come along. Don't need accommodation as I live nearby. I can bring a Stax lambda (normal bias) and a Grado SR225.
  22. skellington

    How much does the MP Sexett usually sell for?

    In europe, about $30-80.