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  1. geekchic

    best non-Apple DAP under $100

    Hi, this is a query on behalf of a friend. She has just lost her brand new Nano and in a fit of penitence she wants to buy a really cheap player one that she won't regret to lose. She dislikes the I-tunes interface after using it, so wants a simple drag and drop player. (This also rules out...
  2. geekchic

    suggestions for a sub $500 music set up

    Hi, I need some help from all of you to set up my music - the parameters are; 1. Almost all my music is digital - MP3/ some lossless 2. it's stored on my Dell PC/ office laptop - both have only on-board sound currently or I might play directly off my DAP (Cowon D2) 3. The speaker set up...