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  1. vlenbo

    [Review] The Ath-Msr7, A Headphone with A Stylish Personality!

    ATH-MSR7 Review Introduction/Personal Matters Hello fellow headfiers! This is vlenbo, a headfier who had reviewed quite a lot of FOTM headphone/earphones that gained traction to become well known products loved by audiophiles and music lovers everywhere. I reviewed the ath-ckr9 along the...
  2. vlenbo

    Audio Technica - Headphone Analysis Thread (Feat. R70x and Msr7).

    The Audio Technica Headphone Comparison Thread, From 2011 - 2015     The ath-re700s on the left, the ath-msr7 in the middle, the ath-ws99 on the right   The ath-msr7 on the left, followed by the ath-ws99, then the ath-es700, The ath-a900x on the back with the ath-r70x at the far back...
  3. vlenbo

    Signature Acoustics C-12 - An Elemental Underdog With Great Finesse in Emotional Conveyance

    Signature Acoustics C-12: The Elemental Underdog Woodies     Signature Acoustics' Foundation     Audiophiles love music, especially when played from high quality audio products that contain several different flavors. Flavors that audiophiles usually experience with audio equipment can be...